Saturday, June 10, 2006

Gorgeous Graduation Cake (Wait, isn't that an Oxymoron?)

This weekend was again full of typical graduation cakes.
You will not be seeing them.
(Unless you were lucky enough to be invited to one of the parties!)

You will, however, get a very nice shot (or 2!) of the coolest graduation cake I made this year. I know, I can hear it now, all my blogfans are saying, "But miss jin...a graduation cake can't be cool, can it?!!?"

(Alan Partridge anyone?.....oh, c'mon....anyone? )

You be the judge.....what do you think?
I told you so!!!

The close-up.
My darling dainty hand painted each one of these lovely little flowers. No, not with lead paint!!! With food colour paint. Ancient Chinese Secret. Dates back to 76,192bc. I was there & I invented it! ;-)

Ok, so then I made this one that was unique, too.

Then there was this one.

Now I have to deliver an anniversary cake. Do you want to go with me? Ok. But go to the toilet first because I'm NOT stopping on the way!

"Let's have a sing-a-long!"
*jin pops in a FAVE cd*

"That boy needs therapy, psychosomatic,
That boy needs therapy, purely psychosomatic
That boy needs therapy
Lie down on the couch! what does that mean?
Youre a nut! youre crazy in the coconut!
What does that mean? that boy needs therapy
Im gonna kill you, that boy needs therapy
Ranagazoo, lets have it to you
On the count of three
That, that, that, that, that boy.. boy needs therapy
He was white as a sheet
And he also made false teeth"

MMmmm.....I DO love that song.....anyone?.....anyone?.....c'mon.....anyone?

David's view.....

HAHAHAHA!!!! Fun, isn't it?

Ok. We're here.
Cake? Check.

Solid White Chocolate Bow
brushed with (non-toxic) Sapphire dust? Check.

YAY! Assembly complete.

Mission accomplished.
Beam me back hottie.
(That is what they always said, right?)

Time for miss jin to relax, blog, eat chocolate, drink tea & just BE.
}}}- OM -{{{

38 Responses to “Gorgeous Graduation Cake (Wait, isn't that an Oxymoron?)”

Lesley said...

Frontier Psychiatrist, anyone? ;)

Lovely food porn as always. I especially like that anniversary cake. Beautiful!

jin said...

I'll bet you never listened to it before!
Have you?

Jewels said...

Okay, that last cake, with the blue bow? Man, you amaze me. I'm thinking I'm as amazed by your fine culinary skills as you are by my fine beading skills... No really, I wouldn't even want to cut that cake open, it's too 'pretty'.
K. I want one now. Tell me it was something scrumptious, like carrot cake, or dark chocolate or something. No way it could just be vanilla...
K. I hate you! (NO, OF COURSE NOT!!!!) I'm hungry now! LMAO!!!

jin said... want flavours? You've got flavours:

top cake: devils food w/ seedless Swiss raspberry preserve filling

next one: red velvet cake with whipped hazelnut butter filling & Belgian chocolate glaze

next one: carrot cake with cream cheese filling & frosting

last one:
bottom tier: devils food cake
middle tier: marble cake
top tier: poppyseed cake
all with real vanilla French buttercream filling & frosting.

ok, jewels, did that do it for ya? ;-)

Lesley said...

Well that definitely did it for me! I think I need some Alone Time -- if I can have some cake first too!


and sure, I used Google. I'm resourceful!

Real said...

Wow on the bow.
Wow on the cakes.
So how do you deliver the cakes, don't you just want to eat them up without sharing?

Jewels said...

Okay, it's official, you are the evil Cake Mistress... I bow to you, and may have to lick your spatula.... PLEASE??????

jin said...

lesley, the smartypants! Unless you're with that not-so-secret someone...then no smartypants!!!!!
Hahaha!!! ;-)

Ewww...REAL! Have you seen how many pics of cakes I've posted???
Do you realize I've got about 7 times as many yet that I haven't posted & about 10 times that that I've not even taken pics of???!!!
Do you know how much cake that equals???

** jin counts on her fingers...then moves to her toes...then starts counting on Brioches fingers & toes....for a grand total of...**

A HELL-of-a-lot-of CAKES!!!!

I can honestly tell you...
have the desire to taste one before it reaches its destination!

jewels: Hmmm...that could quite easily be my new alter ego...
'evil cake mistress'
I'll let you lick my spatula after I spank you with it first!!!
We could make millions if we videotaped that too!!!

Lesley said...

if I were with that not-so-secret someone, I wouldn't be writing blog comments tonight. Nothing personal. I'm just saying, is all.

wink wink, nudge nudge
say no more, say no more...


geeksters said...

Those are some beautiful cakes. I wouldn't know whether to enshrine them or eat them.

