Tuesday, June 27, 2006


1. Who is your Love?
2. What do you Love?
3. Tell me a 'secret' Love?
4. Which cake do you Love?

Feel free to answer more than once if you need to! ;-)

18 Responses to “AMOUR”

As always, it's impossible to choose between your creations Jin! But if I truly must - then I think I'd choose this last one. I love its elegant simplicity.

I really, really must stay away from your blog. It is pure torture, and you are quite cruel you know!! ...

Katy said...

Okay I like the last one with the hearts, it is so elegant.

1. Grumpy
2. hanging out with friends and pets
3. mhhh P.
4. Black Forrest (the real kind with Sherry and real whipcream)

fairscape said...


!.Hubby Sonnyboy #2Son
!!. Peace
!!!. ***** ****
!!!!. ChocolateChocolateChocolate

Your cakes are beautiful as ever.

Jewels said...

1. Chris
2. Beads, LOL!!!
3. Okay, sshhhhh. Don't tell anyone, but I've got this super major crush on the singer John Mayer... Oh Goddess, I many have to eliminate you now....
4. Of these? #4. Personally? Homemade banana bread (with walnuts and raisins!)

Monte said...

1. Who is your Love?
Hmm. Good question. Romantically? I once thought I found her, but that didn't end so well, so... for now, I dunno. I'll find her someday.

2. What do you Love?
The ocean, heights, kung fu movies and new places.

3. Tell me a 'secret' Love?
There's this girl I met at the beach once... * bleeped secret details*...But the morning she was to leave, I was supposed to meet her at the dock. I woke up ten minutes late, and she'd already left. Later, another girl walked up to me. "Monte?" she asked.
"Yeah?" I said.
"She asked me to give this to you."
It was a note, with more *bleeped secret details*...
And then I left...*sighs*...
Wow. I need to tell more of this on my blog later.

4. Which cake do you Love?
I vote for number four, based on appearances. It looks delicious! Then again, they all do, so I'm going to base it off of the color---it seems to have more character than then just plain white. Then again, you can often tell a book by it's author, and these cakes are likely the same situation. You're an author of sweet culinary confections!
Favorite Flavorwise? Cheesecake.

Polyman2 said...

Love them all!
Lick, lick.

jin said...

Ok...ok...I suppose it's only fair that I play too.

1. David & Brioche (the dog not the French bread...lol...although I like that too!!! Hahaha!!!)
2. Walking on the beach, bizarre films, chocolate
3. 'famous' Chris Isaak
'blogger' **********
4. Actually, the third cake. I need to find a closeup of it for you. The deco was really stunning. As for flavour, cheesecake.

Thanks to all of you who commented today, I enjoyed reading each one!!!

I may leave this up for a day or two yet in hopes of getting a few more secrets...er, I mean Comments! ;-)

flatlander said...

1. The love of my life is CLASSIFIED

2. But I love my cat, Klopotek.

3. And I secretly love radio waves.

4. And vanilla cake w. strawberry icing.

Overseer Q said...

P.S. We love ALL of Jin's cakes--even the one's with fountains!

jin said...

YAY!!! flatlander you came out of hiding again to visit my blog! I'm flattered!
(Wow...interesting...your name is the only one with 10 letters in it. Could you be my mysterious secret blogger love?)

AND you brought overseer q with you! What 'sweet' comments!

Hmmm...if the two of you are around I bet there's something shakin' at fakieHQ....I'm on my way!

jin said...

flatlander: P.S. Very cute pics & story about the screw...amazing!?

"little cat trouble"

Every time I do a search...there's more of you EVERYWHERE!!!

Ace said...

Can you ship cake? Or will I forever be a Jinvoyeur?

1. I'm not in love right now.
2. I love movies and sports and books and girls.
3. Every Asian girl I saw at the convention last week.
4. I like icing the best.

1. I've been blessed in my life to have many loves - and totally grateful for each one.

2. I love my husband, my son, my friends, family, New York City, Truro Massachusetts, art, literature, flowers, music, writing, laughing, having fun, Northern California, Paris, making people feel loved...and I love Christian Bale (everyone needs a silly crush).
I basically fall in love with everything.

3. Can't tell you ...it's too secret.

4. How can I pick which one!! That's impossible. Do those people in your town know how lucky they are!!!

jin said...

ace: YAY!!! Some cakes are shippable, but best to wait until fall. I am (forever!) working on a 'photo blog' that will have pics, prices & shippability on it. I will let everyone know when it's finished!
P.S. Welcome back!!!

evi: Great answers! LOL @ # 3. Mystery is good.
Is the city happy to have me? Hrmph! One day, if I'm in a bad mood, I'll post about how our city tried to close us down, then when they couldn't (we fought it & won!) they tried to literally bankrupt us.
Small towns...run by small town crooks...& I WILL NOT kiss ass.
(I'll KICK IT, though! HA!)

LOve my wife, publicly and secretly. She's the greatest thing that ahs ever happend to me. As far as the cakes, they are pretty (love the detail work on the lattice hearts) but unless there's spice cake under them there decos I can't give my heart to any of them.

jin said...

Aw...phos, that's so sweet! Now you print that out & save it for the next time you get into trouble!!! Hahaha!!!

Cherry! said...

1. myself
2. myself
3. myself (but I guess the secret is out now)
4. second one. It's beautiful. Reminds me of myself.

jin said...

LMAO cherry!!!

Hey, at least you're honest!!!