Thursday, April 27, 2006

even the most finicky of eaters

"A lemon zested shortbread,"
is exactly what jin said,
"Have a nosh,
they're really posh,

the jasmine tea glaze

will delight & amaze

even the most finicky of eaters."

Whippy cream cheese frosting

With cloves for extra zing.
Our molasses are the best
we put to shame all the rest.

The softest, spiciest dough
leaves your face all a-glow

even the most finicky of eaters.

Chunks & chips of cho-co-lat

satisfy the proletariat.

Pecans, walnuts, almonds too

made from scratch just for you!

Not much dough to bind this one

all do say they're second to none

even the most finicky of eaters.

These cookies are made with butter not lard.
They are light & crispy, not ever hard.
Pure almond flavour builds your desire,

creates a Chinese Almond Cookie Mire.

The shiny egg wash that we brush on top

will make you keep eating & not ever stop.

Even the most finicky of eaters.

What's your favourite cookie?

22 Responses to “even the most finicky of eaters”

Cherry! said...

I now have my food porn fix for the day.

My fave is the Chocolate Chunks one. The combination of chocolate and various nuts would be pretty tough to top.

The almond ones would come in at secon place.

kiki said...

"whats your favourite cookie?"

hash cookie

kiki said...

p.s. has my blog returned to your liking?

flatlander said...

I have to say that chocolate chunks
could distract from prayer a room of monks.
Add some nuts and then your treat
Could not escape my will to eat!

Tiffanie said...


Sorabh Raina said...

can i have all of them

A Girl You Know said...

yuuuummmm - i would probably love them all. but mostly the lemon and molasses ones...

Lesley said...

Those mollases cookies look mighty good, especially that cream cheese frosting. Food porn indeed!


Katy said...

Mhh Lemon Zest short bread or Chocolate Chip? I guess I would have to sample both to be sure. Can you mail me a sample? Hey Jin I am in our local newspaper the link to it is on my blog. (now you have to go over to see :-)

Gnat said...


Your like the devil with a baking pan. A wicked food temptress! A Bakubus!


A Girl You Know said...

do you mail out orders of cookies?? cause i'm pretty sure that you would have a ton of orders from your blog (me included).


Be tough to pick one, they all look good. Liked the gingerbread they made in Germany.

Nice to meet a fellow Wisconsinite.

jin said...

cherry: How did I know you were going to pick those two?!
Now I have to pop over to your site for my non-food porn fix of the day! LOL

kiki: Hash totally defeats the purpose of having an awesome cookie to begin with ... after a single bite of my cookies, one experiences an extreme euphoria that takes you to much greater heights than any drug...

flatlander!!! I was sooo worried about you! I was sure the 'dudes' confiscated your mac...I think they were just jealous that your tim horton's post was the highlight of your blogging career! Why not send Robo-Elk after them?

Thank you, tiffanie!!! :-D

sorabh: Hey, that's what I like to hear! Welcome & I hope you visit again. I bet trying to save the world makes you awfully hungry...cookies are good for that!! :-)

a girl: You should smell the jasmine glaze while it's steeping...& the molasses while they're baking!! ;-)
YES! We ship...cookies are one of the best shippers, also. If you go to on the front page you can view/download a copy of our brochure.
As soon as I get a chance I will finish the "UYphotoblog" which will have all pics, descriptions, prices & shippability.

lesley: Why thank you! Good to see you're up bright & early today!

katy: First thing I'll do if I win the lotto is send all my blogbuddies free cookies!! (So cross your fingers for me?!)
I will go over tonight to see that news article!!

gnat: *jin looks around innocently* Who, little old me?
Can I rename my blog "A wicked food Temptress"??? I LOVE IT!!!! :-D

phosgene: Welcome!!Pleased to meet you, too!
I have already run across a hilarious comment you made on gnats blog...the one about the goats...I'm still giggling!!

Katy said...

Your comment made my day :) thanks for signing up just to leave one for me. I keep my fingers crossed for that Lotterie win. I may be in the Chicago area (thats where my Marine is from) this summer, so I may stop by on my way to Ren fair.

jin said...

You bet katy!
DO let me know if you'll be in the area!!
Feel free to use my email address anytime also!!

Real said...

Always, always, always have to go with the chocolate.

Damn, those cookies look good.

(don't tell anyone, but I like lemon too)

jin said...

Hey, real the best men I've known in my life like lemon! Well, yeah, chocolate too, of course!!!

Real said...

Looks like you were waiting for me.

Maybe, there is a tasty lemon/chocolate treat.

CC said...

wow the lemon zest shortbread look really appetizing.... drool

jin said...

*jin hands
real &
each 2 of the lemon shortbread*

ENJOY!! ;-)

Gnat said...

I want some of those cookies. I will trade you an Ampolina for 24 of the lemon cookies! I guess I should put a picture of and Ampolina on the blog so you know what I am talking about. It is a vintage Italian Olive Oil thing you would see in a dining establishment in Italy to give you a clue.


jin said...

Hey, Gnat...if you're serious, post a pick.
Wicked Food Temptress is just a disguise for a New Age Hippy that believes in Bartering!