Friday, June 09, 2006

jins gems

I can't even begin to tell you all how busy I am this week. Multiply that times 2 & you have next week. Fan the flames or put out the fire this pastry shoppe is damn hot! So, just to keep you all satisfied for the moment I thought I'd share a few of my absolute faves!

Why do I adore them so, you ask?
I think it's a combo of the item itself & the angle of the photos.

Oh, hell! Does it matter?
It's FoodPorn!
You know you want to lick, er...I mean LOOK!

Peruse & enjoy blogfans.
Just promise you won't go & eat something horrid like a Twinkie afterwards! BLEHCKKK!!!

I spit on Twinkies.

(That's me spitting on them above.)

You know what they say..."Only 2 things will survive a nuclear blast: cockroaches & Twinkies."

10 Responses to “jins gems”

Katy said...

Believe it or not I have never tastes a twinkie or any or the other things in the same group.

I did just eat a baguette (well parts of one) with Nutella yummy

Oh and *first comment*

Real said...

Well after you spit on it I am not going to eat that twinkie. So, back to licking the monitor I go.

Lesley said...

As usual, the food porn does NOT disappoint! I think the last and next-to-last cakes are particularly exquisite!

I never had a Twinkie until I was in college. My mom wouldn't buy them because she said they were garbage, and I believed her. Then my college roomie got a care package from home and she was crazy excited about the Twinkies her mom had sent, so I tried one. Blech! People eat those things?

Turns out my mom was quite right about the Twinkies. They are garbage!

jin said...

katy MMMmmm Nutella!!! :-P YUM!!! :-D

real: I want a pic of that! :-)

lesley: YAY! Good for you & lesleymom! :-)

I have got to stop checking in on your blog on an empty stomach!!

jin said...

curious: You're right! You have to come into my shoppe when you have the empty stomach!!! Hahaha!!! ;-)

Great, more Hostess product bashing. When the big calamity comes (and according the the Discovery channel that could be any day now) all the food will be gone - except for twinkies and the prepackeged ilk. Tough to spit on a twinkie when it is all you have left!!

jin said...

LOL phos! I'd eat plain lawn grass before a Twinkie! EW!

Glad to see you are back with your trademark sarcastic wit!!! YAY!

Cherry! said...

I wouldn't mind a lick right now.......*sigh*

jin said...'ll find a true mr. wonderful one day. I know it! :-)