Friday, August 25, 2006

Fortuitous Friday


I just realized that I spoil those around me with affectionate 'sweet' gifts on a ridiculously regular basis.
Example: If I happen to be stopping in at a friends business or home I'll take each person there a mini assortment of goodies. (The word mini is used loosely here. This is MY blog & I make the rules. So there.)
Outcome: This makes miss jin happy! (I think the recipients may be slightly pleased, as well. Maybe I shouldn't assume, though? ;-)

Champagne grapes are now in season. Availability is very limited. Sadly, the season runs short; at about 1 month. So, if you want these on your wedding cake you have to get married tomorrow or next week.
Note: I can't get them for tomorrow & I'm booked solid next week. I guess you're SOL. Try next year if you're still together.
Flavour profile: Yummy!!! Teeny tiny too!!!


I have a dear old Auntie that used to work in the shoppe full-time. She had a stroke & can no longer speak, which limits her ability to infrequent kitchen chores instead of waiting on customers, as she was used to doing.
Most remembered phrase: 'Peanut Squares'.
Why: She spoke relatively quickly, always trying to get the next word out before she finished the first word. On occasion this caused the blurp of a new & 'interesting' phrase from Auntie Emily. Many a customer would stare at her in stunned silence when she skipped the "t" on the end of peanut & squashed the 2 words into one. Say it with me people, in her honour, "PeanuSquares".

30 Responses to “Fortuitous Friday”

Cherry! said...

I'm chanting the mantra! hahaha!

I'm so loving those champagne grapes! Very nice!

And yes, you were supposed to email moi!

Katy said...

LOL peanusquare???? Oh I can just imagine the blank and horrorfied looks she must have gotten.

gnightgirl said...

Are those anything like Peanusauce, that we put on pad thai?

Gyrobo said...

Mmmmm... quadrilateral legumes...

Fuff said...

The peanisquares sound odd, but look scrummy ;)

Ace said...

I'd wish you'd stop by my home or office with goodies.

But with my luck, I'd get peanusquares.

fairscape said...

Reminds me of when #2 son learned to say dump truck. He would point and yell Dum-phruck. Eyebrows would rise.

Andy! said...

HAHA, legumes, hahaha...

jin said...

cherry: I knew you'd like that!!! LOL!
Ok, coming this weekend, I promise!

katy: LOL! People would stop sometimes & say, "Whaaaat....?" LMAO!

ggirl: MMmmm...I used to LOVE pad eating ethnic food around here,'s VERY BAD! :-P

gyrobo: Hahaha!!! Good one! :-D

fuff: They are a light fuffy (oops! I mean fluffy ;-) yellow sponge frosted with a thin layer of sweet butter frosting then rolled in ground peanuts.

ace: Hahaha!!! No, no...I remember that you like the minty oreos that I make. Right?!!?

fairscape: Fun for you, I bet...try to explain that to the elderly!!! LOL!

andy: LOL!
Two things:
legumes are healthy! ;-)
check out gyro's blog, it rocks!

jin said...

Hey everyone,
Too busy to sit down for even a second tonight...
will reply to everyone tomorrow (here & on UNPLUGGED).
Cool pics coming Saturday night! A nifty dot cake with matching cookies & a big wedding cake.

Perhaps you could cater a bachelorette party with those.

Lesley said...

I'll chant peanusquares, but you know that I am all about the marzipan penii! ;-)

I love those champagne grapes but I didn't realize they had such limited availability. :(

jin said...

cp: OOooo...Good idea!!! I need to create a 'special' dirty brochure! ;-)

lesley: Yes, yes...lesley & her penii...just marzipan? Or sometimes do you like "REAL penii?!!? ;-)

top picture, nice pair... of cookies. THey seem to be looking at me.

Peanus sauce on fat thighs? WHat's GG on about?

jin said...

>>>>nice pair... of cookies. THey seem to be looking at me.

I bet you say that to ALL the girls!!!

Jewels said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ohhh, I'm laughing so hard it hurts... Peanusquares... You gonna send some of those to me? LOLOLOL!!!!!! C might get jealous! LMAO!

Jewels said...

Not as funny, but I just remembered how Mimi used to say flower. It would come out SABU... Don't know why.... We still call them sabus.... Oh, and music was MUMIZ.... don't know why....

jin said...

jewels: LOL...I'd better not send you those, wouldn't want you to choke while eating them...

...the peanusquares, I'd be laughing as soon as you took a bite!!!

*jin sniffs the air in the shoppe*
"Hmmm...that's strange....."
*jin swears she smells jasmine tea*
"But, what could I possibly be using that for?"

Oh, and, ahem... I would like a sweet box...

And, those grapes on the cake are majorly cool. Just saying.

jin said...

cp: Yes, I'll bet you'd like one! I'll bet you'd try to eat it all before George saw it, too. I think he'd have to hide it! I keep thinking of doing some sort of contest on here...but I've not come up with any GOOD contest ideas! LOL! Do you have any?

Wow, you're starting to understand George better than I do!

Contest... well I suppose you could have us compete to name a dessert. Post a pic of something, tell us what's in it, and let us name it. The winner gets a sweet box!

Still waiting for my chocolate jelly grahams.....

Maybe you could name the chocolate jelly grahams after me. Just a suggestion.

jin said...

cp: I KNOW! I haven't had a chance to try making any of these days...*NEED MORE TIME*
(I still have the photo of them from your blog.)
You know I'd have to make the graham cracker from scratch. I couldn't use a store-bought.
*jin the anal retentive pastry chef* HAHAHA!!!

Hmmm....a naming would have to be a product that's shippable so the winner could taste what they named! I'll have to ponder on an item.....

Heeheeheee!!! Just had a thought!!! LMAO! I could make the 'jelly grahams' round, the size of a 'coaster' & call them "Punchman Coasters"!!!
Whaddya think?!!?

If you make them I promise to buy several dozens!

Jewels said...

Jasmine TEA? Did you say Jasmine? Are you kidding me???? Am I really, truly going to get to sink my teeth into one of those dellectable confections? Oh, I am lucky! Oh, I'm so not eating a single thing 'til they get here!!!!

jin said...

cp: LOL! I'll have to give it a shot when I have a chance! :-)

jewels: Oh, maybe you shouldn't talk about the 9 pound 6oz. box you'll be receiving. Other bloggers may get jealous!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
(I'm thinking a certain commenter directly above you! LOL! cp, don't worry, no jelly grahams were included in her package!)

Jasmine? You mean Jasmine Tea glazed cookies perhaps?
Maybeeeeeeee. ;-)


Careful Jewels, you might lose a finger if I'm anywhere near....

Jewels said...

CP, how fast can you make it to Niagara Falls? LOL!!!! (no, really, I need to know, so I can quickly run in the opposite direction, with my 9 lb. 6 oz sweetbox!) LOLOLOL!!!!!

Oh, and Jin, 9 lb. 6 oz???? Wholly CRAP! You're trying to fatten me up, aren't you..... ;)

jin said...

cp: Cross your fingers for me cp...I've something in the 'works'. If it pans out maybe you'll get that sweetbox! LOL! ;-)

jewels: Well, the box prob weighs 6 oz. so maybe only 9 pounds of chocolatey goodness!!! LOL!!! AND YES! That much...I know how much you sell those amulet necklaces for...I've been on your website girly!!! :-D