Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wonderful Weekend of WOW (!) Weddings!

"Marzipan Cherries & Cream"
For the record: each & every single marzipan cherry & leaf was hand-moulded & (food colour)painted by moi!

The top tier: White cake w/ raspberry French buttercream filling.
The middle tier: Poppyseed cake w/ lemon French buttercream filling.
The bottom tier: Devil's food cake w/ caramel creme filling.

Hard to tell from the pics, but it was decorated in 2 tones. All the frosting & top borders were in a deeper champagne colour while the bottom bead borders were in (slightly off)white.

A close-up of the cherries. If I do say so myself they looked AWESOME!!! (Sometimes I even amaze myself! ;-) I can't tell you how many people took a glance & said 'Oh! That's nice.' I replied with: 'The cherries are marzipan.' Then I got OOOh's & Ahhhh's! 'But, those aren't REAL cherries just put on the cake?!!?' HAHAHA!!! 'No!' *Insert jin grinning like a Cheshire cat & looking ridiculously pleased with herself!*

"A Pink Christmas in September"
The front view. Taken in an outdoor (VERY posh)tent. With lit-up Xmas trees EVERYWHERE!!! Fake snowflakes, too. What's the deal, you ask? This couple was married last December with no reception. They decided to have one yesterday, in the beautiful weather, with a funky pink Xmas theme! It all looked SO COOL! (HOT?!!?) Hahaha!!!

This is the 'Artsy Angle Shot'. All tiers were chocolate cake w/ dark sweet cherry French buttercream filling. The topper was created by moi. Royal icing piped into snowflake shapes & sprinkled with glittery sugar crystals.

Close-up of the snowflakes. I LOVE using these. (I'm not quite sure that I LOVE piping them! Very time consuming! LOL!) But they do look fantastic, don't they?!!?

Unfortunately, you don't get any pics of the Open House pastries. By the time I got 5 free minutes to run out & take photos (at about 10AM) everything was GONE! I kid you not! It was as busy as our Xmas Open House yesterday. Something in the air...? Yeah, probably the scent of Baklava wafting around Uniquely Yours!

21 Responses to “Wonderful Weekend of WOW (!) Weddings!”

Fuff said...

My favourite cakes yet. Such talent...cor :)

jin said...

Thanks fuff!

Love the delicate snowflakes, though I have quite forgotten what they look like. I'll ignore any X-mas references, I am still cheesed after having seen a store with X-mas crap for sale already. Time to get out my scrooge outfit. Marzipan is great for making decos, but after eating some I have to lick the bottom of my shoe to get the crap taste of the marzipan out of my mouth. That stuff is horrid.

Katy said...

Wow you have outdone yourself. These look marvelous it must have taken you hours.

PS still can't comment signed in so I have to use the other function.

fairscape said...


The "cherries" are extraordinary. Kudos!

Ace said...

Two questions:

1. What is poppyseed cake? It sounds kind of gross, but perhaps that's because I associate poppy seeds with bagels.

2. How come the cherry cake doesn't have any cherries in it?

I hope this works. I'm having all kinds of problems posting comments on "non-beta blogs" for some reason.

Jewels said...

Oh! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!
I'm digging the first cake, truly! That's cute!
WHEN'S MY SWEETBOX GOING TO GET HERE????? I'm betting some foodporn pervert caught a wiff of it, and decided it needed to be investigated at the border.

jin said...

phos: LOL! I agree, MOST marzipan tastes like shyte! :-P Bleck! BUT! David informs me that they have wonderful stuff in England, & I do make one type for Xmas (sorry, HAD to say it! LOL) that tastes GOOD! I swear! LOL! It's very thin, flavoured with liqueur, then dipped in chocolate!

katy: Thanks! Glad you like! They did take quite a while!

Ok, you are not the only one with the commenting problem now, plus phos couldn't leave one on your blog the other night either! (He left it in his comments in case you didn't see it yet.)

fairscape: *HUGE GRIN* Thank you!

ace: 1. Poppyseed cake is VERY popular in this neck o the woods! Lots of Bohemians! LOL! Usually made with white cake except you soak the poppyseed in the milk for about an hour first (to soften it a bit). You either love it or hate it, it seems. It does have a unique flavour. My cake is very good, yet I personally am not a poppyseed fan so I wouldn't eat a whole slice. I just taste it occasionally to make sure it's still awesome! LOL! (I have this ability to taste things I don't like myself & still be able to tell if it's GOOD or not! Like, a perfect flavour profile.) Poppyseed is best paired with lemon or caramel frosting. (I'm with you on the lemon, too! I remember what you said! LOL!)

2. Some people are so anal everything has to match, like pink cake, pink filling, pink frosting & pink decos. Then there are the ones who want cherries ON the cakes but not IN them. Go figure?

jewels: ARG! It should have been there already! It cost $23 to ship it, too! But they said Canada does not have the 2 to 3 day guarantee like the US does. They said 4-7 days. (It was sent airmail!) Some countries hold the boxes hostage at customs. I hope this wasn't the case! You'd BETTER get it tomorrow!??! (It was insured, tho...I always insure them now!)

Katy said...

jin no i didn't see it in his comments. I was wondering why I hadn't seen his comments. Well I hope they fix it soon

I think it was a case of Blogger meets Ernesto.

Ben Heller said...

I'm impressed !!

You mentioned marzipan, which I absolutely love (almonds mmm). Is American marzipan different to English marzipan ?

jin said...

katy: They tend to fix problems pretty fast...but, don't hold your breath! LOL.

phos: Yeah, sometimes blogger 'blows'! Hahahaha!!!!!

ben: Thank you & welcome!! To answer your question: American marzipan sucks bigtime! LOL! But, my husband is from England (near Manchester) & he has translated the taste or your marzipan to my mixing skills & I've come up with a really yummy version! I LOVE almonds too! MMmmmm! :-)

Oh, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thornton's continental! Full of almonds & praline...with a cup of PG Tips. :-)

Cherry! said...

I love them all!! I did like the tres cool pink one. And of course the cherries!

katy said...

well they haven't fixed it yet and I can only comment on blogs that allow anonymous and others to comment. So to everyone that has only registerd users can comment on their blog. I am sorry to say I can't comment there until they fix the issue!

Mr. Cabrera said...

I wish we had someone like you cooking at the house!

Polyman2 said...

You, my dear are an artist! There I go kissing your sugary fingers again.
Silly me.

jin said...

cherry: I KNEW you would! :-D

katy: I'm glad I switched mine a while back!

mr. cab: Thanks & welcome!
That is one incredibly bizarre set-up you have over there. Is that for real?!!?

poly: Heehee! *BLUSH* :-D You are smooth mister! ;-)

ace said...

Hey, we can order stuff now?

jin said...

ace: LOL! YES! I just started shipping again last week! I have a downloadable brochure here. It only has a fraction of the items we offer, but I can do anything you've seen on the blog.

You can email me if you have any questions!

Real & Lesley got a package. I'm sure you'll be hearing about it when they get back to blogging!

flatlander said...

Nice cherries! Is there anything you can't sculpt out of marzipan? I was thinking of a big marzipan gorilla to put atop my wedding cake...that is to say, if I ever find a suitable mate.

jin said...

flatlander: A big marzipan gorilla it is!!! (You'll find a mate too, but hold out for a great one, cos you are a sweetie! :-)