Saturday, June 24, 2006


The soft bows
downward flows
on cloth of pale rose

square cubes
piping tubes
techniques used

dots are small
in the hall
against the wall

cake is chocolatey yum
you know where it came from
now you have to eat some!

So, tell me what you think of this one, hmmm? I really can't decide. Should it have some colour? Should it have more tiers? Or do you like it as it is? BTW, I'm sitting here eating a piece of cake. It's 2 alternating layers of devil's food & two alternating layers of white cake, with 2 layers of cream cheese filling & one layer of whipped hazelnut paste filling. The entire slice is drenched with that wonderful Belgian dark chocolate glaze I keep telling you about. I'm getting up now...can I bring anyone a slice when I come back??? ;-)

24 Responses to “Enswathe”

Cherry! said...

O love this one. I like it the way it is but if there were to be any colour I'd make those balls *giggle* a very light pink mainly because it's on th pink thing. Maybe a very light green would be nice too if it were on a green thing (very descriptive aren't I?)

Hold the cake for me until I've shed a few of these kilos. Sounds delightfully delicious! *wipes drool from mouth*

Lesley said...

I think I'd like to see some color too -- maybe the little dots could be in a jewel tone, like ruby or emerald?

And yes, I would love a slice of cake! I just made a cup of tea, and it would go beautifully with it. :)

Katy said...

Okay I think I agree with Leslie some little "jewels" maybe around the edge on each tier.

I would love a lice with extra chocolate and a cup of coffee please.

fairscape said...



visually hmm well I think it probably looked good in person however for a photo I think the bow and sashes should be a different contrasting color like pink on white or peach on mint or lemon on lavender other wise they don't show up as well as they might

jin said...

cherry: Giggling right back at ya! lol. I knew you'd be a fan of the hazel-nut filling! ;-)

lesley: So...did you enjoy your tea & cake?!!? ;-)

katy: Extra chocolate on the way! It'll go great with Germany's win! :-)

fairscape: Yes...I agree with everyone here for a bit of colour...but I wasn't sure if that was just me?! I do like how that sounds:
'mint & peach' or 'lavender & lemon' :-)

Looks great! i wouldn't mess with it. Ok, maybe a plastic Sponge Bob on top...

jin said...

phos: Be nice! I took the photo BEFORE the precious moments went on top!!!

jin said...

phos: Be nice! I took the photo BEFORE the precious moments went on top!!!

Bravo! A+++

The girls got talent!

Jewels said...

That cake looks scrumptious. I'm in awe at how those sashes are just draping down the edges like that. You know, I quite like it just the way it is, but I think a touch of what you did for your cake: Silver! Ooooh, the bow and sash in silver! Now that would be RICH! LOL!
Now, let's see if I can make Cherry giggle: *Jewels whispers*
Pink Balls!!!!!


Real said...

I think it is absolutly lovely the way it is.

I think you need a disclaimer on the top of your blog: "Warning this blog will make your mouth water".

How vegetarian are you - do you eat seafood or eggs? I have a couple recipes you might enjoy.

jin said...

evi:*jin bows* Why thank you! :-)

jewels: know those bows could be marbled or striped, too. It's fondant...tastes gross but looks nice. I encourage people to use it as deco (which can be removed) not to cover the entire cake with. :-P
*jin stifles a giggle* heeheehee!

real: *jin bows again* Why thank you, too! :-)
Why, is your mouth watering?!!? LOL!

phos: Yes I eat eggs but no on the Brioche eats it though...well, if you count scarfing up a live alewife on the beach yesterday...ew...I tried to pull it out of her mouth, all I could see was the little tail wiggling in the back of her throat!!!

Too bad, I have some great fish recipes.

Thsoe alewives are a real curse. I think the gov't shoudl eb concentrating on thsoe illegal immigrants. Now you all have some sort of New Zealand snail too.

Anonymous said...

I like the poetry-slam element you added to your cake pictures.

*snap* *snap* *snap*

jin said...

phos: Funny thing about the alewife...if we have a large gull poulation they eat them. Dead, alive, rotting, whatever...the gulls scarf them up & clean the beach. However, if some jackass shoots the gulls...yep, you guessed it...overpoulation of alewife...maybe I should infrom the INS or the DNR or the...WTF?!!? *giggles* heeheehee!!!

andy: Thanks! I try to do that every now n then I put them together in the sidebar under the confusing title of: 'my belles-lettres' guess I just thought it sounded neater than 'jins poetry'...Hahaha!!!
So, did I read correctly? Are you gone from this farmers wonderland of WI & back in Florida?

Sugarfoot said...

Don't mess with perfection.

jin said...

sugarfoot: Well, with a 'sweet' opening comment like that you get a BIG "Welcome to My Blog"!!!

Sarah Letnes said...

I love the lines on that cake. Beautiful.

jin said...

Thanks, sarah! :-D

Happy T. Fluke said...

Isn't that what archeologists call a "zigguart of cake"?

Anonymous said...

'Fraid so.

jin said...

Mr. Fluke: Damn you're GOOD! I am even admitting that I had to look up that DOES look like one of those!!!

May have an intersting structure coming up...the local courthouse building asked if I could do a replica of it, in cake. SURE, I say...unfortunately...they also said, 'we have a VERY limited budget'... :-P We'll see.....

andy: oh, bummer...that doesn't sound too good.

Fuff said...

Stunning. Ohh, cake.