Friday, April 21, 2006

Ingredient 101 "The Cacao Nib"

Cacao nibs are shelled & roasted cacao beans. They have a crunchy texture with a chocolate-y flavour. They pair exquisitely with the chopped toasted almonds & hazelnuts in this shortbread cookie.

"Cacao Nibbys" -bet you can't eat just one!

14 Responses to “Ingredient 101 "The Cacao Nib"”

kiki said...

what is 'cacao'?

is it a bad way of spelling cocoa?

is it different (i assume this), yet similar?


jin said...

kiki, good question! cocoa is made from cacao beans. I don't know who or why the spelling was changed. I'll bet someone just did a typo. lol :-)

Cherry! said...

Oh yum! They look great and the fact that they have the almonds and hazelnuts prove that they would taste great too!

CC said...

Sooty is cute!

I'm running low on picture subjects. Actually sweets and desserts are fantastic subjects, hmm there's a thought... :-)

A Girl You Know said...

these cookies look great!! and i just left you a LOOONNNGGG comment on the 100 things post. and i hate this word verification thing - apparently i'm the only person in the US that gets it wrong over and over and over again...

Jewels said...

Cacao is the french version of Cocoa.... ;)

jin said...

cherry: Sounds like you adore nuts with sweets as much as I do! Must be a Virgo thing ;-)

cc: She is, isn't she? You know, you inspired me to add a squirrel shot to all my pastries. When I saw the ones you put up I remembered I had these.
So, it's only fair that I, in turn, inspire you to visit your local Patisserie to get up close & personal with sweets! lol

agirl: Nice to have you here!
BTW, you are certainly not the only one who messes up word verification....I check it over at least two times & I'll swear I have it right, but no go. I think it randomly selects poor unsuspecting bloggers to tease on purpose!

jewels: Welcome!
Aha! That makes sense...explains why all my chocolate says cacao (I only use imported from Europe.)
Glanced at your blog...LOVE the green ensemble standing up (sort of lime green?)...need to look more when I have some time. Thanks for visiting!

Vicki said...

looks totally amazing.

Cherry! said...

I do,oh, i do. I just didn't want to put in writing how much i love nuts lest someone get the wrong idea. (hehehehe)

Candy Minx said...

Love your photos and I love reading and talking about food.

I have dyslexia "cc" and have to try to post over and over.

Again, the photos are wonderful, enjoyed reading your 100 list and nice to "meet" you.(through New York Hack blog)

Do you use organic ingredients or did I miss you saying you did?


I'm gonna add you to my bloglist! Just thoguth I'd let you know...

jin said...

vicki: Thank you & welcome!

cherry: LOL Great minds think have no idea how many times I reworded that comment until I thought it was 'proper'.

candy: Nice to 'meet' you too! I'm very glad you stopped by!
As for organics I use all I can's pretty hard to purchase them commercially this far North. My all-purpose flour & bread flour are ALWAYS organic, so are: coconut, oats, raisins, soy milk & milk.
My philosophy: If I can get it organic, i do &
If I won't eat it myself, I won't use it in my baking!
(Did I mention I'm really picky?!)
I'd LOVE to be added to your list!!! :-)

Jewels said...

Jennifer, thanks for the welcome, and the compliment on the green set. I'll be coming back to read your posts often, I like your writing style, very open, and inviting.

Cherry! said...

HAHAHAHA! Yes I do believe I deleted and reworded my comment quite a few times to.

jin said...

jewels: Thank you, I try to reply to everyone who stops by. I like to encourage comments & discussion. Questions, too! But if I ever get another French question I'm going to pass it on to you!

cherry: You & I are Queens of the double entendre!!! or 'A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste!' ;-)