Saturday, August 26, 2006

sui generis

Aren't these cookies the cutest?!!? They were going to a or bridal I don't recall. There were more than this I just couldn't fit them all in the photo. Plus I ate a few. :-D Do you want to see what they went with? After all, they couldn't have only cookies! You have to have a unique matching cake, no? Check it:

HAHA!!! I KNEW you'd like it! It was a 12" round 4-layer, white cake filled with the now infamous white chocolate mousse & fresh raspberries; frosted with vanilla French buttercream. I'm thinking there were going to be some MAJOR "MMMmmmmm's" going on there!

Next up: an all chocolate & vanilla wedding cake; heart shaped with red roses! Isn't that the most 'Traditional Romantic' cake you've ever seen?!!?

It was delivered to one of the local Vets Clubs & I think this was the FIRST TIME EVER that neither D or I had to open a door for ourselves. We had to make numerous trips & people actually went out of their way to hold doors for us! I didn't know how to act! I'm not used to that sort of behaviour in this neck 'o the woods! (I was seriously worried that it may have been just a ploy to quickly slam the door as I approached so they could watch the cake go flying!)

Obviously that wasn't all that went out today, but that's all I got pics of. Well...there is one more but I think I'll save it...I posed with 2 bags of chocolate that was delivered the other day so you could get a feel for how much I go through. I was struggling because it's packaged in very slippery bags & I'm trying to hold 22 pounds in each arm & I have the goofiest expression on my face. Maybe I'll post it this week & maybe I won't. HA!

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Katy said...

I wanna see the chocolate picture. Oh those cakes sound divine.

jin said...

I'll probably post the pic during the week. I need something else to go with it, like truffles or something! LOL!

fairscape said...


Mmmmm foodie porn mmmmmm

Fuff said...

Ohhhh, stunning. Go it :)

Anonymous said...

What's a vet club? Like a VFW?

Anonymous said...

Is the cake a purple heart?

MeHereNow said...

Ohh I love that heart shaped wedding cake! I'm such a hopeless romantic and I never had a "proper" wedding with all the fuss :-(
Sometimes think I should divorce the hubby just to re-marry him AND get all the fuss!
Would it make a difference do you think?!?
You going to come to my re-wedding if I order that cake?
I think I might have gone too far....! Hehehehehe!

jin said...

fairscape: LOL :-D Glad you like it!!!

fuff: Haha! I will, now that I've cropped my face out of the pic!!! Heehee!!

andy: Yes. VFW. I swear they ALL look the same here. I mean down to the black paint on steps w/ white stripe, split level buildings & that smell. I bet you know the one I a WI country bar that serves awful food! LMAO @ your 2nd witty comment!!!

meherenow: Awwww...thank you!!! :-D

You don't have to go through all that if you want a proper wedding! LOL! I would say 1 out of every 20 wedding cakes I make are for "Renewal of Vows". Some people do it after a year or 2 of marrige, some after 10 & some after 20 years. They do the whole deal...vows, lots of guests, dinner, wedding cake, flowers, etc.

I want to visit England SO BAD! LOL! If I could afford it I'd travel to visit ALL my blogfans (whether they want me to or not! HAHAHA!!!) You bet I'd make you a grand romantic cake, too. :-)

MeHereNow said...

OK that it I have finally reached the depths of being a sad freak!

I just set that GORGEOUS wedding cake as my desktop background!

Unfortunately it doesn't pay it justice!

Do you think hubby will take the hint about "the fuss" now??

jin said...

meherenow: Oh, COOL! Doesn't it make you hungry?!!? LOL!

I actually take the photos on a MUCH larger scale, but cut them down for the blog to quicken download time. (Just in case I have any blogfans still on dial-up! LOL!)

Let me know if hubby notices!!!

flatlander said...

Dems nice cakes! We go through a lot of chocolate here too, but it's all personal consumption.

They say it increases your Q.I. !

jin said...

LOL flatlander!!!
Your grammar is slipping.
You'd better EAT MORE CHOCOLATE!!!

Ace said...

That first cake is both bee-yoo-tee-ful and also tasty-sounding.

Not that the others aren't.

But that one's both particularly excellent and also has berries!

jin said...

ace: I agree! I agree! It's REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! LOL!

I happen to have had a slice or ten recently! :-D

Hey, where's your new avatar gone? Is it because I'm not on beta?

Cherry! said...

I love all of those pics! Especially the first cake!

I posted! A double whammy!

Cherry! said...

BTW did you get that title off the word of the day? If not you must be psychic or something because it's the word of the day!

Gyrobo said...

Mmmm... flying cake...

Polyman2 said...

Are those first ones cookies or pasties?
Hmmm, I think I need cake now.

Ace said...

I dunno. It looks fine on my blog. Maybe it's a Beta thing.

jin said...

cherry: NO! I NEVER copy!!! LOL! I don't get the word a day anymore, plus I posted this on the 26th, that means they copied MOI!!! A day does not pass that I don't use a thesaurus or dictionary, tho!

gyrobo: say that now, but I have a feeling you'd be one of those fellas to RUSH & hold the door for me! ;-)

poly: Hahaha!!! I thought the SAME THING after I posted that pic!!! LOL!!! Let's just call them "Edible Pasties"! :-P

ace: Don't get me wrong...I like this pic of you too!!! You're "smiley"!!! Smiley's good! :-D

goofiest expression - goofier than usual? Mrs. Phos said the cookies looked to nice to eat, I liked the blue measle cake.

jin said...

phos: Haha!!! Yes, goofier than usual!!! Tell Mrs. Phos they tasted YUMMY cos I ate THREE!!! LOL!

Hey, maybe I could market 'Measles Cakes' to children?!!?

Cherry! said...

I love words too!

jin said...

cherry: Virgo thing! ;-)

Cherry! said...

I just signed up for the urban word of the day too. hahaha!

jin said...

cherrY: Oh! I didn't know they did that?!!? I'll have to check it out!