Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sweetened Condensed

These are proof

that you don't
a huge expensive wedding
to have

A nice

for a petite
2 or 3 tier

So, do tell: how big or small was YOUR wedding?
If it hasn't transpired yet: what is your 'dream wedding' like?
Laws don't allow your vows yet (they WILL!): any 'unique' plans?

14 Responses to “Sweetened Condensed”

Cherry! said...

I don't know what mine will look like, but I def know it won't be one of those revolting fruit cake things. That stuff makes me hurl. Every bite with with a piece of fruit in it....Yuck!

Anyway, that's if EVER get married! hahaha

Cherry! said...

And I'm happy to announce first comment. *crowd cheers*.

That's the first time in ages. Happy days!

Real said...

Well I am not overly particular about the details of any potential wedding in my future, as long as the service is performed by an Elvis Impersanater. I know, I know, I would really like to get the real Elvis, but lets be practical for a second. Do you know how hard he is to book, almost impossible.

In case anyone was wondering, that was me being humorous.

fairscape said...


We made all our wedding plans in one week after my divorce papers arrived. We wanted a giant carrot cake but they only made them on thursday and our wedding was on a wednesday ( it was the spring equinox ) so we wound up with a giant strawberry short cake which was totally yumm. Now since we got hitched so late in life we have cake once a month on the 20th which is today hooray Happy 51st to us ( 51 months that is) Thanks for asking.

Gnat said...

Well seeing as mine is in Sept of this year I guess I know what it is going to be like. My dream wedding would never happen because women and men don't have the same views about what a wedding should be.

My dream:

Fly out to some island, just us, then tie the knot on a beach drinking crown and cokes without a worry in the world. Nothing to do but rest, drink, eat, and think about the future. Come back home, have a big party with all our friends and call it a reception. That is my idea of a perfect wedding.

What I am getting is 150+ people in my back yard, a new porch, a new purgala(spelling?), new plants, new dresses, new couch, new..new..new...have to impress...new new new...more stuff...more stress...POP! as my head asplodes.

I love her, it is worth it...but not my dream wedding. Women are strange to put that much pressure on themselves for something they think they want. When if they where just honest they would go for the relaxing approach...just my views I have been known to be wrong.


That's such a hard question. I guess my dream wedding would involve lots & lots of people to handle absolutely everything so that I could just hang out and enjoy it all. Plenty of great food, drink & music. I think most people are exhausted by the time their weddings are over and they don't really enjoy it because it's all been so much work.

As for cakes, anything I've seen on your blog would more than suffice!

Lesley said...

Hmmmm... that's an interesting question. Not that I think about these things...

I don't want a lot of people. 100 is plenty, less would be better. I've been to weddings with 200+ people and I find it overwhelming.

I never thought too much about the ceremony. I know of a couple verses I'd want to include, in particular one from the OT that makes me blush.

As for the reception, what I'd really love is to have a whole bunch of tapas, appetizers and other such fare, and many many fabulous desserts. Many. And a fabulous wedding cake made by my favorite pastry chef blog friend. Some good music, lots of dancing, and a lot of fun and frivolity too. I'm sure there will be a roving bagpiper or two stopping by at some point (my family is like that).

But really, I'm not picky. ;)

jin said...

cherry: Congrats on first comment!
LOL, the fruitcake things are traditional in England, NOT here. They do those in Australia too, right? What about Italy, do they even do the tiered cakes or is it more of a dessert buffet?

real: I could always dress like an Elvis impersonator.
(In case anyone was wondering, that was me being humorous! LMAO!!! ;-)

fairscape: That is by far the COOLEST wedding story I have EVER heard!!!!!
Excellent that you got married on the equinox!
Excellent that you had strawberry shortcake! YUM!
Most excellent that you celebrate once a month!!! :-D
Thank YOU for sharing! :-D

gnat: LMAO! Actually, your dream wedding is what A LOT more couples are doing now. Very recently I can't tell you how many brides have ordered the cake just before they fly off for the nuptials, as the reception will be after they fly back.
But that doesn't mean I don't want you to post LOTS of your wedding pics!!! I want to see that garden, your sweeties dress, & YOU BETTER SHOW ME PICS OF THAT CAKE!!!

CP: LOL! I like that idea! Like that guy on 'Father of the Bride'...the wedding planner...someone to spend LOTS of your $$$!
Thanks for the compliment, too! :-)

lesley: That sounds PERFECT! :-) One of my last great meals (in memory) before I went veggie was at a tapas bar in Chicago...with my brother & my best friend & my nephews (also ex sister in law # 2 but we'll just delete her from the memory modules).

My cake was a different flavor on each tier. One was carrot cake, one was chocolate cake with chocolate filling and another was white cake with raspberry filling. The outside was white and decorated with edible flowers. I guess I wanted a cake that would have something for everyone.
However...I so love your beautiful cakes. They really are so precious. Any couple would be thrilled to cut into one of those beauties!

jin said...

evi: MMmmm...yours sounds really GOOD!!! Great variety in flavours! Personally, I love edible flowers, too!

Top Cake - where's the dude's other hand?? Looks like they are getting the honeymoon off to an early start.

Enough with the precious moments already...

jin said...

Hahaha phos! I posted that lovely cake top just for YOU! Too bad, had I know you were going to be nice & post a vegetarian recipe for me I would have left it out. I'll try to make up for it tonight! :-)

I think yellow is another color that should be avoided in frosting. Too much like the Yellow Snow Mr. Zappa warned us all about.

jin said...

Now, phos, you know I'm gonna tell you that last cake isn't yellow...it's the lights! HA!