Thursday, June 22, 2006

jins fury

I am angry today
so I need to say
what's on my mind
it isn't kind

we caught a man shooting gulls on the beach
2 little kids there he was trying to teach
telling them he just shot twenty ring-billed
fucker was even proud that he killed

David gave him hell, he's great with bird fact
something was wrong with this guy, seemed like an act
he said it's his job to shoot those birds
slipped up though, he used the wrong words

Didn't have our digicam
Found out tonight he definitely lied
what he did was illegal, all those birds died

I tried to console D with my rational thought
the guy that runs the marina will make sure this prick is caught
Little did I know, until this days setting sun
the guy that runs the marina IS the fucker with the gun!

27 Responses to “jins fury”

fairscape said...


There must be some one to report this crime to, like Fish and Wildlife or the ASPCA or something. Just stay away from this guy, he's messed up and he has a gun. As for the Halloween Cake One) Wouldn't it take less coloring to turn chocolate black? and Two) Next time some one asks for black- just say NO.

Katy said...

damn him. I hope someone shoots him. I am all for a eye for an eye.

Lesley said...

What a horrible man! He sounds deranged, shooting sea gulls like that. Good for David for giving him hell! But I would say definitely stay away from him -- you, D, and Brioche too!

I'm thinking that in Wisc, you must have a local game warden who could do something about this. Maybe chat it up at the shoppe tomorrow, I'm sure one of your customers will know something about whom to call.

He'll get his comeuppance though. Karma can be a bitch.

Cherry! said...

Shooting sea gulls? WTF?!?!

Wow. That is really troubling.

jin said...

Thanks for the thoughts & ideas.

D & I caught up with the local zoologist last night, he has more 'pull' than anyone around here.

Funny thing, he walks the marina/beach every night (lives right there) & he was troubled that most of the birds had disappeared. As soon as D told him what we saw, he knew the guy that D described & he was equally furious.

We've been lucky enough lately to have SEVERAL federally endangered species right on our lakefront which have now disappeared. The fact that this ASSHOLE shot gulls with the endangered birds around will (HOPEFULLY!) cause him all sorts of trouble.

This AM the zoologist was meeting with the state guy who has local jurisdiction here from the fish & wildlife. D & I went to the beach again tonight but found out nothing new. It was so quiet...not good quiet, you know? Normally you hear all these beautiful bird sounds...

One word

(Gun or not, we wouldn't let him get away with that see we weren't 100% sure, at the time, if he did have a permit or not...we just tried to call his bluff. DAMN! Still wish we would have had the camera!!!)

Happy T. Fluke said...

Be careful. That heartless killer might be an android. I've heard they have no respect for mammalian lifeforms.

Polyman2 said...

maybe he'll do the world
a favor
and turn the gun
on himself.

Stick to
your guns Jin.

jin said...

Mr. Fluke: *SIGH* Would be easier if he WAS an dog sure didn't like him! She tried to jump AT him & she NEVER does that! I would have bit him myself but I'd be afraid of catching something!!!
Where's flalander when you need him, hmmm? He could have used his head as a half pipe! :-)

poly: Too bad it's usually the good guys that choose that way out...the bad guys seem to live for-fucking-ever!!!

Real said...

Think of it this way. In his next laugh he will be a statue. A statue that birds like to poop on.

Real said...

life not laugh

jin said...

real: I figured what you meant was:
In his next life I'd have the last laugh! ;-)

First, they aren;t sea gulls - you'd need an ocean for that. Probably herring gulls, or if not just "gulls' Will do. Sorry, pet peeve.

Second they are amphibious flying rats. I had one take a dump on me once (they are very accurate) and have had it in for them ever since.

I'm not down with killing things anymore, but I think the fact the guy was shooting around kids is what makes it so heinous.

CC said...

geez. that's an admirable thing that you and D did.

jin said...

phos: Actually, that's one of the reasons we figured he wasn't supposed to be there...he called them "sea gulls"!!!

