Thursday, April 06, 2006


Roses are red
Wedding cakes are not
Fashion guru said
This year blue is hot!

Blue shoes, blue cakes
Blue flowers & dresses
Every choice she makes
Even dying her tresses.

A cake for them each
A cake for them all
Your dreams within reach
Which reception hall?

I'll bake for you
Anything you need
It's really true
Only one thing to heed:

Quality is a must
Uniquely I'm yours
For your fiance to lust
Put cake in your drawers.

No, I mean in the kitchen!
Have sweets at all times
Wow this is bitchin'
Everything rhymes...

Maybe I'll stop here
I can cater for you
All the guests will cheer
If I tint your cake Blue.

12 Responses to “Indigomania”

lori said...

These cakes are beautiful but I have one question...How do you get these to your bride without damaging them I would be a nervous wreck til they were there and all set up??

UNSURE said...

The cakes are awesome. Blue is good. Thanks for taking a look at my blog.

Dabbler said...

Feeling a wee bit patriotic today? Everything's red, white & blue. But, um... cake in your drawers? Get many fetishists for customers?

CC said...

Hey there! It is indeed the same squirrel - actually I took both of those pictures just minutes apart.. I was getting low on stock of pictures and had to dig out the older ones :-P

jin said...

I'm going to use my next post to answer your question. It's a lot more complicated to assemble a wedding cake than you'd think. I'll go through that, step by step, along with the delivery process.

Thank you! I also enjoyed what I read of yours...I will be back when I can devote more that a few minutes to your blog. I think your writing deserves to be absorbed, not just skimmed over.

It's official...from now on you need to proofread my blog before I publish. 'Cause if I would have noticed the red, white & blue theme I would have changed it all!!! Needless to say, it was not on purpose.
*Giggles* Hey, it rhymed & I thought to myself, maybe it will bring in a whole new crowd!!! :-D I think the saying goes, "Don't knock it 'til you've .... ;-)

I knew it!! I have many squirrel friends & I can tell them all apart!! *Blushes* I have names for them all, too. lol :-)

Real said...

As always, the work is amazing. I could imagine a really good honeymoon starting out with cake in the drawers. I will try and test this sometime.

doc slm said...

I love love love the cake with the blue ribbon and flowers. It reminds me of Spring.

Can you put some frosting in a tupperware bowl and mail it to me? I'd eat it like ice cream...

funny side story: When I was 17, I worked for Baskin Robbins. I was elected cake decorator even though I didn't have a clue what I was doing. However, the best part of my job was ordering the LARD frosting! It came in huge 5 gallon tubs. We were allowed to have a cup of ice cream on our breaks. They only thought I was eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream! Ha! I was eating a bowl of frosting.

jin said...

Thank you & tell us how it works out!! lol

doc slm:
*Wondering if I should tell the doc that the blue bow was made entirely out of molded belgian white chocolate tinted blue so you could eat it like a big piece of candy? No, I'd better not, that would be mean.*

lol at the bowl of ice cream/frosting. I think I can even picture had a bigger smile on your face than all the other employees!!!

Real said...

wait according to my profile pic I don't have any drawers.

I loved the line about cake in your drawers! Where are you located exactly and do you ever ship your cakes? I feel like a kid with my nose pressed against the candy store window!

flatlander said...

Drawers full of cake always do it for me too. I also have this recurrant fantasy about a giant cake filled with socks, underwear and t-shirts. ;)

jin said...

itsreallysmall: Hey! Instead of cake in your drawers we could put a donut where that black box is.....oh, wait, that wouldn't work, would it? HeeHeeheee....

e v i: Yes we ship! You can access our web site at - on the front page you can view or download a .pdf of our brochure. I'm currently working on a photo blog that will have pictures, descriptions, shippable items & prices. Thanks for your interest!

flatlander: lolol...nice concept, I could do it too! ;-)
BTW, every time I leave a comment on your site lately it comes back to me...says: error recipients mail box is full, just so you know.
(p.s. I read some of your early blogs & now I know what a flatlander is. :-D)