Sunday, August 06, 2006

"BMW Logo Blue"

Saturday was BUSY! 2 unique, large & beautiful weddings! I, personally, was EXTREMELY pleased with the outcome of both. Oh, and I had FUN, too. *Insert jin looking giddy, HERE.*

The first cake was a 4 tier delight, decorations to be planned entirely by MOI! All they gave me was a colour scheme: 'BMW logo blue' & 'gold' (Yes, that's what they said!). Ok...enough of the chit chat already. Here's the pics!

Next up: 225 decorated cupcakes. Friday night I piped out the royal icing tiles embellished with the initial 'M' in alternating colours of lavender & sage.
There were 3 different flavour combinations:
Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
Yellow Cake w/ Sweet Vanilla Butter Frosting
Devil's Food w/ Belgian Chocolate Glaze
(Here they are lined up in a box for traveling.)
Once at the reception site all 7 large boxes of cupcakes are emptied onto the stand & all surrounding areas!

It took D & I aprox. 40 minutes to set this up. By the time we were finished it was after 7:00 PM. D snapped several photos & I thought this last one perfectly captured how my eyes were 'seeing' at that moment!

24 Responses to “"BMW Logo Blue"”

geeksters said...

I could really go for 225 cupcakes right now.

Cherry! said...

I'm loving the cup cakes and the way they were displayed the best! I bet they tasted fabulous too!

Katy said...

I love the cake it looks soe simply but elegant. What flavor was it? I think the cup cake idea is unique but I rather have the big cake.

Polyman2 said...

Let them eat cake!
Tell me Jin, do you bake in your dreams? Is that where you get your inspiration? Because your treats look out of this world good.

Ace said...

Munkees like cupcakes.

Is that the same plain wire stand as from the previous post?

jin said...

geeksters: LOL! These are SO addictive, too. If I make a dozen extra D & I stand there & eat them ALL!

cherry: MMmmm...I didn't make any extra of these, D was MOST unhappy with me! LMAO!

grace: Welcome & THANK YOU!!! :-)

katy: Cake flavour was:
4 alternating thin layers of Devils food & white cake
Filled with cream cheese &
Frosted with Vanilla French Buttercream.

Actually, I do not have ANY cupcake cake pics in my portfolio because they are not a personal fave of mine. I have been doing sooo many of them lately, tho, that I've decided to add them to my wedding brochure. I'm going to charge more $$$ than I have been, they are really more work than a big cake!??!

Most of the time people order them because they think they are cheaper than a cake. Not really true. Although, they don't have to pay a cake cutting fee at the reception hall if they have cupcakes, so that would be around $500 less at the reception.

poly: Sometimes I have nightmares about being late delivering a wedding cake!

I don't know where my inspiration comes from anymore...maybe it IS out of this world! ;-)

ace: LMAO! Hey, I thought of you the other day! My husband picked up a stuffed squeaky toy for our dog & it just happened to be a munkee! I immediately thought of ace!!! LOL!

No, different stand. I found a pic of the one I used here.

Nice cupcake stands - I hear you rent those!!

Great cakes as usual, those were some lucky brides.

jin said...

Haha phos!

Thank you...seems the '225 cupcake bride' was thrilled with her order! She brought back all the equipment today with her new hubby & raved how gorgeous they looked & how great they tasted! YAY! :-D

Fuff said...

You must have been up all night decorating them! Well worth it looking at them however/

Anonymous said...

How do the bride and groom handle cutting the cake when it is so small? Does the best man take out his pocket knife and wipe it off on his pantleg before offering it to the new couple? Do the cupcakes taste funny with a little pocket lint and fingernail dirt embedded in the cut edge?

Woe to my future bride as this is exactly how I want things done at our ceremony.

jin said...

fuff: Oh, close! LOL! I think I left the shoppe just after 3AM, back at 9AM...crazy hours, I know...but, hey! I'm THE BOSS! LMAO!!! :-D

andy: HAHAHA!!! :-D A pantleg lint encrusted pocket knife...hey, around here you never know!!!

