Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ohhhh..... Mr. Postman!

I know everyone LOVES their postman.
But some people really get carried away!

See these cookies? They're just the 'Bee's Knees' aren't they?!!? I hear there was this chick in Canada on Tuesday that went "Postal" about a box that came in the mail. It involves chocolate AND there are pictures. Read about it HERE.

I was also told about a similar incident deep in the South. This guy supposedly stopped the Mail Delivery Truck with his outstretched arms! He rifled through the boxes until he found his, then proceeded to eat most of the treats without any photographic documentation! Read about the goods HERE.

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Proof that shipped goodies from me are just as good as visiting my shoppe in person. Ok, that was an outright LIE!!! HAHAHA!!! Of course it's better to visit me IN PERSON! I'm a REALLY COOL jin! (Trust me, I should know!!!) But if you absolutely positively can't make it here, then a SWEETBOX from Uniquely Yours will just have to suffice!

23 Responses to “Ohhhh..... Mr. Postman!”

Cherry! said...

Hey! I couldn't wait for those pics to show up on this slow computer. I just wanted to get *FIRST COMMENT* and see if my new angelic pic shows up. I freaking hope so. You'll LOVE it!

Cherry! said...

It's that one that you told me to change it to. Resized, B&W'd with new improved HALO!!! hahahahaha!

polyman2 said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, love
I seem to be suffering from blogitis, meaning since going over to beta, I just got pissed and wasn't really blogging-
but now I'm back and hopefully they'll fix the commenting thing.

So happy birthday! Huggs and kisses
from Poly-beta.
Love your pics- Mmmmm I could just eat you up!

lesley said...

Well, you didn't mention that the guy with the cookie had some help eating those treats! Or that the cookie was for me! :)

And I really give him a lot of credit -- he only had 1 brownie before I got there. I don't know if I would have had such self control!

Katy said...

ahhh well maybe some day I get to hunt down my postman for such a box :)

Fuff said...

Ohhhhhhhh :D
I wish I lived in Wisconsin....boohoo!
Those bees are so cheeky looking!

real said...

Well I can atest to the fact that jins treats ship increadibly well. When it comes to packaging her treats for shipping she is like the Apple of food pron.

Oh and don't tell lesley that you shipped three times as much as I shared with her and that I ate the rest.


jin said...

cherry: ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new avatar!!!

poly: blogitis you, actually I think blogging is a recognized addiction! You can't stay away for long!!! It calls to you.....heehee!

Oh, tis alright poly, I knew you'd be around eventually! Thank you...& as for that 'your turn comment' you made? Haha! Sorry, no can do...I trust you understand why! LOL!

lesley: Well, I thought when people clicked over there that they would read the story real wrote which describes how the 2 of you scarfed everything up!!! LOL! Plus, I think everyone already knows the cookie was for you!!! ;-)

BTW...for the record, real told me he didn't eat anything!!! HA! I found out from Katy that he had eaten a mint brownie! All this deception! ARGHhhhh......

katy: I think that day may be coming awfully quickly! *hint hint* ;-)

fuff: I have to admit, it costs a LOT to ship to England! Every Xmas I send a 12"x12"x12" box to D's family & it costs $60-$80 bucks for 7 day delivery! (Can you believe they STILL don't like me?!!?) They used to send us a box of Thorntons Continental in return, but last year nothing. I don't know what I'm going to do about that this year...hmmm...maybe I should ship it anyway & give you the addy so you can go intercept the package?!!? LOL!

jin said...

LMAO real!!! Simultaneous commenting going on...I don't KNOW what you shared with her!!! Remember, no pics!!!

You may very well have eaten a whole bunch!

Hey Lesley! How many pieces did you get?!!?

lesley said...

I got one brownie, 1 peanut butter cookie, 1 petit four, some jasmine cookie crumbs, and that's it.

Wait... was there more in there? ;)

Jewels said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Well, I'm glad a showed such restraint! Tonight, I got to share the goodies with my mom, her friend Melissa, and my friend Maria. I also sent Maria home with a care package for her poor mama who's afflicted with a bad case of shingles. She got a big bowl of home-made stew, one brownie, two biscotti, and a PB cookie. I hope they'll make her feel better! They sure make me feel better. Here's to hoping I've found a cure for the shingle in Jin's delicacies! Whoot! Jin, I want a cut if it works, 'cause I'll be your manager!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, I've been lax on blog duty lately.

And I believe you shipped to the "dirty south", or "the dirty dime a.k.a. Tennessee".

Apologies for my remarks to Real, hip-hop connoisseurs and the good people of Tennessee.

real said...

I feel inclined to defend my honor.
Jin, when I told you I hadn't eaten any, I was telling the truth. Then I went and ate one brownie. Only one, I promise. But those were some good cookie crumbs.

Lesley I hope you aren't mad that I ate the edges off of your cookie.

Cherry! said...

I think it's HAWT too. Very deceiving!! hahaha!

jin said...

lesley: *GASP* I just realized there was no mention of the RASPBERRY FILLED BROWNIES!!! Did he eat all those on you? I sent 6!!!

jewels: My pastry cures ANYTHING! Remember what I told you!??! I *charm* them all!!!! :-D I'm glad you shared! That's really COOL!!!

andy: OK-in order:
Thank You!
Yes, I noticed. (I miss your comments!)
Heeheeee!!! Oops...meant to say, 'that's not funny! Shame on you Andy, shame on YOU!' *giggle*

Are you still in WI? You know...if you do get up this way you are certainly welcome to pop in for a pastry or 2 on me (hmmm....that's're trying to GAIN weight, I'd maybe let you have 3 or 4 then! LOL!)
I wouldn't want you to be disappointed, tho. I probably would not dog wrestle for you no matter how far a drive it is! LOL!!!

real: So, seriously...what happened to the rasperry? You did eat those, DIDN'T YOU?!!? *GASP*

jin said...

cherry: That it is cherry, that it is!

omg! I can't wait for the first Sweet Box delivery to Brooklyn!!!

lesley said...

What? The raspberry brownies were gone before I got there? I LOVE raspberry! I love chocolate! :(

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to go pout.

Fuff said...

Good idea! I wouldn't bother sending them any more! We can still swap if you like?? Teeeheee :)

I got cookies in the mail - they looked like trail mix becasue they were mauled so bad.

jin said...

cp: I ship to someone in Brooklyn every Xmas...maybe I should look up the address, if it's a neighbor of yours you could plot to steal it!!!

lesley: Real hasn't commented back yet, I think that makes him sound REALLY guilty!!!

fuff: Heehee! No swapping cos I think yours are there this weekend, aren't they?!!? LOL!

phos: NOT FROM ME!!!
I wrap mine too nice!!!

Fuff said...

Wednesday, Wednesday. Argh, urgh, bump, damn.
Hahahahaha! You have nooooooo idea and may well jest :) I thank goodness I have my mum!

jin said...

LOL!!! Awwww....poor fuff!!