Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Epic Saga Scrawled In Buttercream

After yesterdays post I thought you might enjoy a tale of happy customers! This gracious lady reserves her visits to once every few years, but when she comes in I know I'll have a special cake coming up!

I can't take credit for the design of these cakes; she always has everything sketched out for me, down to the last minute detail! I simply take her vision & apply it to the cakes with my trusty piping tubes & steady hands.

This cake was in celebration of her husbands 60th birthday. It chronicled his entire lifetime. She had it displayed so you could literally follow him around on all of his worldly travels. Every inch of this cake told a story.

This cake was for two sisters on their 90th birthday. It had substantially less story-telling than its predecessor. That's only because they had a lot less guests!

If someone made you a cake like these what would you want it to say about your life? Is there anything you wouldn't want on it? Most importantly, what flavour would you like it to be?

15 Responses to “An Epic Saga Scrawled In Buttercream”

Real said...

Well to begin with it will need to be a big cake. Something about that book that I will eventually write. The movie I will someday make. Something with some pictures. And the most important part, the part that scares me the most... The family, provided I ever start one.

jin said...

Hey real, it will be your family that orders it for you, so of course there will be one!!!
*jin flashes a huge genuine smile*

Cherry! said...

Mine would probably be one big wine bottle with pics of a certain part of the male anatomy on it. That pretty much sums me up. An alcoholic with a one track mind.

Flavour: nuts of course.

LCC Katy said...

Mhhh flavor chocolate rasberry, as for what goes on it i guess my travels. Lets see I have been to Germany (well lived there til i was 19) Czech, Russia, France, Italy, Gran Canary islands, Mallorca, Kenya, Canada and ovously the US. I worked in Austria which was really cool.
Then I think my favorite things like snow and my pets. Well and if there is still room I am sure I can come up with more ...

brad said...

Those are some busy cakes. Interesting idea, rather than a poster board or similar.

A Girl You Know said...

what i would want my cake to say about my life is that i've made it through. that life can be hard and fragile, but i made it through and i touched my dreams. so if i can do it, so can you. so a picture of hope. all of the monumental moments of my life in journey form.

flovor-wise: i want each tier to be a different flavor. keep it interesting...

kiki said...

he was the Mayor of Hong Kong?

no small achievment

my cake would read like the bible

Lesley said...

Not sure what flavor I'd want, but I think I'd like some pictures and some snarky comments and (hopefully) an excerpt from my forthcoming book, since my blog is going to get me a book deal and all.

Basically I'd want my cake to be a salute to living out loud, which is a principle I try to embody every day.

jerry-is-stoke said...

those are some tasty treats. can you make one with my name on?

Gnat said...

I think mine would be a big breaking wave with me surfing on it. There would be things like other surfers in the water paddling out or waiting for a wave showing my friends, my soon to be wife and my parents would be watching from a boat. There would be rafts, fishing boats, sandbars and stuff with locations names like NYC, Newport Beach, Pensacola, Panama City Beach, and such for the places I have lived. Around the outside along the icing line would be my jeeps, landcruisers, and such that I have owned.

That would be cool.

Now as to flavor...well I would have to go with a second cake because that would be way more icing than I could take. Simple Chocolate moist cake, with a little bit of powdered sugar drizzle. That is it. OH! and a glass of Ice Cold %2 milk handed to me in a 16 ounce glass goblet that I made. PERFECTO!


jin said...

cherry: Hmmm...a wine bottle with frosting noses all over it? That would be interesting. Or did you mean ears?
Heeheehee ;-)

katy: Wow! That'd be one mighty big cake!! Lots of travels!! Snow I can do...looks awesome on a tiered cake!! :-)

brad: WELCOME, to my blog, & many thanks for commenting!! Hope to see you again!! :-)

a girl: Mmm...that sounds like I could do a great 'modern' interpretation with that one! Excellent answer...each tier a different flavour!! :-P

kiki: LMAO!!! I know you're joking...but for those here that don't: Hong Kong Meyer was a company that made wok pans.
As for how your cake would read: I would give it spikey blond frosting hair on top, two really big dimples on the middle tier & around the base I'd put lots of chocolate bits that look like bunny droppings...'cuz you can be so full of shit!!!
Heeheeheeheehee....*hugs* ;-)

lesley: Hey, my blog is going to get me a book deal too!! Does that mean we get to hang out together then?! *Giggles*
'Living out Loud'...I could do a giant mouth on the top tier with snarky comments running down the sides!!

jerry: Would you believe, I don't ever remember putting the name jerry on a cake...Gerald a few times, not jerry. Guess you'd have to order one to see what it looks like!! :-)

gnat: Oh, no...you give me my greatest challenge! People...I am so-so with people...water, OH YEAH!! But, people...mine tend to look a lot like Picasso's. LOLOL!!

CC said...

That's a good question.... I do know the flavor though - chocolate!

Thanks for the link btw :-)

bellerina said...

Hey! I'm a friend of lesley's and am really enjoying your blog. One of my best friends is a pastry chef here in Fargo, I told her about your site!

Cherry! said...

hmmmmm.... Yeah but BIG noses. Because a big nose means a big something else apparently....

jin said...

cc: Yum, chocolate!! Great choice!!

bellerina: Hey, any friend of lesley's is a friend of mine!! Thanks for stopping by & tell ALL your friends!!

cherry: Enjoy my next post on big noses...heeheehee!!!