Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The other evening I'm waiting in line at the grocery store when I notice the checkout clerk staring at me.
Do I know her? Hmm...doesn't look familiar...maybe she's been in the shoppe & recognizes me.
Finally, she starts running my things through. I swear, every other item, she looks up at me & stares.

Ok, now I pretend to be very busy in my checkbook because:
1) I'm starting to feel uncomfortable,
2) I really don't think that I know her,
3) I look really good tonight & decide she's probably just enamored with my beauty & can't help herself.

She tells me my total & stares at me intently while I finish my check.
After I hand it over she grins,
"I JUST KNEW YOU WERE FROM UNIQUELY YOURS! I Knew it! You made my wedding cake! It was so perfect! It was awesome! Oh, yeah...it tasted really good, too! You did such a great job!!!"
She's gushing & now I'm blushing.

***COOL*** (This kind of attention I like! :-)

I ask which cake it was.
She says the green one.

AHA!!! The Green one.

I didn't even need to ask which green one, although I've done several. It's the green one pictured above. It is also one of my personal favourites.

I may not always remember your name or face; but I ALWAYS remember your cake.

7 Responses to “Palaver”

Cherry! said...

That cake is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love it! What type of cake was on the inside?

Ate some tira misu on the weekend made courtesy of Mr. Wonderful's Nonna. YUM!

Real said...

That is beutiful, makes me want to get married some day just for the cake.

Tiffanie said...

You are talented, of course you already know that. But really, you are! I bet your business does very well now and also in the future.

Good 4 u.

What a beautiful cake and a commentary on you and your creative talent. I saw your brochure - do you ship to places like umm....NYC?!

kiki said...

number 3?

jin said...

cherry: Actually, the inside wasn't as quite as exciting as the outside. It was a 'very traditional' yellow cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

Tira Misu is one of my absolute faves! In fact, I refuse to make it to sell in my shoppe. Many people ask, but if I start making it, they'll love it so much I'll have to make it all the time & then I'll get sick of it. I simply can't let that happen. I make it for myself & my friends maybe once every 3-4 months. :-D

itsreallysmall: Thanks, but don't get married on my account! I can always just make you one for fun...take it to work...share with strangers...eat a lot of it...lolol

tiffanie: Awww...thanks, you're really 'sweet'. :-) I wish you the best of success in everything that you do, too!

evi: You bet we ship to NYC! I have a regular customer that ships a box at Xmas every year to someone there. Best to do it before it gets too hot or wait until fall. I can add the ice packs during summer, but overnight shipping will really bring the cost up. After Easter I'm going to tackle the photo blog, it will have all shipping details, too. :-)

kiki: Actually, I stretched the truth a little there...I said I looked really good that day...not entirely true...I look really good every day. HeeeHeeeheee!!!

Cherry! said...

No that filling sounds right up my alley. Yum!

Re the Tiramisu: I know what you mean. This stuff was the goods and I really had to control the urge to eat it all and take the leftovers home!!!!