Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tiramisu et al.

Here I offer you 3 different ways to make Tiramisu.
(For the record, one of miss jin's absolute favourites!)

WAY #1
Fill Snobinettes with ladyfingers soaked in strongly brewed Organic coffee. Drink the rest of the coffee in the pot before you proceed or they won't turn out! Eat any of the snobinette cups that are broken. If none are broken accidentally damage a few when no one is watching you. Eat them. Damage more if necessary before moving on to the next step.
(Coffee soaked ladyfingers in snobinette cups.)

Next whip up some Mascarpone with Turbinado sugar, heavy cream, a sprinkle of Dutch cocoa powder & real Vanilla. BTW-don't ask me for 'quantities'. I wouldn't's one of those "little bit 'o this" & "a little bit more 'o that" kind of things! Just keep tasting it! When it tastes good, it's finished! (If you eat it all, just start over!) Pipe it on the soaked ladyfingers & top with a Belgian chocolate deco. Voila!

Way #2
Follow all of the above instructions using ramekins instead of the snobinettes. Alternate several layers of the ladyfingers with the whipped mascarpone mixture. Make sure your ramekins are large enough to serve 2-3 people. Then serve ONE to EACH guest. I call these David & jinny size portions. *Insert EVIL laughter HERE*
(Best served with tea but only if you have a funky tea kettle like I do! ;-)

Way #3
This is by far the easiest method. Pick up your telephone. Call Uniquely Yours Pastry Shoope LLP. Order the Tiramisu. Pick them up. YAY! Eat & ENJOY!!!

Wait...what's that?!!? You like cheesecake, too? Well then it's your lucky day!!! Try these:
(Mini Tiramisu Cheesecakes in shortbread. 1" in diameter & topped with a chocolate coffee bean.)

.....or were you thinking more along the lines of JUST CHOCOLATE? Then how about a triple chocolate fudge bar topped with freshly whipped cream?

Hmmm...still not your thing? You're PICKY! Last chance. This is an old-fashioned cheesecake in a mini cinnamon graham cracker shell topped with a raspberry glazed dark sweet cherry half.

I have to finish this post with a note on "sliced Tiramisu". You know the kind, when you go into a restaurant & they have a huge pan (sometimes round sometimes square) full of Tiramisu dessert that they give you a SLICE of.

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!

Tiramisu should ALWAYS be in a glass or dish or mini chocolate cup!!! NEVER a slice!!! Never ever!!! It's just WRONG!!! Repeat after me: "I will only eat Tiramisu in single serving self contained vessels.

Thank you. I'm so relieved now. *SIGhhhhh....*

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Anonymous said...

In #2 the ramekins looked larger than usual, I don't know the proper weight/volume for a ramekin is though...

Also I've seen it spelled tiramisu, all as one word. Not to say you are wrong, I've also seen it as two words. Most often as two words, actually...

It's just that the culinary world is a terrifying place of word usage, standards, and standards of practices.


LeperColony said...

Hmm, this is not the blog to read on an empty stomach.

jin said...

andy: Alright mister! It's midnight, you are in Wisconsin, you are probably drunk (considering that melange of bottles amidst the arm-wrestling photo) & undernourished YET you still managed to catch my spelling faux pas!!!

I bow to you...for tonight anyway! LOL!

(Actually I did a little research...seems the genuine dessert is one word where as the fake, cool-whip diet type crap is two words. Who knew?)

(I do spell it correctly on ALL my brochures cos I just checked! LMAO! Ahhh...what can I say, my brain is somewhere else tonight!)

As for the typical serving (4 or 6 ounces) is a little less than half the size of those pictured (12 ounces...but with the 'overflow' about 14 ounces...nearly 2 cups. HEEHEEHEE!!!)

leper: Welcome! it rude if I don't shake your hand?!!? I wouldn't want it to fall off!!! LOL!!!

Oh, you came here hungry? Now you're in trouble! Maybe I should put a disclaimer somewhere....

MeHereNow said...


That's it just Yum!

Oh apart from "yipee" no alcohol! I don't drink and so can't have this normally!

Have I ever told you I love you?! - well your creations anyway!

That's a lot more than Yum isn't it?! Oh well I'll finish as I meant to YUM!

Raspil said...

you're chasing my heart with your methods and love of tiramisu! the pics are awesome.

Middle Child said...

