Monday, June 26, 2006

Class & Crass

You get two complete opposites today. The first is full of class where the second borders on crass. (Notice I said borders on...that's because I made, of course, it CANNOT BE completely crass. HA!)

First up...a shimmering beautiful elegant creation, that I can only vaguely recall making! How odd is that?!!? I can't remember the bride or the groom or the flavours. I can see from the background where it was delivered to, from the dated photo it was over a year ago.....quite unusual indeed. But I LIKE it! Do you?

Seems like the entire cake was brushed with pearl dust for the shimmery look.
Something rattling around in the back of my brain is telling me
I was given a pattern to copy on the borders...maybe her dress design?

Ok. I NEVER do fountains. (I HATE fountains!) Except this once...& that's ONLY because the woman that ordered the cake already owned the fountain. I think they are tacky & overused (like stairways & little wedding attendee stauettes :-P), certainly NOT to be confused with kitsch or retro. Kitsch is cool & retro is fab, fountains are dead! It really hurt me to put this whole photo up as I find I rather ENJOY the look of the bottom tier. I was going to crop everything out but the bottom tier when D said, 'jinny, you can't crop everything out! It's a very interesting subject & your blogfans should be able to view it as such." So, here it is, in all it's fountainous gory (pun intended!):

So.....let it rip.....opinions welcome.....(unless I don't like what you say! ;-)

16 Responses to “Class & Crass”

Jewels said...

Oh, hey: FIRST COMMENT!!!!!

*ahem* I Rock! ;)

K. Love the first one, especially the brushed pearl finish.

The second one, I'm guessing either Italian wedding, or, er, trailer trash chic (Come on, fess up! This WAS Brittney Spears' cake wasn't it?.....)

I'm amazed by all your cakes - I can't possibly pick a favorite. I think of you every time I pass a bakery window and often think "I should take a picture of that for Jin." Of course I don't usually have a digital camera on me.

The other night I was exploring a new neighborhood in Brooklyn (new to me at least) and I ran across three different old Italian bakeries within two blocks. Of course I had to stop & buy apple turnovers for dessert for George & me. Unfortunately one of the turnovers didn't even make it back to the car, so I had to return and sheepishly request another so that I wouldn't get in trouble.....

Oh and they were delicious....

Real said...

I think your work is magnificant as always. I don't know about the fountain thing either, but being on one of your creations makes the fountain better.

fairscape said...


Some cakes will be over the top, others under the bottom, no matter how they look I bet they are all delish. How about a nice healthy soy cake for PK?

Cherry! said...

Re the second one:As my friend's father would say when he doesn't like something 'That's different'

Re the first one: I'm really loving that one. And I'm sure you know why: Simple and elegant, like us!

Cherry! said...

oh yeah and I like that stuff you dusted it with.

Katy said...

I'd have to say number 1. Number two would only work if the fountain had chocolate in it *mhh choclate fondue maybe*

Gotta go and find me some yummy dark chocolate.

Happy T. Fluke said...

Nice work!

I just installed a Slurpee™ fountain in the Fakiegrind World Headquarters lobby, just beside the 20-foot statue of the Fluke, made out of coloured lard.

I'm a legend in my own clime!

I bought that damn fountian and you'll damn well use it. How many times did they think their daughter was goign to need that deco?

Hope the white cake isn't still there or it would be a bit on the stale side. Too bad you couldn't remember the bride, but that might be a good indication that she wasn't a total farm animal.

Gnat said...

I will from now on agree with you that fountains are dead. Sans one exception and that being that if I encounter a fountain that spills Crown Royal like a Willy Wonka masterpiece so that I can refill my drink at will. Well, I will respectfully crown it the best fountain in the land and heap apon it much praise and love.


jin said...

jewels: Hey, you rock!!! :-)
Hahaha!!! Would you believe it actually was a birthday celebration??? Oh...I've some longgg stories behind this particular customer that you WOULD NOT believe! I'm kind of holding back...maybe one of these days.

CP: LMAO!!! That's SO funny you ate it before you got to the car!!! You are not the only one...our customers frequently come back in twice on the same day!
Just promise someday you'll go into a place like that cupcake bakery...or maybe La Maison du Chocolat & take pics of what you eat....or even the counters....yum....I like food porn tooooo!!! :-)

real: AW! I like how you think!!! :-D

fairscape: Thank you! MMmmm...I COULD work out something for phos....heeheeheee!!! I bet if he actually took a bite he wouldn't EVEN know if it was soy! ;-)

cherry: Hahaha!!! "That's different'...I LOVE that!!!
We are, aren't we!!! ;-)

katy: Yeah...they do actually have the chocolate fountains. They're big here too, for weddings & parties. I REFUSE to buy one know people SPIT in them!??! YUCK!!! Some hicks around here, too...they stick their fingers in after they've had them goddess knows where!??!

Mr. Fluke: Hmmm...I can't say that I've ever had a lard...yuck! LOL! I could do a staue of you out of chocolate! If you want people to like you more & trust how you mean RUN fakiegrind, then you really should have chocolate to pass out...maybe even fake 'white chocolate' ninjas with a real one thrown in here n there, just in case! ;-)

phos: Haha! Stale it would be! It is weird though, I remember almost EVERYTHING about the wedding cakes! It'll bother me until I look it up in my records...too bad I'm a really shitty record keeper!!! :-P

gnat: I think that would cost you twice what your entire wedding is already. Heeheehee!!! ;-) (Interesting concept, though! LOL!)

Anonymous said...

I think your hubris is cake!

I kid. I'm impressed by your gumption to give a cake you didn't like from the get-go your full attention.

Of course the previously mentioned plastic Sponge-Bob would have transformed a borderline crass project into possibly your greatest creation!

jin said...

andy: Probably 8 out of every 10 cakes I make I don't 'like', ie not my taste.

I decided long ago, upon seeing a bride cry in my shoppe because she said the florist ruined her cake, that I'd always try my best to make the cake exactly how the bride wants it to be. It's HER day after all.

(Evidently, the florist decided the cake should look very different than the bride wanted it to look...this particular florist happens to do that A LOT! I try to avoid working with that bitch .. er...I mean her, teehee, at ALL costs!)

Re: the 'Spongebob' I did, it'd have to be for an AWFUL LOT of $$$. Plus I'd NEVER admit to it!!! HAhahaha!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very noble of you.

Sugarfoot said...

My mother, where the art gene comes from in our family, is also an artist in cakes.

You know that no one cooks like your own mother but I have to say that you definately have a genuine gift.

Your husband is either the strongest and most disiplined man, has no taste buds or has to be nearly as large as I.

Your work is magnificent!

jin said...

sugarfoot: *blushes* Why thank you! :-) husband is thin as a rail, but certainly NOT for lack of eating!!! He has one of those metabolisms that burns everything off faster than he can eat it! It's a good thing I found him, too, 'cuz I like to shove lots of sweets at him & say, 'here, try this. what do you think? Now try this...& this, and this, too...'