D said-"What do you mean 'sea gulls'...there's no such thing. What are you shooting, the ring billed gulls or the herring gulls?"

See this is where the guy fucked up. He answered ring-billed gulls. These are protected. The herring gulls are not (these are also occasionally shot by the DNR under the bull-shit population control reasoning).

Sadly, what it ALL comes down to, is the reason there are any complaints to begin with is the fucking yacht owners bitch that gulls poop on their yachts!!! This makes me SOOO ANGRY!!! If they can afford a goddamn yacht to begin with, they can afford a 'yacht cover' or someone to wash the damn thing!!! AAARRGGhhhhhhhh!!!

cc: And we'd do it again...just like you would help out a bird (or 2)in need. ;-)

Jewels said...

I come from a long line of "Hunters-Gatherers", and I don't believe in killing for the simple pleasure or sport of it.

There's a lot of that going on these days, 'killing for population control'. If you ask me, the best population control would have been to give that guy a vasectomy...

I do have a funny gull story tho: Inland, we always see the gulls around Rotten Ronny's, and in QC, we call them "MacMouette"... McGulls.... LOL! The first time I shared that with my husband, he was looking all over for a McGull, thinking it was a different species...

Karma x 3, you watch and see...

jin said...

LOL at the gull story!

Yeah karma...that guy had such a DARK aura. (I have a hell of a time trying to see them...but feeling them comes naturally!) I felt it before any words were even did my Brioche.

vasectomy with my fingernails maybe! HA!

Gnat said...

Here in Florida we call them "Skybeggers". It is always fun to watch the couple from up north with a bag of bread that start feeding them. As the mass of birds gets larger and hits what we call "Crapital Mass" and we start to bet on which of the two people gets a little bit of liquid gold on them first. We have figured out that it is 3 to 1 that the guy/girl that is watching not throwing gets hit first.

So far the every favorite is the one that droped some liquid nasty like a USA directed smart bomb right into a guys eye. Then after dropping the bread bag got a good Hitchcock movie moment as the birds went crazy about all the spilled bird crack that was on the ground next to him.

It comedic gold.


Monte said...

Well, you know how those birds are... Gullible.

AHHHHH ha ha ha. heh. *coughs*

Anyway. despite the fact that poem wasn't meant to be liked, I applaud your use of poetry to express your anger.


jin said...

gnat: LMAO! @ your story!

The trick is, you can't be afraid! Me n D have already taken a huge bag of popcorn, thrown it in the air, & laid down on the ground with the camera. You get AWESOME shots!!! For the record, neither one of us has EVER been pooped on. Course, another trick is, after they consume all the food, you have to leave the area fast! LMAO!!!

monte: *jin is laughing madly at the 'gullible' joke* :-D

And you, you are back soon! Wow! That's not even 2 weeks, is it? Well, maybe it is...I lose track of time...this September 12th is my 21st birthday! *ahem* (unless I lost track of some time ;-) Haha!!

*jin bows* Why thank you sir! :-)

Jewels said...

Gnat, we also call them "Shit Hawks", LMAO!!!!!

Fuff said...

Awful, very nicely put too.

jin said...

jewels: Haha! Beware...they aim to please.....

fuff: Thank you.
D said, 'jinny, all that swearing!'
I said, 'I need for them to feel my anger.'
I can't write what I don't feel.
I feel like I need to make flapjacks soon! :-) (And post a pic!)

Yep, the gulls are worse than geese when it comes to poop. Advice to the Yachters - wear a hat and keep your mouth shut when you look up.

jin said...

Yeah...I actually encourage the yachters to look up open mouthed...after all...most of our yachters are FIBs!!!

Sarah Letnes said...

Despicable. I hope the authorities get him. Maybe you could report him as a danger to himself and others.

Yachters who can’t take the poop should get off the poop deck.

jin said...

sarah: A danger to others, yes. A danger to himself??? Gee, sure hope he doesn't accidentally shoot himself! HA!
(Was that too harsh?)