God I am sooooooooooo hungry...I have only Anzac bikkies here...bis of cheese and an apple or two... then to look at bloody mouth is watering and I could eat every one of your delectable dellights right now...and then be sick of course...just yummy

Which version of tiramisu is the one that sells out in about 10 seconds flat at Uniquely Yours? All of the above?

Katy said...

okay first off. I like the last thingy with Cherries! And for sliced Tiramesu - ours is and it it pretty darn good. Of course I can not compare it to yours as I haven't tried yours!

Fuff said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Tiramisu, ramekin please. Lots :)

Anonymous said...

HAHA, I didn't mean to call you out or anything like that. I just had a passing curiousity. Next time, just delete my comment, fix your post, and nobody will ever know. It's hardly my place to correct other's spelling, my browser is loaded with dictionary links and spellcheck sites.

I am happy to learn that, based on your research, that there is a reason I have seen it spelled both ways.

MeHereNow said...

Me again!

Any chance of a post involving egg custard?

I love the stuff but not too good at making it myself!So obviously my tummy thought you'd know any secrets to making the yummy comforting stuff that is THE EGG CUSTARD! LOL

Jewels said...

You are EVIL! And THAT is why you will win EWD! I swear, it's a conspiracy! You're trying to fatten me up! You're trying to ruin my diet!!!!
Oh, and BTW, still no Sweetbox. I'm bummed. I so hope it comes in tomorrow. Hey, do you have a tracking #?, maybe we could find out if it's at least passed the border yet...

I swear, if I find out that some dumbass has taken it, I'll go POSTAL!!!~ pun intended...

Katy said...

okay its 10pm your time and you haven't commented on the comments so you must be out for your b-day dinner. hop eyou have fun.

Cherry! said...



Back to the program: I like them all and I LOVE tiramisu, as you know. there was a shop in Parma that had THE BEST tiramisu gelato. YUM!

jin said...

meherenow: LOL! *blush* I ADORE your praise!!!

I don't drink either so that's why I skip the alcohol. Personally, I don't think you need it in this. I wish I could give you a taste! LOL!

Hmmm...egg custard...I believe it's slightly different than Creme Brulee...I remember my husband talking about that. I'll look it up & see what I can find!

raspil: YAY! More compliments! Thank you! *BIG GRIN* Welcome & please, come back anytime!!! :-D

middle child: LOL! Hmmm...anzac, you must be from Australia! I have a recipe for those that I've never tried!
Welcome & don't be a stranger! :-D

cp: Most popular is the one in the chocolate snobinette. The ones in the ramekins are only for personal consumption & friends! LOL! Ok, so if you ever visit maybe I'll make you n George one. ;-)

katy: Yeah...the sliced tiramisu thing doesn't have to do with the can be good! It's just the presentation. I can't understand why people go through all the trouble of making it & then throw it all in a sheet pan! Why can't they just put them in single serve glasses?!!? SOOOO much nicer! LOL!

You were right. Didn't comment cos I was out. Good spot! :-)

fuff: HAHAHAHA!!! I SWEAR I heard you say that out loud!!! LOL!

andy: LOL! Thank you for that option. However, it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! That was my one & only mistake for this entire lifetime.
Heehee!!! ;-)

jewels: Fucking CUSTOMS!!! That's what it is, the BASTARDS!!! I hope they CHOKED on it!

LOL...can you tell I'm a tad upset?!!?

cherry: Thank you!!! Yippee!!! :-D

fairscape said...



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tiramisu foodie porn

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gimme gimme gimme yummy yummy tiramisu foodie porn

jin said...

fairscape: *BIG GRIN!!!*
A poem!
For me?


YAY! Go grazers!!!

ace said...

I love tiramisu. However you spell it.

Love it. LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

Damn it.

Do you ship this stuff to New Jersey?


Rich said...

Tiramisu, coffee and cake, nuth'n better or worse. Yours look fantastic BTW... no alcohol :(

I always judge an italian restaurant by it's tiramisu. The worse the tiramisu the higher risk the rest of the food will be rubbish. Maybe if they served it in individual serves the rest of their menu would improve :)

jin said...

ace:'ve just given me a BRILLIANT idea! I need to create a genuine tiramisu filled chocolate truffle it's shippable! ;-)

But, who in the world would I get to test the taste/shippability factor??????

rich: Heehee! You only put alcohol in them if you have to cover up a bad tasting product!!! I SWEAR you wouldn't miss it in mine.

Good way to test the Italian places! :-)

ace said...



jin said...

ace: heeheehee!!!!
I will take note of that, for future reference! LOL!