Thursday, April 20, 2006

Classical or Contemporary?

#1 Classical or Contemporary?

#2 Classical or Contemporary?

#3 Classical or Contemporary?

15 Responses to “Classical or Contemporary?”

Cherry! said...

Okay...Is this a quiz? I'm not sure and fear I may make a fool of myself! hahaha!

But I would say the first two are classical and the last one is contemporary....

The third one is my fave of the three. Simple yet sophisticated (a bit like me....hahaha).

I don't know enough about wedding cakes to answer the quiz, but I can tell you that I LOVE checking your blog to see pics of the cakes & other goodies. If I were getting married anywhere in your radius, I would definitely use your services! :)

Thanks for the awesome compliment on my latest blog entry! We have too much information about you for you to qualify as a cyberstalker (the creepy kind) although you have proven yourself to be a great cyberdectective!

kiki said...

i'd say




Tiffanie said...

The first two are contemporary, last one is classical. That is my guess.

Gnat said...

Well here is my guess as worthless as it is going to sound.

I think the first one is classical. Now I say this to go against the grain. Because after seeing the other 2 it looks different and stange which would lead me to believe Contemp. But back in the good old days I bet it was kind of hard to put together a multilayer cake.

I think #2 is the Contemp one, it is just looks like a lot of work. Also the pedafor (spelling?) looking type icing can't be the simplest thing to pull off in a multilayer cake.

#3. Looks like the new old. Then again I am simple like that.

As for the name it came from something I always said to people when they asked about my Big Truck I use to move equipment and such around. "I have a big truck to compensate for being Hung like a Gnat". The name stuck.


Gnat said...

Oh and thanks for the complements on the Glass. I have a bunch of new pictures going up on Friday of the stuff I worked on last night.


I think they are all classic...

Polyman2 said...

1st 2 classic, 3rd contemp.
I know my cake,
I think.

Cherry! said...

Great. Everyone seems to think the opposite of me. I'm a cake retard.... I hate being wrong. Maybe next time I should look up the actual meaning of the words in the dictionary.

jin said...

cherry: I agree, you must be simple yet keep coming back here, after all!
I think the dessert you had the other day was Zabaione, from the way you described it.
LMAO @ your cake retard comment!!! I think it would have helped if you could taste each one, am I right?

CP: Thank you! I think you would be an awesome client to have...maybe I need to open a second location! :-) *jin is pleased with herself...she's a good cyberdetective! yay!*

kiki: Now I've got you thinking...tic toc tic toc...or maybe you are just bored at work? :-)

tiffanie: Good interpretation! The answer is...sorry, you have to wait until the end...;-)

gnat: Wow! I like how you think! Mr. analytical. *thunms up*
Really LMAO at you nickname now!!! Too bad, those are the kind that stick with you!

bougie: Nice surprise! I am honoured by your presence!
I will never forget the way you told that cat story...visually disturbing (just the way I like them! *blush* the story I mean, not the cats, lol:-)
I hope you visit again!

Poly: Yes, I believe you do know your stuff! Am glad to see you get to steal a few minutes here & there to keep track of all of us! That's why you have to hang in there...your 'harem' adores you! ;-) lol

jin said...

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for...

I'm not sure if you'll be relieved or irate, but...

There is no right or wrong answer.

It's all up to your individual interpretation.

I was sort of curious what you would all say. I look at/make so many cakes that I find myself not even knowing anymore if I would classify them as classcal or contemporary.

I tend to have my own two categories for wedding cakes:
1) Yes! I can't wait to make that one, how cool/fun/beautiful!
2) Yuck! I can't believe I told them I'd make one that looks like that!

Well, what can I day at a time, & while I'm patiently awaiting tomorrow there's always blogger...

kiki said...

so that means i'm right?


i can deal with that

jin said...

Yes, kiki, you're right, as always.

Real said...

They all have their ups and downs, personally I like one a lot, but 3 seems really romantic to me, I think it is the topper.

jin said...

real: Yeah, something about that 3rd one...just a small simple cake...(*jin cringes* that was delivered to a *gulp* gun club :-P ) but it is really nice. I love that photo, too. :-)