Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lilliputian Luxury

Little bitty wedding cakes.
To help you realize scale; the sheet of paper above is 8-1/2"x11".
These single-serving cakes are about 8-20 small bites each. Not much larger than your average wedding cake slice. Aren't they simply adorable?!

Each guest could have their very own lavishly decorated dessert. Personally, I think these are brilliant. Evidently, I am the only one. I have never made these for a wedding in almost 13 years of being in business.

Then again, people don't tend to have small intimate gatherings any more. Your average guest list runs well over 300 people. Usually they don't care to spend $5.00 per person on dessert, the price these tiny labor-intensive beauties start at.

I do think that these taste totally awesome! Not that I am biased, either, in fact, I am my own worst critic. Perfectionist is an understatement! Sometimes people tell me I'm hard to work with *GASP!*. I don't believe them, though. The voices in my head tell me not to listen anyway.

12 Responses to “Lilliputian Luxury”

LCC Katy said...

They are adorable. I like the idea where everyone gets their own dessert. Mhh have to remember that for my next wedding.

Tiffanie said...

Do you mind sharing where you are located? Maybe I'll come visit your shoppe someday.

Those cakes are too cute. It would be fun to have a little tea party just me and my 3 girls and get them each one! They would looooove it.

Tiffanie said...

Nevermind. I saw on the side column the link to the official website......

kiki said...

don't hold it against her because of her location! that's a bit prejudice isn't it??

me personally, i prefer the big wedding cakes as they look so much grander at the reception and by the time it is cut, most people are too pissed to care how it looks

and not everyone wants a bit anyway

Those cakes are so extraordinary. You do great work. There too pretty to eat!

jin said...

Thank you! Good to see you back again!

Quite a drive from Kansas...maybe you can find a pair of ruby, click, click...I want to go to Uniquely
We do make small petit fours & mini scones for teas; they ship really well...I honestly have never tried shipping the tiny cakes. But, if you ever are in the area do stop in! First slice is always free for my blog commentators! :-)

True, they sometimes serve the cake late at night...but mine taste so damn good they usually have it for dessert, immediately following dinner. ;-)

east village idiot:
(I had trouble typing that...I don't tend to call someone that I haven't met yet an idiot!?) lol :-) Next time I'll call you evi; & thank you!! I hope you visit again!

Real said...

The detail on these is amazing, I would think they would also make wonderfull aniversary presents. Miniture replicas of somebodies wedding cake would be really sweet for an anniversary (I think that qualifies as a pun).

jin said...

AWESOME idea itsreallysmall! I always wanted to try & find a different way of marketing these...I'm going to put some of these pics in with my anniversary cake portfolio...THANK YOU!! :-)

P.S. You do have the cutest puns! lol ;-)

Real said...

You are so very welcome. It seemed really clever to me when I thought of it, but I figured it would be very modest of me to say so.

jin said...

*laughing like crazy* :-D

doc slm said...

This tempts me to have a Barbie wedding and have you cater it. Each of my Barbie dolls would have to have a cake and of course I'd have to help them eat it.

jin said...

lol Great idea!

Actually, I probably shouldn't tell you this, I made all these tiny cakes for a bridal show & my husband & I ate all of them after the show *blush*. Mmmm...they were so good! I mean, I make really good cakes, but these were extra-good! lol I honestly think it had something to do with the tiny size; just made them more 'special'.