Sunday, August 13, 2006

Things that make you go "MMMmmmm...."

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day! The weather was divine & we had a shoppe full of wonderful people & pastry!

This was a cheese boule, like an Italian water bread only heartier. Great with a soup or use for a sandwich. We had a couple of these left. GOOD! LOL! David, Brioche & I will eat it until it's gone!

Next up, one of my favourites, Charlotte Russe. This was gone. :-( I did manage to sneak one piece before it all sold. Yours truly is reduced to a giggly wide-eyed smiling goof while I eat this. I flavour it with the juice from blood oranges, the sweetest tasting O.J. on the planet!

"Mint Brownies"
Three layers: dense brownie topped with
a sweet mint filling &
glazed with Belgian chocolate glaze.

Fresh Raspberry or Peach 'Hand Pies'

"Angelfood Cake"
A slice of lemon angelfood cake is served with
lightly sweetened whipped cream & fresh raspberries.

"Sour Cream Cookies"
An old fashioned cake-like cookie with
a hint of nutmeg & cardamom
topped with vanilla icing.
I LOVE these! I ate several.

"Key Lime Pie"
No. Real key lime pie is NOT green! If it is, they put in food colouring! Key lime juice is almost the same colour as lemon juice with a slight green hue. Once you mix it in with the rest of the ingredients (including whole eggs) it turns yellow. Trust me on this. It still tastes like lime.

"Banana Bonanza"
OMG was this PHENOMENAL!!! 3 very thin layers of lightly spiced banana cake filled with vanilla pastry cream & enrobed in a thick Belgian chocolate glaze. Absolutely PERFECT!!! (Well, how do you think I know?!!? I ate one. Well, maybe 2. Ok, OK! I had several & I'm going to have another one as soon as I finish this post. :-P)

"Awesome Muffins"
Organic zucchini, carrots, Quinoa flakes, toasted pecans, organic house-made applesauce, dates & complimentary spices do make this a truly "Awesome Muffin" proudly displayed on 'The Cupcake Stand' mentioned here recently. I promised Ace I'd post a picture of how it looks when it's full.

This is a coconut cheesecake with chocolate graham crust & the ever popular Belgian chocolate glaze. Yeah...I ate some of this too. *HUGE GRIN* I won't tease you with how fantabulous it was. ;-)

Which item do you want?
When/where do you want it delivered?
What are you going to trade me for it?
(Go ahead, make my Monday!)

26 Responses to “Things that make you go "MMMmmmm...."”

Andy! said...

I like the looks of those cookies with cardamom in them.

Jin do you ever share any of your awesome recepies? You're stuff always looks so great. You're guy must be like 700 pounds.

Real said...

The mint brownies look amazing.
So I could trade you (with a certain someone's permission of course) the unedited pics from the next Real and Lesley blogger meet up.

DR. A. Cula said...

Mmmm....blood oranges! Dos are my faborite kind!

flatlander said...

Holy Congestible Confections Batman! It is my guess that the population of your town has doubled since you started posting pics of these treats.

The tourism board should be paying you royalties.

jin said...

andy: Mmmm...those go great with tea. You'd LOVE them! Here.
*jin passes andy a plate full of cookies*

turtle: LOL! I married a guy that is 6'2" & thin as a rail no matter WHAT he eats! If I could bottle his metabolism I'd be a rich far does your molecular background stretch?!!?

As for recipes, I intended to put them up occasionally in the beginning but I don't think most of my readers are that into recipes. Esp. my million step creations! LOL. A while back I did put up this recipe.

real: OOOOoooo....that's DAMN good incentive!!!!
BTW: the mint brownies are amazing.

dracula: Velcome to my blog!
*Insert ghoulish laugh here*
I think Andy Warhol portrayed your story best. I have a mild obsession with you & I always wonder how you get your hair so perfect without the use of a mirror?!!?

flatlander: Haha! Did I ever tell you I like how you think?
"I like how you think!"

fairscape said...


as ever


Jewels said...

