Sunday, September 17, 2006

You are now ALL under my Spell ;-)

"The Black Pearl"
This is one of the TOP 5 BEST things that I make. Seriously. If I give you one of these you'll do anything I ask for ALL eternity. Do you want to see the center? Ok, I'll have to take a bite of one so I can show you. Just a sec.....

MMMMMmmmmmmm............O ! M ! G ! This tastes PHENOMENAL!!! The center is a soft Belgian chocolate ganache infused with ginger, pure wasabi powder & organic black pepper. It's dipped twice in dark Belgian chocolate, then rolled in crunchy toasted organic black & natural sesame seeds. One truly CANNOT imagine the pleasant sensation it leaves on your tongue. You simply MUST come by sometime for a taste.
P.S. I ship these throughout November & December. ;-)

This cake went out Friday night. Isn't it pretty? Simple & elegant. A rarity occurred as well. I KNOW the bride was thrilled before I even delivered it. She came in to bring the flowers & was given a sneak peek. She LOVED it!

Doesn't look like much you say? Hrmph! Inside is a 3 layer carrot cake chock full of ground raisins, pineapple, walnuts & coconut. One layer was cream cheese filling & one layer was toasted walnut French buttercream filling. This baby serves around 75 people. It's 12" x 18" (5.5" tall). I made 4 of these yesterday.

Hazelnut Cream filled brownies glazed with Belgian Chocolate.

Key Lime Tarts in Graham Cracker Shells

Mini Tiramisu Cheesecakes just out of the oven!

Mini Raspberry Cheesecakes still in the oven!

Like mini bites of nutty chewy gooey pecan pie!

Mascarpone Mousse Tarts w/glazed Dark Sweet Cherry

This was Saturday's wedding cake.
Think it looks a little plain?

Ok, I'll add the topper.
Still something missing?

Let's see.....I'll put a flower here & another flower there.

So, do I deserve to be tired tonight? Do you want to know how many people I served this weekend? Just a minute, I'll add it up..........

..........DAMN! One thousand one hundred & eleven. That would mean: 1,111 pieces of my cake, desserts & truffles were consumed in 2 days. It probably took me 2-1/2 days to make them all. Plus I made know, for tasting! jin's get really hungry on Sunday's!

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Jewels said...

1,111! That's a magic number! But, then, aren't they all?
Wow, woman, you deserve a medal! So much work. *Goddess, we're so alike!*

I can't wait to be done with icing all my little 'purse cakes'.... LOL! Oh, BTW, those hazelnut brownies, yeah, yum! I've got 2 mint brownies left, one bumble-bee, and 3 shortbread cookies. Lots of biscotti, those have a longer shelf-life, so we've been mowing down on the rest, ;)

Would you believe, I've actually lost 3 pounds since the package arrived? WTH???!? How'd THAT happen? I've been eating at least 2 of your goodies a day!

Seems you DO sprinkle them with magic... Got any magic to heal a 'sprained' marriage?......

Jewels said...

Oh, and hey! FIRST COMMENT.... AND second!!!! ;)

Wow, I'll need to be placing an order, soon...


fairscape said...

How do you do it?

Anonymous said...

Lovely. At home I cook more, so I'm excited to see things to attempt for myself. I have a fancy stand mixer that has yet to break my fingers. :-)

And I will see your shop, but right now I'm sorta pressed for time with my work. Probably in October or November, I have Jury duty around that time, so I can make the the 1 1/2 hour trip north.

jin said...

jewels: A medal? Fuck that! Gimme money! HAHAHA!!! LMAO! (Ah, you know what I mean.)

LOL @ icing on the purses!

