Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dramatic Colour

Enticing Close-Up

A Grandiose Top
Gum paste (full blown) roses painted with deep shades of shimmery 'petal dust'. I made the Lily of the Valley. Royal icing was meticulously piped on thin green floral wire & left to air dry overnight. The leaves are tinted French buttercream.

Last Second Details
Here I am piping a few finishing touches after delivery. I hope you can see me clearly as I was shivering. Why, you ask? Well, the reception was outside & unfortunately it was chilly & raining. The whole drive there (about 30 minutes) D & I were desperately wishing for the sun to come out for this VERY SWEET couple!!!

The Lovely Bride
Awww! I don't know which one is prettier! The bride or the cake? OH! I see.....they compliment each other! :-) I do believe that in 13.5 years of business, this is the FIRST photo I have of a bride & her cake! Thank you Gina! (Aren't her shoes cute, too?!!?)

Parting Shot
I have to give you flavours! They picked some fantastic combinations!
Red Velvet Cake w/ White Chocolate Mousse
Devil's Food Cake w/ Dark Sweet Cherry Buttercream
Poppyseed Cake w/ Blackberry Buttercream
Devil's Food Cake w/ Mocha Buttercream

Tell me what YOU think!!!

20 Responses to “Dramatic Colour”

real said...

What do I think, that is really a very open ended question. However, when it comes to that cake I think WOW.

Fuff said...

Awesome :)

Andy! said...

My boss hates me and is working me 60-70 hours a week. Between that and everyday chores like bathing, eating food, and sleeping I haven't had much time for posting.

I do, however, find time to read your's and other's blogs.

The cake and the bride both look quite lovely. I don't think I've ever seen a better looking frosting-rose.

Don’t know which was rosier your cheeks or the cake. The bride is hot, tell her to write if it doesn’t work out...

RIch said...

The cake looks fantastic, 4 tiers of flowery fantasticness!

I'm just waiting for a tiny women to burst out of it...

jin said...

real: LOL! GREAT! :-)

fuff: Thank You! :-)

neil: Ok,'re excused...THIS time! :-)

phos: HAHAHA!!! LMAO! Leave it to you phos!

rich: That I don't think I can do...BUT I know this blogger that makes films on occasion...I bet he could make a little lady pop outta that cake!!! ;-)
***PSST! I want to see it if you do! LOL!***

Anonymous said...

wow. I don't even want to think about how long it must have taken you to do this. Gorgous. Mhh some of the flavors sounded yummy. Nit sure about poppyseed - my moms loves it I neve developed a taste for it. lets hope they don't get drug tested anytime soon - after all the poppyseeds will alter the results!!!

fairscape said...


Love the lily of the valley
They're my favorite.

Anonymous said...

All brides look radiant on their wedding day. Your cakes are works of art- it's a shame to eat them.

jin said...

katy: I am not too fond of poppyseed either. It's very popular in this area though. I do know about it messing up drug testing as we are not far from a nuclear power plant & none of the employess can ever eat poppyseed cos they are tested CONSTANTLY! We have several customers that work there...they make SERIOUS $$$! ( I don't care what they wouldn't catch me working in that place!)

fairscape: Cool! Plus, notice these DIDN'T come out of the garden! ;-)

poly: Gee, I don't know about that?!!? LOL...I had a puking type migraine on my wedding day...I was more ghost-like than radiant. :-S

Anonymous said...

In that photo of you, are you up against a mirror? You look like you've got an extra foot on that side. (Like, not width, I mean a foot, the thing with a shoe on it.) Also, you're dangerously close to getting shot straight down the shirt, which coming so close after that see-thru number suggests this may become a totally different kind of blog.

I still can't get behind the poppyseed cake, though.

Everything else looks and sounds absolutely heavenly. Including the matching life-size bride, which probably took you some time.

Cherry! said...

I like it. But I still think all pink flowers. I guess when and if someone actually wants to marry me then I'll have a chance for the all pink flower combo.

Or maybe I should just become a wedding planner...that could be part of EWD. 'And everyone shall have all pink flowers on their wedding cake!'

jin said...

ace: HAHA!!! Good spot! The extra shoe was an old lady in the background.

LMAO! In my defense...I DID NOT know D was taking that shot.

Even MORE in my defense...when I put the photo up on blogger I supposedly 'fixed' it so it was very dark & you could only see my face & the cake. I accidentally viewed my blog on a different computer & to my amazement the picure was very bright and, you are correct sir, right down the front.
It turns out...all these many months of blogging & putting my photos up when I thought everything was 'safely tucked away', my screen monitor has been set to "very very very dark".
*jin hangs her head in shame*
As soon as it was adjusted to proper viewing levels, I saw parts of me I didn't know were on the net! (AND I put them there!!! OMG!)

But thank you, so much, for noticing & calling my attention to it. ;-)

cherry: OH! GREAT idea!!! EWD wedding planner...I'd get ALL the cake orders. It'd be MANDATORY!!! HAHAHA!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha... so with that other photo you were like, that shirt's kinda see thru, how funny... and the rest of us were like, I can read the label on that bra.

And I guess I'll skip the "third leg" jokes.

jin said...

ace: I'm SO going to go back & 'gimp' some of those photos!!! LMAO!
yeah...especially the 'kinda see through shirt' one!

Jewels said...

Goddess you're HAWT!

Jewels said...

Oh, and LMAOOO at Katy's comment about the random drug tests!

BTW: I want in on this EWD gig. Jin makes the cakes, Cherry organizes the shin-digs, and well, I could be the entertaintment! LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no,
not the old "no wedding day consimation tonight, dear, I have a headache" routine.

Tiffanie said...

OMG Jin! I truly thought those flowers were real until you showed the close up!


jin said...

jewels: *BLUSH*
Thank You!!
*huge grin*

Good idea! You'd entice them ALL!!! EWD rules!!! ;-)

poly: Damn...I DID have an honest to goodness puking migraine on my wedding night & I still had to drive us 1.5 hours to our honeymoon hotel cos the deposit was non-refundable & D didn't have his drivers license.
Um...but I made up for it the WHOLE ENTIRE next day!!! *BLUSH*
Heeheeheeeeeee!!!! ;-)

tiff: Thanks! I do LOVE how they look...esp. the colours! :-)