Thursday, September 07, 2006


I need to cover that last sad post with a satisfying chocolate feel good type of post. I have made thousands of these:
(I have eaten, most likely, hundreds of pieces, too. *BLUSH*)

This is the chocolate I use in them.
During a slow month I go through these 2 bags:

(Notice I cut my face out! LOL! The bags started to slip & I looked weird!)

During the month of December I usually go through around 8 bags of this plus several bags of a different brand of chocolate (an even higher quality for the truffles I create).

However, I think I have a very tall sneaky British mouse batting about my shoppe. Handfuls of chocolate seem to be disappearing on a very rapid basis. I wonder if I should call in Jane Tennison?

Gratuitous Cake Shot
(I just thought this was a cool angle!)

29 Responses to “CHOCOLATE CALLETS”

Katy said...

I am first to comment somethings got to be wrong???? I agree about the british mouse. I have an american mouse that loves cereal and I seem to keep buying tons of it but it always disappears

Polyman2 said...

Love the gratuitous cake shot & chocolate- loads of chocolate!

fairscape said...


chocolate cake


MeHereNow said...

You really are incredibly talented - I'm in awe - AGAIN!

Re:The British mouse- I've heard that the British variety are renouned for their love of chocolate - go mouse go eat some for me - fellow chocolate loving Brit mouse type person!!

Re: the cake shot, how on earth do you get all those curliques (sp?) so even? I would go nuts!!

ace said...

What's that last cake? Peanut butter? Looks yummy!

Ranting said...

Everything looks so beautiful!

BTW, I think that it was super cool of you to send the care package to Real for he and The Lesley. They raved about it!

Fuff said...

That's a LOT of chocolate. Ohhh truffles. I love truffles.

jin said...

LOL...yes, I believe you may have even had your photo taken with said British mouse! LOL!

poly: Chocolate makes EVERTHING better!!! :-D

fairscape: HAHA! EXCELLENT! Did you see what I tried to do at Seb's?!!? Yours is MUCH better!@ LOL! :-)

meherenow: I read him your grinned with his super deep dimples & agreed to eat a whole lot more just for you!
Thanks a LOT! Now I'm going to have to order MORE!!! LOL!!! :-D

cp: would seriously NOT believe how fast I do that design. I've done hundreds. I do it free hand & it just flows naturally! LOL. That was a 6" round on a 10" round on a 14" round cake. Each tier is about 6" tall. Probably only took me about 25 minutes to decorate that WHOLE cake. LOL.

You want to see one that takes me FOREVER to pipe? The 'Words of Love' cake. 2 hours minimum. I charge $100.00 extra for a small 4 tier cake (on top of the base price) just for piping. This pic isn't great...but everything you see are words, phrases, poems & song lyrics.

ace: You know...that was a while ago, I don't remember the flavour. lol. The colour is different cos I was playing with it in Gimp. I wanted to make it kind of glow-y. It was all white to begin with & the scroll pattern didn't really show up well.

ranting: Thanks & welcome! :-)
I'm dying to hear the post about it!!! LOL!!! I'm going to give in & post my pics soon...I've been holding back! LOL!

fuff: Well then, there's one good thing about Xmas for can be your 'excuse' to consume lots of truffles!!! See, the propeties of the chocolate in the truffles help to calm & relax you. I prescribe truffles anytime you need them! LOL!

Nice pair…of chocolate bags, that is.

Was the cake in the last picture as labor intensive as it looks or is there a trick of the trade that makes it look tougher than it is? Either way that is a cake and a half!!

jin said...

Hahaha!!! phos is a smartass tonight!!!

No tricks, just repetition & the fact that I've made hundreds of those already. I can even hold a complicated conversation whilst piping that one! LOL!!!
(With someone else, I mean, not in my head! :-)

Rich said...

I've seen you over at Gyrobo's a few times and thought I'd pop through to see what you're about... CAKE! Talented looking CAKES no less!

I'm not much of a chocolate fiend but I can say, Mmmmmm, truffles.

jin said...

rich: LOL! Thank you & welcome!!! I actually believe I've been to your blog. You are the one that made the clip with gyrobo in it, right?!!?
Glad you came by! :-)

Rich said...

Indeed! That was me abusing Gyrobo's image. My blogs a bit dead at the moment... nothing really to see.

Talking of images, you dont have a black forrest cake do you? Now that's chocolatey goodness!

jin said...

rich: I do make those...but I don't think I have a photo of one! LOL! MMmmm...that's a very very very good cake. It's a fall thing around here, so I'll be making them again soon. I promise to snap a few pics the next time I have one! :-)

Oh My God! (Re: Words of Love....)

I am officially dumbfounded.

Jacob's Mom said...

What a great talent you have. Chocolate is my great weakness.
Do you resist?

Sarah Letnes said...

Oblivion--what a great name for such a decadent chocolate treat.

Sometimes when I'm down I love to go through your blog and look at your extraordinary creations. It's like going to a museum. thanks for the beauty.

Jewels said...

K. Those cakes are HAWT, and um, I do believe that French mice are a LOT like British ones.... At least THIS ONE is!
Hey, U know what makes me really happy? I can see your little purse peeking through those two big bags of chocolate! Yay!

jin said...

cp: LOL! COOL! I have to find some better pics of that one, I know I have some; somewhere.....

jacob's mom: Thank you & welcome to my blog! :-)
No. I never resist. Resistance is futile. Actually, I'll be the first to admit it! :-)

sarah: It is, isn't it?!!? Too bad I can't take credit for it. :-(

evi: Aww...that's really wonderful of you to say!!! Thank You!!! :-D

jewels: Heeheehee...seems there are mice ALL over the place! LMAO! Chocolate lovin' ones!

LOL! You bet! I only take it off when I have serious amounts of baking to do! I've always got the earrings on, too! My good luck charms!

I SO hope you get your SWEETBOX today!!! *Fingers & Toes Crossed!*

Anonymous said...

Here's another gratuitous cake shot that I found on the internet somewhere.

Must be a busy weekend!! See you later!

Gyrobo said...

Nice wheel o' chocolate (and I think that's the official culinary term).

jin said...

andy: All I can say is: 'That's pretty fucking AWESOME!!!' LMAO!!! You have done an amazing thing. That is, found a pic of a cake I haven't seen before!!! (& it's neato, too!)

phos: It has been! Post coming this evening!

gyrobo: You are correct sir. I had no idea that robots speak fluent culinarian?

flatlander said...

That last cake looks about as ornate as the Book of Kells (and at least three times as tasty).

jin said...

Why thank you flatlander!!!
That is one COOL link (& mighty intricate)!

Middle Child said...

mein gott I am your slave

jin said...

middle child: LOL!!! :-D That is one AWESOME comment! ;-)