Well, I think it's what I put in them...literally & figuratively...only good ingerdients, no chemicals, no artificial sweeteners (which are PROVEN to put weight on!) & I want people to enjoy total bliss when they eat a piece! If you are happy, you are unstressed, therefore you lose weight, not gain it. Plus, I feel, once you have had my quality creations, you tend to prefer to WAIT for more instead of gorging yourself on shitty bakery! LOL!!!
See? Instant weight LOSS!!! ;-)

As for the last...shit jewels, I keep trying!!! You have no IDEA (well, you prob. do) how hard I keep soon as I find the magick chocolate for that one I'll share with EVERYONE!!!!!!

cp: I am considering abandoning my Uniquely Yours Photo Blog & concentrating on an online store. I have the tools at my fingertips with my yahoo/sbc website account. All I need is the TIME to work on it. I will let everyone know if & when I get something sorted out.

So many ideas, so little free-time!
(Of course, I'd LOVE to speak to you on the phone!!! LOL! I have your voice in my head & I want to know if I've got it right! LOL! I was spot on with my idea of jewels voice, but I was WAY off with katy's! See, I do this weird I read a comment or someone's blog I read it out loud in my head in 'their' voice, what I presume to be their voice, anyway!)

fairscape: TONS of supplements/vitamins/homeopathics, healthy eating habits (MOST of the time! LOL) & my Grams' side of the family's work ethic. (They used to call her the 'white tornado'. I did a post about it here.)

On top of it all, there is always that large number of people in a small town that INSIST I can't make a go of it. You know, I HAVE to prove them WRONG!!! LOL! ;-)

andy: Get OUT!!! YOU have a stand mixer!??! You use it? COOL! LOL!!! I want pictures of you using the mixer!!! PLEASE!!!! I wanna see what you make too! I have a recipe for a disgustingly fat/dairy laden pound cake that is easy & awesome. Let me know if you want it, I'll email it to you. But I would require pics of you making it!!!

Ewww! Jury duty?!!? So, are you going back to Florida? Or are you just going to & fro for a while?
YAY! So, you think you'll be my second "Blogfan at my door"? LOL...let me know! I'll make sure you get a meal & plenty 'o sweets!!!

P.s. I saw an article today describing 'gated commuinities' in Michigan...I would never have known what they were except for your post on them!

Cherry! said...

I like them all except I think the last one would have looked better with different flowers. Preferably pale pink and alot less gaudy and all the same type of flowers.

Don't ask for much do I???

jin said...

cherry: LOL...You know how I feel on that subject! ;-)

Cherry! said...

Great minds!! hahaha! Great VIRGO minds!

Online store, that would be cool. As for my voice, you can actually hear it a little on the post that Mindy June did with me tapdancing. It pretty much sounds like me. (Sorry, too lazy to reproduce the link here, but it's on my blog sometime during the past month.)


PS: a terrible thing happened. I took my parents on a car tour of the Lower East Side this weekend. I said to them "George and I stumbled on this very cute candy store where they sell chocolate covered jelly grahams. I think I'll stop in & buy some." I COULDN'T FIND THE STORE!!! Can't remember where it is exactly, and I also don't remember the name. So now you'll HAVE to make them!!

In any event, I will talk to you or at least email at some point when I have a reason to order a sweet box.

Fuff said...

I second Fairscape. That's a lot of work! Looks and virtually tastes fantastic!

jin said...

cherry: ;-)

cp: I saw the video!!! LOL! It was GREAT!!! Yes, I heard you a bit & I think I've got it right! Actually, watching that made me want to have D record me delivering cakes or decorating them or something! LOL! I know my camera has a video feature, I don't know how well it works, though. I'll have to try it out!

OMG!!! You lost your STORE?!!? How sad! Those looked delicious, too!!! I DO intend to try making them some's just been SO busy lately!

fuff: Thanks fuff!!! :-D
I'm making up for it. Yesterday & today I slept in until 3PM! YAY! I've also decided to spend the majority of my day today sitting on my arse in front of the pc!!! LOL!

flatlander said...

I don't know how you find time to blog and make all those fantastical deserts and cakes as well.

Wasabi? In a chocolate ball?