I am particularly impressed with the flowers you painted on the first one. Isn't it hard painting the side of a cake? Can you scrape the icing off and try again if you make a mistake?

Jewels said...

I've said it once, and I'll say it again... Jin would make an awesome Dom! ;) (she knows what I mean....)

Happy T. Fluke said...

Wow! Sensory overload! Time for some therapy. I think I'll go photocopy some cereal boxes.

jin said...

lesley: Do we have our 2nd outing planned yet? HuM??? I NEED to know, you know! lol

geeksters: Eat them! Eat them! Maybe I'm sadistic, but I take extreme pleasure in watching my creations be greedily consumed! I LOVE hearing that "MMmmmm..." coming from a mouth full of cake!
-No harder than painting on a canvas! Except, funny thing canvas creations look nothing like my cake painting! Methinks it's something to do with the medium...
-Hypothetically speaking, I suppose one could scrape off the frosting & start over. However, I never screw up! HAhaha!!!
-Oh, first time here? Welcome! Come back again & remember, questions are GOOD! :-)

jewels: Hahaha!!! You know how I feel about that! ;-)
One word.....'pleather'. :-)

Mr. Fluke: I was hoping you'd be familiar with my choice in music.....I thought maybe flatlander left a disc or 2 lying around.....I was digging in his archives again (I know, I know...he's an obsession of mine *blush*) when I stumbled upon, none other than...The Dead Milkmen! I hadn't thought of them in years! I need to dig out the old tunes...
Do you think flatlander died & went to 'Heaven is a halfpipe'? ;-)

Happy T. Fluke said...

If Flatlander dies, he will likely try to make it to jellyfish heaven. It's a place he would often describe to me in a kind of visionary trance after eating one too many bowls of Fruit Loops. "Picture endless underwater strip malls intersperced with housing developments and the jellyfish just drifting about like in a dream" he would say. "In fact, it's an awful lot like L.A.".

Yes, Flatlander has some curious tastes in music. I tried to listen to a few disks from the Vault, but I found them somewhat unpalatable.

I don't understand it, but everyone seems to be getting rid of their Barry Maniloe these days. All the better for me! I think I'll go photocopy some record sleeves now.

jin said...

Mr. Fluke: I LOVE your use of the term 'if' as in: 'If' flatlander dies...that means he's immortal...his brilliant writings will live on, forever, in the hearts & minds of many. His uniqueness & creativity is quite overwhelming! Had someone told me a few months ago that I'd be eagerly awaiting each & every post by a skateboarder on a skateboarding themed blog I'd have told them they were crazy. Looks like I'm the one that ended up crazy! Haha!!!
-Visions from Fruit Loops are due to the fact that they contain no actual fruit...some super-sensitive people can't handle the exorbitant amount of genetically modified components in your average everyday breakfast cereals. You know, it turns some people into Cereal Killers. ;-)

Katy said...

Wow comes to mind. Love the cakes and countryside pics.

Ace said...

What was on top of that first cake? A cool pattern? The painting was great - I hope I see you on Food Network Challenge someday! Tasty.

jin said...

katy: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed them! :-D

ace: Ah, welcome! I know you from lesley's place! Excellent observation about the top cake! I meant to write something about here it is: if the client is putting any type of figurine on the top of the cake I cover a board, with foil, in the shape of the base of the figurine so it doen't have to sit in the frosting as sometimes that can ruin the object. This cake was for a Mexican themed graduation. The cake topper was a Mexican doll with a long flowing turquoise dress. When placed on the board she would seem to 'float' on the frosting.
Come & visit again! :-)

The first grad cake shows a strong Wisconsin-Norwegian influence. The decoration reminds me of rosemaling I saw in Stoughton, WI.

jin said...

phos: YAY!!! You're back!!! Missed you!!!

On a serious note: I hope it had nothing to do with all the cheese you eat.....

geeksters said...

After spending a ridiculous amount of time looking at your beautiful cakes, I was inspired to post about a cake I once made.

I mentioned your site and hope that's okay.

Polyman2 said...

Beautiful cake painting,
it is a work of art-
it seems a shame to eat it. need therapy...

Ace said...

You like horror movies, I like cake, I'm sure I'll be back. Yay!

jin said...

geeksters: That is MORE than ok, it is AWESOME! YAY! Thanks! :-)

poly: Aw, flatter me so poly. :-)
My therapy is pretty involves one on one hand-feeding of a cashew coconut cheesecake drenched with chocolate! Nobody ever seems to make it out alive!!! lol ;-)

ace: Hahaha!!! Excellent! When we joined netflix my husband asked me if they have any bird documentaries...I quickly said NO! But they have Lemora!!! (Um...he wasn't to thrilled...LOL)

Lesley said...

lesley: Do we have our 2nd outing planned yet? HuM??? I NEED to know, you know! lol

Sorry! I just saw this now!

