Saturday, April 01, 2006

of Peace

The world is spinning so much faster.
Who do you consider your master?
Money, Sex, Power or Fame?
I think these are really Lame.

peace on earth good will to all
happiness is not found in a mall
buy more stuff every single day
then you end up throwing it away

Humans are getting dumber & dumber!
Why the hell would anyone buy a hummer?
The gas alone, not the only cost.
How many lives have been lost?

LOOK AROUND YOU! everything's plastic
lasts about a week how fucking fantastic
more garbage than mother earth can swallow
that's ok she'll soon be hollow

TAKE A WALK not a drive!
LIVE YOUR LIFE don't just try to survive!
COOK A MEAL instead of fast food!

Be yourself, speak your voice.
Don't look down at me because I'm Pro-Choice.
I am a good person; an honest soul.
Not a Green Eyed Blood Thirsty Troll.

7 Responses to “of Peace”

Real said...

I can so get behind this. It should be a protest song.
I am also getting my best people on that wonkavision for you, it may require your xray vision.

Dabbler said...

Hey, everyone's posting songs on their blogs now! I am officially caught up on your site, after having just started reading this morning. It's so refreshing to read the thoughts of someone passionate about their work... I am now officially a fan.

Dabbler said...

Believe, me after posting "Agency Blues," I am more worried than ever about my anonymity. I hurt a few feelings with that post... apparently, the "glorified pimps" line in particular hit a nerve. Who'd have thought?

jin said...

itsreallysmall: lol...I had no idea what to write about tonight...& I guess I was the tiniest bit depressed, & I remembered that yesterday I had seen an interesting post by the gentleman beneath you (ahem* not meant to sound quite like that came out!) so I just let my fingers wander about the keyboard & that's what ended up on the screen!
*Thumbs up* I can't believe your first two readers didn't get that!? I didn't want to spoil it for anyone else, hope I didn't say too much!

dabbler: Yes, yes. I give you credit for inspiring me. I've also read your entire blog! Good stuff!
Thank you, too, for the praise. I've said it before & I'll say it again; I truly appreciate it! (Hey, did you notice the ";"? I don't think it's right but I just HAD to!)

jin said...

I so wanted to be anonymous in the beginning. Then I thought what's the difference? The difference is: this weekend I was sort of angry about something to do with my shoppe...& I wanted to vent! But, no, now I can't, well, I you said, the hurt feelings thing, & last thing I need to do is alienate customers! (Your line was funny, though. Well, to me anyway!) :-)

flatlander said...

What you need is a Fat Beat to go along with that song of yours!


'till you hit the top!

Speaking of Hummers, I'm right there with you. I hope you'll take a look at my War and Art posting--