I was going to set you up with my twin that lives in Florida...but now I'm not so sure.....

Posts may be delayed.
MAJOR pc problems tonight! (Picture me sitting here trying to get a FUCKING trojan off my system for 7 HOURS!!! Me, yeah, I get all the unique ones too...couldn't even find this bastard on the internet AT ALL! It's 3AM, I have TONS of baking to catch up on...but I think D may have finally fixed it. Cross your fingers for me.....

fairscape said...



Katy said...

I was starting to get worried about you there. No posts no comments on my blog. I had a trojan on my work computer luckily I found it before it did any damage.

Ace said...

That wire thingy looks complicated.

Sorry you got a virus.

Not sure how I feel about puppy-eating-munkee.

jin said...

fairscape: Why, thank you! :-D

katy: I found it immediately as it hit, but it really imbedded itself! BASTARD! I'm 95% positive it's totally gone now, but I need to reinstall a few of my colour printer isn't working, but my laser is, so...I can deal! I couldn't blog last night, either...I managed to make it on 1 blog & leave a comment (andy's the lucky one! LOL!) but shortly after I couldn't get any more blogs to load. As soon as I can afford it I'm going mac!!!

ace: It actually looks pretty cool with the cupcakes all over it! Next time I use it I'll take (OH!!! Just got an IDEA!!!)...Will use it this weekend to display some GREAT muffins I make...will take photos & post them Sat. or Sun.!

Yeah...waste of're on a mac, I believe. Smart Munkee!!! :-) My next one will be a mac, for SURE!

Does it make it better to know that when puppy chomps on munkee, munkee squeaks?!!? LMAO! :-D

Ace said...

My (late, lamented) puppy would attack chew toys until they were dead. He'd rip them open, get the stuffing all over the place, then eat the plastic squeaky thing.

(As I discovered once while walking him and one made an appearance, pretty much whole, albeit worse for wear.)

My parents had to stop buying him chew toys like that. Because they got sick of cleaning up fuzz all over the house.

And yes, I have a Mac at home, but a PC at work. I don't think I've caught the one Mac virus yet. Knock wood.

jin said...

ace: LMAO @ the mysterious 'appearance' of the squeaker!!! I think I would have liked to see your face when you saw that!!!

One of my first dogs used to tear them to shreds. Brioche really LOVES her toys, tho. She's pretty careful with them...she even tries to keep them all together in the same spot (under my computer chair)!

Jewels said...

Jin, I just got off the phone with your mom. I asked if you had received my package, but she said no... Well, they told me you'd have it by today, or tomorrow, so my fingers are crossed that you'll get it today. I so can't wait for you to receive it!!!!
Me! ;)

Gyrobo said...

Yay! Another culinary optical illusion!

That first four-layer cake, scroll while looking at it! You keep getting great angles. You should make a post, "Pastry Illusions" or something like that.


Dale said...

I'd like a taste of everything please.

Only two more months 'til spice cake season - yay!

Anonymous said...

Oh drat, ruined my chances with "twin Jin" withoug even knowing it. It usually takes a couple of dates before girls realize what a terrible person I am.

Thanks for the comment when you only had one to give. I'm touched.

jin said...

jewels: Didn't get it yet?!!?

Good to see you are back in the world of the 'Internet Connected Civilizations"!

gyrobo: "Pastry Illusions"...I LIKE that!!! :-D

Do you realize that now every time I 'gimp' a photo I'm going to be scrolling it to see what develops?!!?

dale: Heeheehee! You're my kinda guy! ;-)

phos: So does mrs. phos make you one at Xmas too, or just your birthday?

andy: A few dates? You make it past the first? Then I'd say you must not be too scary.....

Ah, well...I HAD to go to yours gave me a youtube tribute!!!