Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Tease 2 Please

Just a little bit 'o the food porn today my darlings.....

2 boxes of these fantabulous Apple Squares are going to a picnic...probably around the time my afternoon fans read this.....& wouldn't you just LOVE that addy? might even get it......
if you're REALLY nice to me!

Let's see..."THINGS jin NEEDS"...
painted toes,
scrubbed floors or
a vegetarian feast al fresco

Thanks in advance, I expect these by 5:00 PM.
Good Day.

21 Responses to “I Tease 2 Please”

Jewels said...

Er, I can handle the painted toes! Pink alright?

First comment, I rock!
Get some rest Jen, looks like you're having a very busy summer. Time to take care of the Cake Mistress... ;)


Cherry! said...

I don't do scrubbing floors. Sorry Jin.

Katy said...

I can do the vegetarian al fresco.

jin said...

jewels: Pink is GOOD!!! know what am most looking forward to this weekend? You'll all laugh! But I've found one of my most favourite things after an insanely busy week & none other than, a very long walk on the beach with my puppy (& D, too! lol) followed by a steaming hot cup of tea in front of my pc going over all your blogs! YAY!!!

cherry: Um...ok, then. You can blow on my toe nail polish that jewels is doing so it dries & serve me the veggie meal that katy is making!!! YAY!!!

katy: mouth is watering!!! YAY!!! ***jin is very happy right now imagining all these things.....*** :-D

Anonymous said...

I am very grateful for the advice. I am not a vegan myself, but in modern times it is very important to be able to be versatile in any culinary attempts.

I appreciate that when animal products are used that any source is reputable.

Eggs are hell to find a replacement for, no?

Happy T. Fluke said...

Need any photocopies?

Anonymous said...

To get more hours in a day is easy.

Sleep less.

It may seem hard at first, but you will eventually get used to it.

jin said...

andy: You're welcome! You know, I even offer some vegan things in the shoppe that I eat myself & they taste awesome! But, do you think they sell? Hell no! People hear "healthy" & think yucky...SO NOT the case! I encourage sampling, then...because I want to convert them! LOL
-Damn...I already sleep what?!!?
-Kenosha...that's near the Renaissance Faire, isnt it?

Mr. Fluke: Actually, I DO!!! Before Saturday; I am out of brochures & business cards! Could you please teleport me 100 of each? In return, I'll beam you some fresh bakery! What's your pleasure?

Happy T. Fluke said...

My internal dairy mean, I have a great love of cheese and all realted foodstuffs.

If you have anything along these lines, I would be greatly regenerated--I mean, satisfied.

jin said...

Hey...wait just a minute Mr. Fluke...

***jin KNOWS she recalls the exact paragraph which stated 'Happy' had passed all the robot tests***, why don't you try one of these?

***jin holds out a mini cake that looks like it's made of cheese...but really it's totally dairy AT ALL!***

I'm sure you'll just LOVE it!

***jin smiles sweetly & wonders what will happen IF Happy takes a bite.....***

Later tonight (or soon) I will be posting pics from a recent trip to Ikea including (of course) the cafeteria food - featuring lingonberry mousse cake with the neon-colored fuscia frosting. I hope it will not offend you as it is quite industrial. But for some reason I cannot resist it.

Jin, you too must have a secret shameful snack! We all have one! What is yours? Your faithful readers are inquiring!


jin said...

Ok, CP, my 2 most shameful secrets relating to food.

First off, everybody knows I'm really a health freak when it comes to eating. All organic, all vegetarian, etc. Yes, I DO eat a LOT of my own bakery but I know EXACTLY what goes in it! I always tell people: If I won't eat it, I won't sell it!

Ok, so my favourite purchased sweet is


ok....working up the courage...


*jin whispers so only cp can hear*


Heeheehee ***BLUSH***

Ok, my second (non-sweet) addiction...

I'm in Wisconsin...

it really is unavoidable...

here goes:

"Deep Fried Cheese Curds"


I don't eat fried foods normally...just those...damn, now I want some!!!

Ok, tell me what you think. Are you still going to be my friend? lol

Can't ... speak ... now.......

Must.... find ... cheese... curds....

Must eat them NOW!

In fact I've been working on a blog entry, as I promised, of my 100 favorite foods - cheese curds (in any form really, but preferably deep fried) will have to go on it.

Who originally had the idea to deep fry something that's already mostly fat? Who??? Who is this genius? I must find them and kill them and eat them deep fried....

jin said...

CP: LMAO!!! I LOVE your sense of humour!!! Esp. the part about deep frying that person...Hahaha!!!

I'm glad you agree with my yummy fried cheese & I'm thankful that you didn't tease me about the PEZ. LOL

jin said...

Too busy to think straight, for sure too busy to type

Will post something on Saturday late afternoon or evening. Three wedding deliveries & an Open House so there will be PLENTY of picture taking going on!!!

Now I need a couple hours of sleep. Don't worry, I'll make them fast ones!

Anonymous said...

Bristol is where the faire is held. Very close to where I'm at. I've never been there, It's more of a traffic problem for me than anything else.

Katy said...

Jin and CP - what are cheese curds?

Andy - I love the fair it is the best place every (my headband in my profile pic came from there) how come you never went?????

I'll have to send you my grilled squash recipe - it actually started out as veggie Lasagna filling but has morphed into a dish all its own.

Ok, I do add some Louisiana Hot links, but it tastes just fine wihtout them.

fairscape said...


Just slurped over from Seb's.Thanks for all the Chocolate.Urp. Too bad you can't do something secret and fun to the graduation cakes like writing the kid's nickname in lemon juice that would only show up if heated or something. Aren't you worried that if you put up all this foodie porn some one will have a foodgasm right here in the comments?

jin said...

andy: Mmm...I've seen the traffic there. I can imagine. I certainly wouldn't want to drive through it if I wasn't going to it!

katy: LOL. YUMMY!!! :-P
click here for a pic & story:

phos: Oh...sounds REALLY good! Do send! Do send!! :-)

fairscape:LOL! Glad you enjoyed the chocolate!

This is just 'foodplay'...the 'foodgasm' usually happens if you get to my shoppe in person!