Wednesday, August 30, 2006


A coconut dusted cookie tree tower
I really should have charged by the hour
All those chocolate cookie swirls
Were demolished by a group of girls

A 3 tier cake
That I did make
This design's been done to HELL
I don't think it's all that swell

Dessert buffets I think are COOL
A look up close would make you drool
Groom wrote a Villanelle to serve with each sweet
This couple was trendy, they knew how to eat

Bon bons a-filled with soft almond paste
You've no IDEA how GORGEOUS these taste!
Wrapped in chocolate & almond icing
Intensive labour raises the pricing
A lot...

In closing, grab a 'Death by Chocolate' to go
They're only for the hard core chocoholics, you know
7 types are used in this
I can promise TOTAL BLISS
Until they're gone...

16 Responses to “Multifarious”

Jewels said...

Oh well these beat my Twinky Cake hands down lady!!! Yummy! There goes my pant buckle! LOL!!!

Jewels said...


jin said...

LMAO!!! What a very big surprise! jewels got FIRST COMMENT! I am shocked! How in the world did you know that I posted at that second?!!? Hmmm....???

Fuff said...

Teeeeheeeee. Funny. The cookie tower looks great :)

MeHereNow said...

OK that's it - you had to ruin it didn't you? You went and put ALMONDS (and paste at that!) in stuff! URGH! Did I mention I hate nuts?!

P.S. That wedding cake didn't take my mind off the other onw BTW!

Cherry! said...

Well well well Jewels! Glad to see you got in there first. It's only fair that each EWD delegate gets a fair go. hahahaha! And what are you undoing your buckle for you dirty dirty little gal! hahahahaha!!!

Now back to the food porn at hand! I think I'd like to try the last ones the most....YUM!!

And are you two in cahoots or something? Were you chatting and told her you'd posted so she could get first comment?!?!?!?! Not that I've ever done anything like this before with Katy or anything...... hehehe

Jewels said...

He! He! He!!!! ;) A sly witch never tells...

Katy said...

I need to stpo looking at this site with an empty stomach. Man where am I going to get my chocolate fix now. The Panera near my job is still not open.

Cherry - ha what I dont know what your talking about *pst don't tell them our secret*

Lesley said...

Between being so excited about my trip tomorrow and now this healthy dose of food porn, I don't think I can concentrate AT ALL today! And I shouldn't have to either!

Those almond bon-bons are especially food porn-irific. I'm sure I could show them a good time. ;-)

fairscape said...

Dear Royal Snack Getting Person,

Aha! Now I have seen the Death By Chocolate which you have served up to His Majesty. Looks Yummy!

Next time perhaps you could cut down on the dose a bit. Sire is quite sensitive these days.


Princess fairsCaPe

jin said...

fuff: Doesn't it!? Would you believe no one ate any of that?!!? I had 2 of them set up on this HUGE dessert buffet; everything was gone but those two cookie towers! :-(

meherenow: OH! You'd like things I make! I really make them yummy! LOL Plus I don't use that straight crappy tasting almond paste! I make my own & whip it up with butter & egg yolks!

cherry: Me? Chat with someone?
NEVER! I'm so offended!
*fingers crossed*

jewels: ;-)

katy: *GASP!*
But but but....
I'm so jealous!

lesley: LOL! I hope you have a FANTASTIC trip!!! YAY!
*...jin SO wishes she could tell lesley that she knows the secret...*
People sometimes confide in me.

fairscape: I think the problem lies in the fact that I didn't give him ENOUGH!!!!

You know he gets so very moody when he hasn't had his sweet fix!

We can talk about him all you want, here. He doesn't read my blog you know. *sniff sniff, tears start to flow* :-(

fairscape said...


He doesn't read any of my blogs. It's OK though. You and pk and everybody else do and that's fine with me.

Dang girl - you make even the ingredients look scrumptious! There's a reason I can't allow myself to visit your blog too often. I'll just have to show up on your doorstep sometime...drooling, of course!

jin said...

fairscape: I still like haning out at seb's place, it's FUN! LOL! You can talk about pretty much anything!

I read (all)your blogs, too...probably don't comment as much as I should. I'm always wishing you the best, you know! :-)

curious: That'd be great!!! I'd stuff you full of sweets & then take your photo for a post!!! LOL!

So there is inorganic flour?

jin said...

Hahaha phos!
Don't you know it! :-)