Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It all depends on how you look at things/people. Do you see the whole picture or just zoom in on one particular eccentricity? Do you stare with clarity or rose coloured shades? Are you guilty of premature judging? I was reading one of my favourite blogs the other day when the author mentioned a book I read a long time ago: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. A great read, yet so incredibly sad. After he became what he was destined to, no one wanted anything to do with him. It wasn't his fault. It wasn't even that horrible, in my opinion. He simply changed. (Now I've got you wondering what in the hell this has to do with pastry & blogging. In time, dear readers, in time.)

Example: One aspect of

the bigger picture.

I think the blogging community is one of the coolest things I've stumbled upon in a long time. I am amongst some truly incredible writers, philosophers, story-tellers & photographers. But the best part of it? The acceptance; feeling like you belong. There seems to always be someone there when you need a cheery comment, some heart-felt advice or just knowing that there are real people out there, going through life, one day at a time. I feel tremendously privileged to be a part of this great cyber-world where opinions matter, new friends abound, everything is free & justice prevails. You are all fucking awesome! (Oh yeah, almost forgot, you can swear if you want to without being censored!) ;-)

How does blogging make you feel?
More importantly, what do you think that cake is supposed to be?
(Told you I'd work pastry in here somewhere! lol)

13 Responses to “Metamorphosis”

kiki said...

it's one of those magic-mops that gets dust from the most hard to reach places???

when you say 'fakiegrind' is one of your favourite blogs, is it not your favourite because mine is??

haha, and you haven't even commented on my latest one *sigh with sad face and tears beginning to form*
you said it yourself, i'm a real person too, i have feelings, i need blogger lovin'!!

jin said...

Good guess! I'll reveal the answer tonight!

Do you know what my favourite posts of yours are?
1) sex & food
2) why are most christians so un-christian???
3) the office bandit
4) De-Brief. Snr Detective Keith Berry
(Remember these? Back when you started blogging... absolutely brilliant & hilarious!)
Methinks you're currently under some peer pressure...recent posts seem to be concentrated on partying.)

kiki said...

yeah i know

my creative juices haven't been flowing, until now, the current post is up there in my opinion

but yes, the office bandit and de-brief (true-story) are quite good

i'm semi-becoming like Sam's blog, which is bad. have to stay true!

Real said...

Sorry kiki, I have her most favorite blog (must control ego).
You know I know what you mean. The blue cake, no clue, but it looks tasty.

Thanks :)

Cherry! said...

I love blogging for the same reasons you posetd. I love reading about other people's lives. I think it's called being a nosey bitch.... hahaha.

As for the blue cake: I have no idea. I was going to say the back part of a swan. There aren't blue swans though so I don't think it's even close! hahaha.

Tiffanie said...

I think it kinda looks like the part of a peacock.

I think blogging is really alot more than I originally thought it would be. I have felt supported and cared for by these people. I even have faces in my mind of what you people look like and have named you my friends.

Gnat said...

I had a pavlovian reaction, and lunch is like still 3 hours away.
Your work actually made my mouth water just looking at the pictures.

*shakes his balled up chuby little fists at you*

--I digress, blogging is a way to post the pictures of my *cough* art for people that know I work in the glass shop every wed. night to get a look at before I sell it. It is a way to disseminate my current work among my friends.

Plus I am a wicked dark sence of humor that goes over better online. In life I just sound what my soon to be wife called it...."Mean spirited" what ever the hell that means.


gnightgirl said...

The blue cake: it's Grover, from Sesame street.

kiki said...

ggirl - good call!

jin, i will try and make more interesting / witty posts for you. i have a question, do you know who inspector Rex is?

jin said...

kiki: Yeah, I looked at some of your friends blogs...don't go there, lol.
I do not know who inspector Rex is, sorry, but I look forward to your new posts.
A question, kiki...you didn't go & put a nasty comment on fakiegrind, did you? I noticed a deleted comment today & those seem to follow you around...BE nice, jealousy doesn't become you.

real: Yes, you also have one of my favourite blogs, & one day when I edit my side bar, I am going to add more to my favourites list.

cherry: LOL ... I try not to think of it that way ... curious, not nosy ... & bitch? Well, we have to be sometimes, it's a Virgo thing!

tiffanie: I totally agree. I even remember thinking to myself in the beginning that blogging was a waste of time *GASP!* was I ever wrong! (In a good way:-)

gnat: Thanks for the compliments & now some for you: your glass is awesome!!! I took a peek last night...the purple one! Exquisite!!!
Your dark humor - LMAO at your comment to Dabbler. Brilliant! Hope to see you back here again!

gnightgirl: Good guess...but not quite. Love your new pic! Glad to see you dropped by again. I got a kick out of your chinese crispy snack story! :-)

kiki said...

no i didn't comment fakiegrind, i couldn't read his whole post, it was too dull for my short attention span

ie. good for you for keeping me interested!

Real said...

Oh, shucks, you are so nice to us.

I know the blue cake is a delicous womans easter hat.

Lesley said...

Yes, I'm late to the party because here it is 5/11/06 and I'm commenting on your blog from 4/17/06...


I just wanted to tell you that I really like what you said here about the blogging community. A lot of it resonated with me. I think it's fascinating to watch how bloggers form community. And I also feel priviledged to be part of it.