What are you trying to do to me woman? I've done nothing but eat since I got here (must be the cold, clean country air). OMG! I may have just gained 3 pounds just looking at this post! Meanie!


I can't wait for you to get the mail either!!!!!

Katy said...

remind me to eat breakfast before I look at your site now I am starving!!

Fuff said...

I just like gazing at it all.

Polyman2 said...

Oh, mint brownies,and fruit pies, and lemon angelfood cake;
my mouth needs these...
I'm sure we can come to some sort of, er...agreement.

Tillerman said...

They all look so good I think I can smell them and I'm definitely getting hunger pangs just looking.

jin said...

fairscape: Thank you!!! I am SO glad to see you've got your laptop back!!! :-D

jewels: Ok, have I told you yet that I CAN'T STOP GRINNING?!!?

See--> :-D :-D :-D

I LOVE my jewels!!! (You & the actual jewels! LMAO!)

I hope the postman isn't mad at me, I saw him walking up the block & I jumped on him & wrestled the orange package out of his grasp while yelling, "MINE! MINE! ALL MINE!" *blush*

katy: Next time try to eat breakfast before you check out my blog. :-D Heeheehee!!!

fuff: That's really the best thing to do. If you actually ate it all you might gain a teeny bit of weight! ;-)

poly: I like that: "my mouth needs these" lol! :-D I should make that into one of my slogans..."Come on over, your mouth needs my sweet delicasies"
Oh, on second thought...that could be misinterpreted. ;-)

tillerman: Seb's is comic relief mixed with lots of facts. I suppose my place doesn't qualify for hunger relief, does it?!!? :-)

glenda said...

wow.and so scrumptiously photographed!

Andy! said...

I'll give you anything of mine in trade, but I'll warn you; It's all pretty worthless.

All looks good, even the Key Lime tofu pie.

Is Italian water bread anything like a cool water sandwich on a Sunday-go-to-meeting bun?

Nice buns, by the way!!

jin said...

glenda: Welcome & Thank You!!! Aha...I see you are yet another fellow Virgo! At jintrinsique, we believe that Virgo chicks ROCK!!! :-)

andy: I seem to recall a certain spoon that has $5 worth of food grade oil rubbed on it!

phos: Haha! If I had a penny for every time a male customer told me 'BTW jin, nice buns' I'd be a very rich lady!!!

MeHereNow said...


My mouth is actually WATERING!

Please relocate to the UK! I'm serious!
*begging motions going on!*

And bring those mint brownies with you!!

jin said...

meherenow: Awww....the begging is so cute! Like a puppy looking for table scraps! LOL!

If I ever relocate you will be one of the first to know! :-)

If I ever visit I'll probably let you know, too! LOL!

Ace said...

Yay! Cupcakes!

My co-worker makes some divine Irish cream brownies.

I have to stop reading your blog while I'm hungry.

Andy! said...

If you want the spoon you can have it. Trading cookies for it is by far the best offer I have received.

The spoon's origins aren't that far from you. It was made from a shipping crate put together in either Whitewater WI or Waukesha WI. I don't remember where that particular model comes from.

Jewels said...

OMG! That poor mailman!!!

Too cute!

Bad pun, sorry!!

jin said...

ace: cream brownies sound like something I'll need to try!

andy: Interesting! Well, if you ever come back to WI bring the spoon & I'll cut you a deal! ;-)

jewels: Yeah...I'm thinking he enjoyed it a little too much! PERV!

phos: LOL! It's ok, you were trying! :-)

Gyrobo said...

The mint brownies and banana bonanza look delicious.

And the sun rising on the Charlotte Russe...

More majestic than Mount Rushmore.

jin said...

gyrobo: AHA! You caught the sun on the Charlotte!!! I LOVE how that photo turned out! (I took that one myself! :-)

The mint brownies & bonanza ARE delicious! *GIGGLES*