Sunday, April 23, 2006

Copious Cornelli

cornelli coifed cakes
too numerous to mention
this particular design
requires so much attention

a piping technique
so frequently used
once was beautiful
now seems abused

well over one hundred
have already been done
i'm sick of piping
the design on this one

well over 200
if you're keeping score
my silent response
i can't do anymore

of course, i don't say that
the business i need
they ask, "will you do it"
I say, "indeed"

12 Responses to “Copious Cornelli”

Polyman2 said...

You are sweeter than
those wonderful deserts
you create.

kiki said...

will you do it?

kiki said...

holy crap, no word verification!!

thank you SO much Jennifer, my day just got a whole lot better

jin said...

Poly: Heeheehee, aw shucks, *shuffles her feet & looks down at the ground* thanks poly! You're tops! :-)

Yes, kiki, I told you I would & I am a lady of my word(verification). *giggles*
But if I get any non-solicited comments it's going to be your resposibility to kick them off my site! Deal?

Cherry! said...

Oooooh! I loved that one! The poem was so cool!

Well. You just talked me out of the baking business. I've spent a career out of ordering cakes too big. The local bakers always try to talk me out of it. It's taken me ten years to finally order with my brain and not my tummy! It never occurred to me to blame them - how silly.

LCC Katy said...

WOW they look amazing

jin said...

cherry: Thank you! Hey, where are those pics from the pastry place you promised? Details, I want details!!! :-)

evi: Now you know. Now you, too can try to get cakes free. LOLOL!!! :-)

katy: Aw, thanks! Have I mentioned it does a lot of good for my ego when you visit? :-)

Real said...

They cakes are still beutiful.

jin said...

Thank you real!

Sarah Letnes said...

You should tell your customers that style of cake is "So last season," and then show them some haute couture wedding cake alternatives. :)

jin said...

sarah: EXCELLENT idea!

Plus, I LOVE that you're commenting on archives!! :-)