Friday, September 15, 2006


I will have a FANTASTIC post for you tomorrow evening!
- A gorgeous wedding cake that went out today
- A beautiful wedding cake that gets delivered tomorrow
- Truffles (The Black Pearl!!!)
- Mini Fruit Tarts
- Little Cheesecakes
just to name a few!!!

That's all you get for tonight! I just didn't want any of my blogfans to think I forgot about you!!! about one gratuitous cake shot? But ONLY 1!!!

12 Responses to “ANTICIPATION”

Fuff said...

Hahahaha! First comment deservedly (birthday rules) for meeeeee :)
Good luck with work over the weekend !

lesley said...

Oohhh I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post already.

I love this cake porn pic, as always. Especially the Pweshish Moments on top! LMAO!

katy said...

looks good enough to eat.

Rassin’ frassin’ rackin’ frackin’ precious moments. How about some wedding disasters? I like to watch the cake competitions on Food Network for the same reason Billy Bob likes NASCAR races - the crashes!!

Gyrobo said...


I heard cheesecakes.

Did you move the cake to the display table safely??

jin said...

fuff: Well, you see, I told everyone about that. I said they couldn't comment until YOU did!!! ;-)
Hope your day was a happy one!

lesley: Of course, I thought of YOU when I picked that cake photo last night!!!

katy: Thanks! Wait until you see the upcoming pics!!!

phos: LMAO!!! SHAME on YOU!!! OF COURSE the cake got displayed safely! ALWAYS with me in charge!!! ;-)
I thought you'd like that topper!

gyrobo: You heard correctly. MMmmm...& I'm eating some right now! Oh...creamy sweet yummy delicious cheesecake!!! YUM! YUM! YUM!!!!'s so GOOOOOD!!!
Heehee! ;-) Stay tuned for lots of pics!

jin said...

Post will probably not be up until midnight or 1:00am, my time.
Sorry, just got back (the delivery took an hour & a half longer than expected) & frankly, I'm beat!

I am going to go put my feet up, watch a Netflix horror movie or two & I'll come back later on to post.

I did upload all the pics already. There are LOTS & they are AWESOME!!!

See you soon!!!

Cherry! said...

the cake looks cool except for that stuff on top....

jin said...

HAHAHA!!! cherry I KNEW you'd say that! ;-)

Cherry! said...

It's way lame!! hahaha!

jin said...

Agreed cherry! LOL!