Wednesday, August 16, 2006


When creating cakes it's a topsy-turvy world
Fraught with frustration pastries are hurled
Hot in the kitchen there is no doubt
If you don't kiss my ass I'll sit & pout

Generally I'm easy-going, laid-back & such
Whilst nearing my endeavours you'd better not touch
For this angers Cake Goddess, raises her ire
Her wrath will come down upon you with great balls of fire

Food is a passion, a passion for life
This makes jin THE PERFECT wife
I say, "Live to EAT -don't- eat to live"
Gastronomic adventure; my gift to give

To bite into & savour a confection of mine
Will make you proclaim, "jin it's DIVINE!"
If you don't thank me properly with voice full of grace
I'll smash a banana cream pie right in your face

You think I'm kidding?!!?

10 Responses to “DUCK!!!”

fairscape said...


...That's very nice...

Katy said...

nice poem but the cakes were kinda distracting me from reading it in one sitting

Fuff said...


Polyman2 said...

I'm ready to kiss,
and lick
and eat...

jin said...

fairscape: LMAO!!! :-D
Yeah...I deserved that, did I not?!!? You made my morning!!!

katy: LOL...I can't even remember what flavours they were! The top pick was always a fave of mine...I wish the photo quality was better (it was taken years ago).

fuff: I thought you'd like this one!

As you desire, sire
YOUR poems inspire
me, too

Gnat said...

Ok Jen, those cakes look wonderful as always.

I just ordered our wedding cake last week and got the sample cake yesterday. I guess that it is a good sign that the sample is no longer.

I also took your advice on updating, and there is a nice long update on the site. Everything from 13 reasons for not driving a wood property stake into your eye to what the house renovations look like now.

Drop on by...motivator.


glenda said...

Good lord, those look tasty and beautiful.

jin said...

gnat: I had no idea that I posessed the power to motivate people by sitting on my ass in front of a comuter screen & pecking out random messages on my spongebob keyboard.

I am truly amazing.

glenda: Thanks! Good to see you back again! One of these days I'll make it over to your blog, I promise! I need more time! LOL!

Sarah Letnes said...

If we don't thank you, we get pie? Are you trying to motivate people or tempt them?

jin said...

sarah: I waiting for some smarty-pants to make that comment. Congratulations you're the first! LOL! :-D