Friday, September 22, 2006

Check It Out!

jintrinsique was chosen as the "Small Business Blog of the Day" over at Pajama Market on September 13th! I got a pretty snazzy review, as well! YAY! I didn't want to direct everyone over until I had finished the accompanying interview. So, go read & then comment people!!! Here & there. I'm greedy with those comments, remember?!!?

In other news I have been busy trying to finish the Uniquely Yours Photo Blog. It now has hundreds of photos as well as many descriptions, prices & shippable pastry options. Nearly every picture I have ever posted on jintrinsique is over there, divided into 10 categories. Let me know what you think!

Oh, yes yes yes yes yes...I didn't forget.
Here are your Gratuitous Food Porn Shots:

Caramel Apple Muffin 'Crowns'

Halloween Cut-Out Frosted Cookies

20 Responses to “Check It Out!”

Adam said...


jin said...

Why thank you adam & WELCOME!!!
First visit &
First comment!
Pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow loved both articles - commented on both too! I can't believe you mentioned me!!!! How cool.

fairscape said...


Just visited your impressive photo blog.Breathtaking works of art all!
What do you do when someone says "I want one just like my friends had, only better" ?

Anonymous said...

I commented over there!

Now I'm commenting over here!

That's great that you were interviewed! You're getting more famous by the keystroke. I enjoyed each & every picture (I looked at all of them....) But I remember at one point you had posted a series of cakes (all one wedding cake I think) that was about 4 or 5 gift boxes - I'm not sure I saw that one.

jin said...

katy: Thanks & how could I not mention my first live blog visitor?!!? You proved that I didn't make all of you up in my head! ;-)

fairscape: Hahaha!!! I have been asked something like that on occasion! There is always something I can add to a cake for a few more $$$ that will make it different from another one.
I try anyway! :-)

Hey! I saw Final Cut last night! Talk about drawing you in! I think Robin Williams is GREAT in rolls like that. I liked the ending, too. Recommend away anytime you feel the need!!! :-)

cp: the top of my head I can't think of what you are referring to but, after some sleep I may know the answer! LOL!

Oh! I have a beauty going out tomorrow...will post pics Sat. night.

Someday, when I'm rich & famous I'll tell the world that C.P. inspired me when I was a Newbie Blogger!!! Teehee!! :-)

JeNn said...

I'm from Singapore, and I feel like going over all the way to the US just to try some of your cakes.. gosh..

I have to agree with the first post. My mouth dropped when I saw those photos! Caramel apple muffin crowns.
Can you ppplllleeeaaassse adopt me? I may not be a minor but I am income generating!

Fuff said...

Congrats! Brilliant piccies :)

Anonymous said...

I read your articles. Must be doing something right to recieve such acclaim...

People must really like baked things.

jin said...

jenn: Thank You & WELCOME!!!

evi: OH! Income generating is a HUGE plus on my personal adoption forms! LOL!
Thank you for the nice comment at Pajama Market! :-D

fuff: Thank You! *jin bows* :-)

neil: When I got my email comments I read yours & thought who the hell is neil?!!? Then I clicked to check the addy associated with the coment & AHA!!! I knew right away! LOL. So, did you make the frenchie onion soup yet? LOL! I've not had time. YOU'VE not been posting mister! What on earth am I supposed to do without my daily dose of sarcasm?!!?

jin said...

GORGEOUS wedding cake went out today! I have lots of photos, including one with the bride herself! She ADORED the cake!

But, first...I am off to relax with a Netflix or 2. The post will be up sometime between later & later still.

Congrats! How could any sane person resist photos of beautiful cake and such a personable baker!!

Jewels said...

Wow! Look at you go! That's a GREAT writeup! Good for you! I hope this will help increase 'traffic' (at the bakery, not the blog... I'm done sharing you with the masses!!! ) ;D

jin said...

phos: AWWW!!! Thanks phos! :-D Now get back to those doggies! They need to be looked after! ;-)

jewels: LOL! Methinks you are just as busy as I...we will talk again before we're old & gray...I HOPE!!! LMAO!!!

Cherry! said...

Wow! You're like, FAMOUS! Hoorah!

jin said...

cherry: Plan 1 of EWD in ACTION! ;-)

MeHereNow said... want a comment? I'll give you a comment #101 THAT'S RIGHT #101 I HAD TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO #101 BEFORE I FOUND MY CAKE! Upset? Yes I am.It should be #1 so I don't have to go too far to find it!!
Other than that they were all lovely I looked at them closer once I'd found my cake!!

jin said...

meherenow: LOL!!! Oh...I'm sorry! Let's phrase it this way: "I saved the best for Last!!!"

(I didn't do it on purpose!)