Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's My Birthday!

Do you think that means there will be some pics of a fantabulous cake that I've made myself?

I refuse to make a cake for myself. In all fairness, if I beg & ask & pout a LOT, D will make me an ice cream cake (which I adore). I didn't think I needed one this year, so I never said anything. STUPID!!!! :-P

This afternoon I decided that I wished I would have told someone to make me hinted for a cake. But, alas...twas too late. 2:00 PM already. Suddenly I heard the front door open. It was a delivery! A package for ME!!!

Here I am opening the box.
I was so surprised to have someone snap my photo!
I wish I would have had time to pose nicely! TeeHeeee!

See! I told you it was for me! The card was really cute!
It was from Katy & she sent:

Yummy German candies & chocolates!!!

I opened this one RIGHT AWAY!
MMMMmmmmmmmm....I restrained myself.
I only ate half. was DE-LI-CIOUS!!!!

For those that weren't blogfans yet,
Katy is the FIRST blogfan that visited
my shoppe in person after travelling
a GREAT distance!!!
Read the story HERE.


22 Responses to “It's My Birthday!”

MeHereNow said...

Sorry I missed your Birthday but here's a belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to you from me!! XX

P.S. Ok come on that is so not fair - how do you stay so slim with all your wonderful goodies? It should be a legal requirement that YOU be the size of a small country! I get fatter just LOOKING at your blog! NOT FAIR!

P.P.S. First comment woo-hoo!

Fuff said...

Happy Birthday Jin!
All the best people have birthdays in September (tis mine on Friday teeeheeee)
Hope you enjoy it!!

fairscape said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Fuff is right. Hubby's BD is on the 23,mine is on the 27 and #2 son is on the 28. I gain 5 pounds every September.

Jewels said...

Wow! So looks like we both have friends who are trying to fatten us up... hint hint! ;)

P.S.: I can see your bra! Bwah-ha-hahahahahaha!!!! lmao!

Katy said...

Well I am glad it came on the right date. I didn't want the package to come to early or late. The gummibears are organic made with just fruit and sweeteners. Those are my favorites next to chocolate. Glad I could make you day as you make everyone elses all the time.

Cherry! said...

I love milka chocolate. Especially the hazelnut one!!


Jewels you're such a pervert!! And that's why I love you!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

jin said...

meherenow: Thank You! :-)

LOL...ok, honestly I was not always so slim. In fact, at my wedding 4 years ago I was twice that size. At that time, I went vegetarian & quit drinking any & ALL alcohol. I am SO happy with my size now & how HEALTHY I feel that I will NEVER go back to the way I ate before!!!

Plus, I can eat any amount of chocolate & sweets that I want without gaining anything!!! YIPPEE!!! :-D

fuff: Thank You! :-)
AHA!!! I KNEW there was a reason I liked you! ANOTHER VIRGO!!!

I suspected you were cool. Now I KNOW you are!!! ;-)

fairscape: Thank You! :-)

AMAZING! 3 within a week for you!!! LOL! My husbands is on the 28th too!!! (He will FOR SURE get a cake! LOL...I'll just make sure it happens to be one of my faves too!!!)

jewels: LOL! Yes, but you KNEW that ALREADY!!! Not Fair!!! Hahahaha!!!

katy: Oh, I just tasted the gummi's this afternoon! They are soooo good!!!! They taste like REAL FRUIT! MMMmmm!!!! :-D I also tasted that Mozart bar thing...I forget the name of it...OMG!!!! YUMMMMYYYYYY!!!! (I did let D have a bite! LOL!)

And don't think I forgot a little somethin' that happens on Oct. 4th! ;-)

cherry: LOL! She sent me one of those, too! LOL! I'll have some in your honor cherry! LMAO!!!

Dale said...

What a civilized post Jin! :-) Yummy chocolate, very nice.

Katy said...

I have no Idea what you talking about. The only thing that happens on the fourth is Grumpy and I talking the 8h drive back from the mountain with the pups and maybe (if we get back in time) dinner at my favorite restaurant.

Happy Birthday!! That was nice of Katy. I miss the Ritter Sport...

Rich said...

I did a quick whip around the australian population and we got you this.

No! We're not tight-wads! The exchange rate is a killer.

Happy Birthday.

flatlander said...

Happy Birthday Jin!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I'm two days late. But I'm glad that someone remembered and sent you some yummies.

I hope the rest of your Week of Flatness is super fantastic!

jin said...

dale: Heehee! I didn't want anyone to think I was trash-y after the other one! LOL!

katy: Hmmm....maybe you should have a little somethin' for your trip?!!?

phos: Thanks! :-) MMM....the sport are good, too! Isn't Katy a sweetie?!!?

rich: AWWWWWW!!!!!! *BIG GRIN* You got me ice cream cake!!! Heeheeheee!!!!
:-D :-D :-D Thank You Thank You!!! I think I heard you just had a b-day, too? The 9th was it? Happy Belated! :-)

flatlander: Better late than never they say, & I agree!!! Thank You!!! :-) I hope yours was GREAT, too!!!

Cherry! said...

Yeah, get right into those nuts girl!!

Or do you mean Jewels sent you some perverts?!?!?!

Either way: ENJOY!

mizfit said...

wow! nice pix...u look really, really happy.

jin said...

cherry: LMAO!
Katy sent the nuts.
Jewels is a pervert
& so are you!!! LOLOL!!!!
(DRAT! I didn't get *that* on my b-day, tho. *pout*)

mizfit: Thank you!!! :-) I'm not sure if you are ahead of my time or behind? If you are ahead, it's YOUR b-day! YAY!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jin!
(I had to repeat myself once for each day I'm late!)
Hope it was fabulous, just like you are!

jin said...

ec: Thank you sooo much!!! Yes, it was very nice! Like I always say, better late than never!!! :-)

Cherry! said...

A piy I can't send you some inthe post!! hahaha! the way I'm heading I'll be left high and dry on my birthday too!! hahaha.

jin said...

I would like to open that in front of D taking pics! HAHAHAHA!!!

How you stay so trim with all those sweets around?

jin said...

cp: I eat a LOT of them too! LOL! Too many, really. I admit it. Sweets & chocolate every single day.
Since I've gone vegetarian & quit drinking alcohol my metabolism has gone 'super-speed'! LOL. For the most part I do eat VERY healthy, but like I said, I know I overdo the sweets.
(Plus I think it helps that I never eat anything deep, except the occasional order of cheese curds!!! ;-)