Friday, June 02, 2006

Coconut Bliss

MMmmmm.....This one was ALL for moi!
Well, David, too.
Oh, yeah...& Jewels.
Also 2 of my FAVE customers.

This was a Coconut Cheesecake with a Belgian Chocolate Glaze, made for the three couples I know whose Anniversaries fall today & tomorrow. I want you to know--Jewels, fishing guy, Mark & Roxanne, that David & I thoroughly enjoyed every single delectable bite we took!!! We each had a huge piece tonight & we'll each have a huge piece tomorrow & the next day, until it is GONE!!! I sincerely hope that the four of you got as much pleasure out of this creamy cheesecake as we did!!!

So, am I the quintessential tease & the food porn goddess, or what!??!

20 Responses to “Coconut Bliss”

Never baked a cake for my jewels.

I would like the coconut cake, but it'd go over like a fart in church around these parts - Mommy No Fun hates coconut.

Katy said...

mhh not a big fan of coconut but I could alsways eat the icing.

Jewels said...

LMAO at Phos' "Fart in Church" comment.... long story (but makes me chuckle every time I think about it... LOL)
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coconut. Oh, and cheesecake? You're my kinda girl Jin!

Thank you so much for including us in your celebration. Guess what I'm getting for our anniversary? ;) If you read my blog, you'll know the answer to that! LMAO!!!!
Congratulations to the other two celebrators as well. How exciting!

Thanks. Oh, and I don't mind that you and David will be the ones ingesting the extra calories.;) I've done quite enough of that lately... It's ice cream season, dontha know?! LOL!

Gnat said...

You are the Atkins Anti-christ.


jin said...

phos: *AHEM* jewels the person...very funny though, I didn't think about it that way until you brought that option to light!
I know what you mean about coconut. I probably only have about 30 customers that like it. More for me!!!

katy: Not to worry, I ALWAYS have more than one thing to offer!!! :-)

jewels: Oh, I gladly ate another piece for breakfast today. That one was just for you! ;-)
Hmmm...could it be....BEADS??? LOL
(You'll have to post your "fart in church" story sometime...we can always use a good laugh!)

gnat: YAY!!! Does that me I'm kinda in Marilyn Manson's possee? Or are we talking more down the lines of Damian Thorn?

Overseer Q said...

Hey, this is a nice site!

Maybe I'll order a cake for next week's staff metting.


jin said...

q: q u
or are u q
what is true?

BTW, is your head carved out of chocolate, or what?!!?

So, is the infamous stunt double gone now, too?

I'll give you the cake for free if you disclose the 'top secret' location of fakieHQ.


Real said...

Yes you are most definanlty both a tease and FPG, in fact I think those two go hand in hand.

jin said...

Why thank you a real lot!!!

Polyman2 said...

Do you ship Fed Ex?
I need chocolate cake!

jin said...

Hey poly! Dare I say it? Are you really back?! YIPPEE!! :-)

I think I should consider the purchase of a company jet so I can start delivering to all my blog fans personally! ;-) Know anyone who'd care to invest in a 'lil ole sweet shoppe?!

Okay,I have a question. When making a chocolate chip cookie is it a bad idea to substitute whole wheat flour for white flour?

I would love to eat at slice of that anniversary cake...after I eat a slice of your german chocolate cake and hundred other goodies you've shared with us!

jin said...

evi: Not a bad idea at all! Go for it! You may need a different amount than the recipe calls for, though. Depends on what *type* of whole wheat flour you use. You may need a bit more or a bit less. Just make sure your dough isn't sticky or you'll endup with flat cookies!

All our cookies are made with an organic bread flour. I will not use that bleached & bromated crap! If you're looking for healthier yet tasty, see if you can find an organic bread or all-purpose flour, then mix it half n half with the whole wheat.

Let me know how they tun out!

JD said...

congrats on the anniversary and thank you for the funny comment on Cherry's blog. ;)

Happy Anniversary! I love how you included other people in the congratulatory message on the cake, even though they couldn't share it with you. Great idea!

I really am a food porn addict. I've discovered that pictures of food will usually hook me and keep me coming back, as with my latest cyberstalking victim.


Happy Anniversary all. I am working on my 30 Year medal. They give you less than that for murder in Ohio...

Christ, three blogs?? It has to be all the sugar in that frosting! And I thought Seb never slept...

jin said...

jd:Thank you & your welcome. I do need to check out your blog again one day. Last time I was a bit too surprised to leave a was on a Wednesday. lol

cp: Thanks & I can't wait to hear about your next victim. *sigh* cyberstalking like it used to be.....

phos: WOW 30! You do deserve a mean congrats! lol
Yeah, 3 blogs now...I guess I'm a tad obsessive compulsive at times! Plus, I'll sleep plenty when I'm need to waste time on that now! ;-)

Anne said...

Hi there..first time here. I saw you at Tiff's.

Wow..that cake looks amazing..and it sounds even better. That could definitely be called food porn. It might be getting me excited. :)

jin said...

LOL anne!!! Welcome, glad you could visit & DO stop by again! :-)