I'm SO there!

jin said...

flatlander: I KNEW you'd like those!!! LOL! :-)

How do I find time to blog?
I MAKE time to blog!
I LOVE it, I really do!
It is currently my ONLY form of relaxation. I would be going nuts (in a bad way! LOL) if I hadn't found blogger & all of my 'virtual friends' !!!

Fuff said...

Hahahahaha! Good for you me heartie! (aaahhhaarrrr) :)

Wow you were busy! Sign me up for some of the mascarpone tarts. The last cake was gorgeous; folks with ugly daughters should order cakes just like that so it draws attention away from bridezilla.

katy said...

wow sounds like you were busy too. I think I could eat 1111 of the raspberry cheese cakes they sound yummy. Not sure about the black pearl.

blueblanket said...

These are amazing creations! WOWWWW!

jin said...

fuff: I think I'm overdoing the relaxation I went to the beach!!! LOL!

phos: HAHAHA!!! Good one! I can add that to my bridal brochure: "Ugly bride? Jazz it up with a cake from jin & no one will notice her!!!"

katy: You wouldn't have to eat that truffle...I make raspberry ones, too!!! ;-)

blueblanket: Thank you & Welcome!!! :-)
Aha! I recognize you from tiffanie's place!

I can't believe I missed your birthday fellow Virgo! You deserve to be worshipped and adored on your birthday! You make so many people happy with your beautiful and yummy creations. They should name your town after you!

Chloe said...

i know real desserts are made of chocolate, but i'd love to eat your key lime tarts in Graham Cracker Shells.
All the photos are amazing.

jin said...

evi: LOL!!! HAhaha!!! You are such a SWEETIE!!! :-D This is amazing...another virgo?!!? Yay!!! Another perfect person! COOL! ;-)

chloe: Thank You & Welcome!! You wandered over from fuff's place! husband will pick the key lime tarts over chocolate sometimes! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am in your power-
I need black pearls,

Feed me,
I'll make 1112


jin said...

poly: YAY! Blogger has fixed the commenting thing! I get to see your visage next to your prose! ;-)
*jin reaches through the computer screen to hand poly the other half of her black pearl...*

ec: LOL! I thought that'd get you! I hope you have 'SWEET' dreams tonight! :-)

My daughter-in-law brought a boomerang cake. I keep trying to throw it out and it keeps re-appearing on my counter. It is some piece of crap cake her parents bought at the market.

Anonymous said...

raspberry pearls? mhh I just can't wrap my mind around the concept mixing spicy and sweet. BTW blogger fixed the comment thing I love it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS busy? no posts no comments whats up?

jin said...

phos: Ewww! I bet the dogs won't even touch it, right?!!?

katy: You can't taste the one would even know those are the ingredients...that's what makes them so amazing...they just melt in your mouth & leave this fantastic lingering flavour! Next time you visit I'll mix some up & let you have a taste!

Busy is an understatement! LOL I know you know how that goes!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jin said...

mr. america (NOT!)


I work with food!!!
Every day!!!
Get it?

Oh, wait...I guess I have to spell it out...

I happen to wear my LONG HAIR tied back so as not to infuse my truffles with jin hair.


Stay away from my blog & stick your nose back in your Ann Coulter books!!!

Anonymous said...

Jin that Jon dudes got some serious issues just ignore him he doesn't understand that most people (even so we love all of you) do not care for your hair in the sweets!!! PS I sent you an email with an Bday cake order for the au pairs and I. October (8) is b-day celebration for all the girls - can you guess why I do it in October????? :)

Sean said...

oh my goodness. my new favorite type of porn

jin said...

katy: LOL! I think because it's YOUR BIRTHDAY, TOO!!! :-)
(That guy's a dick. I say we all repeatedly 'tag' his blog for 'objectionable content'.)

sean: WELCOME & thank you!!! :-) (I think?!!? LOL!)
You don't look like a computer geek to me...but you sure know how to leave a nice comment! :-) Come back again!