Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hot & Sweet

No, dear blog fans, I'm not speaking of myself,
rather a few great desserts to consume
when the temperature is above 70 degrees.....

"Cappuccino Brownies"
These are a moist fudgy brownie made with freshly brewed espresso, cinnamon & Belgian chocolate coins (white & dark) folded into the batter. Topped with our whippy cream cheese frosting & a dusting of cinnamon. I really LOVE them!!!

(See, I didn't want to bore you with the details of my weekend. This time of the year it's one of two things: wedding cakes (YAY!) or graduation cakes (yawn.). The past few days were only graduation cakes. You've seen one, you've seen them all. Boring. Large sheet cakes with a cap & flowers in school colours.) :-P

"Fresh Fruit Tart"
I make a real butter shortbread crust & fill it with frangipane (a dense baked almond sponge). It is covered with the freshest of fruits, organic when possible, glazed with jam & comes with a creme anglaise for serving. I really really love these!!!

"Awesome Muffins"
That's what I call them, because that's what they are! I shouldn't tell you this, because it turns some people off, but they are actually very healthy! Made with: Quinoa flakes (a super protein), bran (cleans the pipes;-), carrots (beta carotene galore!), turbinado sugar (unlike white sugar it retains it's nutrients), walnuts (cavity fighter), dried figs (calcium & Vit A), zucchini (full of disease-fighting Vit C), organic house-made applesauce (phytonutrient rich), organic flour, a bit of canola oil & a few eggs to bind it all together! Topped with Swiss Pearl Sugar.

"Roxanne's Oatmeal Cookies"
A favourite customer of ours gave us this wonderful idea. We used to think our oatmeal cookies were the best, until she suggested we replace the raisins with dried blueberries & cherries. We also added more than a hint of Ceylon cinnamon. WOW!!! I really really like these, too!!!

"Audrey's Pie"
My Mom makes the best! She has truly perfected the all butter crust. The fillings pictured here are Cherry & Peach. But her most awesome is the Apple Crumble Pie. Served with vanilla Haagen Dazs, of course! ;-)

I sincerely hope this makes everyone's Monday. I know how dreadful Monday mornings can be. That's why I work until about 3:00AM on Sunday, then come in after 12:01PM on Monday, so I can entirely avoid the WHOLE morning!!! How COOL is that?!!?

So which dessert do you want me to deliver for your afternoon snack? ;-)

20 Responses to “Hot & Sweet”

Katy said...

Fruit tart would be mine choice.I love those especially in the summer.

jin said...

Hey, katy, you got FIRST COMMENT tonight!!!

I've been checking your blog, no post yet?!!? You must have had a GOOD weekend!!! LOL

Real said...

Are you saying I can not have all of them.


How am I supposed to chose, when you bring all the amazing food porn?

jin said...

Well, real, how about I bring ALL of them to share between all the commenters? Sound good?

Real said...

I don't want to share.
I will for a few special people though.

jin said...

LMAO real!!! I don't like to share much, either. Sometimes. You're right, it depends who!!!

Lesley said...

Real, i hope you will share with me. Because they all look too good just to pick one.


Katy said...

no the weekend was not exciting at all just exhausting. I just posted the discribtion.

I made some cappuccino brownies last night! Seems three Cappuccinos is all ol' Phos can handle before having to run to the bathroom. Coffee is kind of like corn, comes out in pretty much the same state it went in...

The Lone Beader said...

Thos fruit pies look so delicious:)

Gnat said...

brownies...and a glass of ice cold 2%.


WHICH dessert do I want? I'm like the fat guy who goes into the restaurant, opens a menu, hands it back to the waitress and says "that would be fine!"


jin said...

lesley: I have a feeling that real may, in fact, share woth you lesley. You & only you. ;-)

katy: Oh, sorry to hear that! I'll be over to read about it soon.

phos: HAHAHAHA!!! You sure do tell it like it is!!! (Gee, at your age I sure hope you made it in time!) Heeheehee!!! ;-)

beader: Why thank you! Good to see you back again! :-)

gnat: You're on a diet, so you can only have one...which will it be: the brownie or the milk?! (If you need advice, I'd personally choose the brownie, then when no one was looking I'd sneak a second one!) ;-)

cp: Hahaha!!! But, you're not fat, your big-boned & muscular! ;-)
Seriously though, I've seen pics, you've nothing to worry about now, but you probably should not live next door to my shoppe...that might prove to be bad for your health!

Just in case any of my blog fans is interested...the house just next door to my shoppe is for rent!!! Please, somebody nice, come & live there...I'll give you LOTS of free pastry? (The last tenants were, how shall I put it...pricks! I would compare them to the cast of "Trailer Park Boys" except that they were NOT funny at all!!!)

Lesley said...

Wow! Right next door?

Maybe I should move back to the upper midwest... :)

jin said...

lesley, it would be a very nice starter home for two newley-internet-mates! ;-)

Lesley said...


I'll, uh, keep that in mind. In case I know any internet-mates...


Right, all I need being grossly overweight is to move next to your cake shop. Are you trying to kill me?

How could anyone be a dick living next to a patisserie with all those heavenly smells??

jin said...

lesley: Keep it in your mind...let it gnaw away at your thoughts...I'd like you for a neighbor, for real!!! ;-)

phos: Hahaha!!! I'd make you'd have to WORK for your sweets, phos!!! LOL

The people that were there were total poor white trash...except they had limitless amounts of $$$ for alcohol & cigarettes. They actually dumped several bags of trash in our yard, like we wouldn't notice!!! Luckily the cops found evidence inside the bags that it was theirs...letter with an address on I suppose....Evil people...really...sure you don't want to move back to Wisconsin?

Polyman2 said...

Tried leaving a comment
the other day,
but my computer at work
wouldn't let me...
But I sure would like
one of those cappachino brownies
I think I would have a

jin said...

Oh, Poly dear...I really shouldn't tell you this...but I am merrily chomping away at one of those right now, in my left hand, while I type with my's sooooo good! ;-)