Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sooty Succor

So, I was making this cake the other day & I wanted to fill it with crushed toated hazelnut French buttercream filling. But wouldn't you know it, I was ONE hazelnut short. I simply could NOT make the filling with only 49 hazelnuts. I needed 50. I've already told you I'm a perfectionist, I suppose I can be a bit obsessive cumpulsive too.

I decide to go out on the back porch for a breath of fresh air. I needed to decide what to do about my ruined hazelnut filling. I started to cry. I really had wanted one more hazelnut.

All of a sudden I hear a high squeaky voice say "jinny, jinny...why are you crying?"
I look up & this is what I see:
The squirrel says, "jinny, it's me, Sooty!"
I reply, "Come closer, I can barely hear you."

"jinny, jinny, it's me, Sooty! Why are you crying?"

I realize it is indeed Sooty, one of our resident squirrels. She has raised many mini-Sooty's in our pastry shoppes backyard.

"Oh, Sooty, I am so very sad. I need one hazelnut. Whatever am I to do?"

"I'll help you jinny!!!"

"That's very sweet Sooty, but how can you help me?"

"I'll let you have one of my hazelnuts. But I want 3 whole pecans for it!"

Well, what was I supposed to say? I went in the shoppe, got her 3 pecans & tossed them over. Then I patiently waited.


*Note: I'm being forced to add that all photos were taken by my husband, David. He told me I had to tell you that, or I couldn't use his Sooty pics. So, just in case he checks up on me, it's all here. Happy Thursday Everyone!!!*

13 Responses to “Sooty Succor”

Cherry! said...

OMG! I thought the filling of the last post's cake sounded nice. Hazelnuts are my faves! YUM!

I love squirrels. My friend Mindy hates them. Personally, I think there's something wrong with her.

LCC Katy said...

That is just to cute of a post. I do have a few resident squirrels and 2 bunnies in the yard. The suirrels like to tease my 2 dogs, it is so much fun to watch.

Polyman2 said...

Vey cute.
It reads like a childrens book.
Brought a smile to my face,
now can I please have some cake?

Tiffanie said...

YAY for Sooty. Wish I could get a friend squirrel in my backyard. All they do at my house is chew up my porch swing and take the padding for their nests!!!

Sooty looks sweet and kind though.

flatlander said...

I'm glad that no squirrels (or cakes) were harmed in the making of that post. He drives a hard bargain, that Sooty!

Real said...

I have been trying to leave a comment all day. Beutiful cake as usual. I didn't think you wanted to hear the story of my cat chasing the squiral up the tree.

jin said...

cherry: Just wait until you see next weeks crazy busy with Easter weekend but I'll take plenty of pics of EVERYTHING!!!

CP: lolol I had to show your squirrel pic to my husband, he thought it was just adorable! I never did look it up to see if it was true or not! :-)

katy: Aw! We love bunnies, too. They get carrots & corn here. We have one bunny that likes devils food cake, go figure!?

Poly!!: *big smile* I'm very glad you got a smile out of it! Hang in there during your busy summer months, stop by anytime for that slice of cake. ;-)

tiffanie: There's a trick to that! You have to put corn, or nuts (NO ALMONDS!! Makes them sick.) on your furniture. They'll pick up the food & go away with it, hopefully, without bits of your furniture! :-)

flatlander: LMAO!! Hey, congrats on your 10,000 visitor! I miss the zombie posts, though. You know I have a thing for the undead! *Giggles*

itsreallysmall: I have that trouble sometimes, too, & yes, I think I'll pass on that story. I'll just assume the squirrel got away & your cat got stuck in the tree!
p.s. Hope you're feeling better today?

EVERYBODY: Bear with me...posts may be delayed until Sat. or crazy weekend is nearly here!! I will be knee deep in chocolate by the time you read this!! I may accidentally swallow a pound or two to save myself!!
Heeheehee...HOPPY EASTER!! :-D

Real said...

Now that is a pleasent thought.
Knee deep in chocolat.

Tiffanie said...

Thanks for the advice Jin. I will try that!

Monte said...

Mmm, you have the most amazing volume of welldone cakes I've probably ever seen.

I loved this post, though. It was:


Seriously. Hilarious. Those squirrels aren't to be trusted, though--- Sooty probably stole that hazelnut and then felt bad, so gave it back. Squirrels are like that, with nuts, you see.


jin said...

itsreallysmall: lol Hey, I survived the chocolate rush! I had to eat quite a bit to survive, but I'm baaaaaccckkkkk!!! ;-)

tiffanie: Let me know how it works!

monte: I am sooo blushing right now! Thank you thank you for the praise! :-D
Yes, I do know how devious those squirrels can be! lol

Real said...

Yea, I hope you catch up on some sleep and then come by some more.