Well we haven't planned our Wisconsin road trip yet, but, as I'm sure you heard, we have planned another meetup.


Monte said...

So, what's kickin'?

Besides...25 responses?!

Holy crap, you're popular!

Well, not hard to see why, with these exsquisite culinary indulgences you continually post... But then, it's so cruel! You ought to digitally download taste samples, somehow. Otherwise, a despite the thousand words a picture gives, words don't have much of a flavor... :-(...

Makes me want to graduate again...

Heh heh.

BAck, yes, more-or-less. Still not 95% (that is all I usually shoot for, that way I am not disappointed later) but it is so nice not to be attached to any equipment or having some nurse roust my ass at 0400 to drill for blood. If the police stop me and take one look at my arms they'll think I am a junkie.

In the travel photos, I noticed some big stick looking things with green all over them. what are those??

jin said...

lesley: Wisconsin Road Trip!!! YAY!!! SOON!!! I'll cook for you both! ;-) *Totally tempting bribery*

monte: Oh, I know...isn't it exciting?! They like me, they really really like me! LOL
You do know I'd link to you if you posted more than once every 2 months!? I're busy...
all work & no play makes monte a non-blogging boy. heehee. :-) licking your monitor doesn't do it for you?'s a deal...the house next door to my shoppe is for rent...Please...I want nice neighbors! I'll give you FREE pastries EVERY day??? (I hope that wasn't too much teasing? lol. It is true, though!) Imagine waking up with your bedroom window open & the scent of chocolate eclairs wafting all around you..... ;-)

phos: Oh...POOR phos!!! I'm glad Mrs. Phos is taking good care of you! I bet your pups are right by your side since you've been back. Take it easy, sleep well & dream of cool moonlit evenings in the woods.....

Cherry! said...

Jinny that bow is AWESOME! How do you do it?????

I'm also loving the flowers ainted on. Oh to be a creative genius! I envy you and your creativity.

Gnat said...

Jin, you made it into a dinner conversation the other night. My soon to be wife commented that I only want chocolate cake with little no icing it, or at best a glaze.

She mentioned this because she had read my post here and it came out that my mother would make these for me when I was a wee little man. She apparently stoped making this particular cake as I got older and I never knew why I love my cake like this until now.

So, I don't know what all that means but there it is. Apparently things you eat when your a little bugger stick with you, even if you don't know it.


I think the attraction to food mom made for you is that it not only tastes good, but it is the taste of your childhood.

The spice cake is from my past as well.

SC said...

That birthday cake for Owen is a work of genius. I WANT ONE!

You are a true artist. The blue ribbon is exquisite. Bravo!

jin said...

cherry: Welcome back!!! I missed you!!!
-The bow is made by spreading perfectly tempered white chocolate on an acetate sheet. You have to wait until the EXACT SECOND the chocolate is the right temperature to slice it into strips with a sharp knife & quickly form into loops. Wait 'til they set up, 'Glue' them together with more white chocolate & brush with colour dust, VOILA! I can't tell you how long it took me to perfect these! TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Now it's simply 'a piece of cake' ;-)

gnat: YAY!! I LOVE being someones dinner conversation! :-D
-One unfortunate part about childhood food memories...they are soooo incredibly subjective, i.e. the memory is usually far far removed from the reality. I find this ALL the time. Customers come in with a recipe from their mother's, grandparents or matter how PERFECT I recreate the item, it is almost never to their satisfaction. They say, "It was wonderful, but it wasn't like my mothers." It's happened so often that we now tell customers first thing before they place the order. I can create a phenomenal dessert, but I can't recreate the memory to go along with it.

phos: Exactly! Everybody listen to this guy! He knows his shit! ;-)

sc: Heeheehee...*blush* why thanks seb! :-)
My my, I do believe that this is your first comment on my blog! I assure you that you'll now have many many more readers because of your adorable mean because of your brilliant writing skills. I wonder if I should tell people that you give out toblerone? No, I think I'll keep that ALL to myself! :-)

evi: Thank you!!! :-D You know what else? Those bows taste sooo good you wouldn't believe it! I told David Saturday night (after that cake would have been demolished) "I sure hope they ate the bow & didn't waste it...that would be such a shame!"
I decided that I need to print out some sort of a card to set next to the cake from now on to encourage the decorations consumption!!!

jin said...

Thanks cherry! :-)

CC said...

Oh these must be the pictures that you mentioned, nice!

The picture the other day was actually from a sculpture/tower in a park... the blue colors through the holes was actually from the sky. lol does like look the bottom of one of those cappuccino machines now that you mentioned it...

jin said...

cc: Yes, those are the ones! He actually took them while we were driving 70-75 mph, through the window...I was so surprised they weren't all blurred!

Oh...ok...I see it...neat sculpture!