Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Vernal Equinox

The clocks have been changed & the midwest is beginning to unthaw. Soon the roses will be budding, the birds will be serenading one another with song & yours truly will be creating lots of wedding cakes.

Spring also brings the arrival of new & chemically altered colours, a different shade for every bride, so I can match her frosting to her elegant bridesmaids' dresses *Don't laugh people!.....Well, ok. Just a little*.

Who makes all the wedding arrangements you ask? Why, of course, they both have a perfectly equal say in the matter. This cake top proves it. So there.

In closing, there are big rewards to tying that chain...er...I mean knot.
If you stay married, to the same person, & store your original cake top in a very safe place, then in 50 years you can have one of these:

6 Responses to “Vernal Equinox”

Monte said...

I think I'll get married just to try your wedding cakes.

Maybe I'll marry a wedding cake--- it'd make for an easy (albeit, messy) divorse.

So, how've you been?

Real said...

That cake toper is very funny.

If you married a cake and you got into an argument would it be a food fight.

jin said...

monte: You could always just buy a wedding cake...no one needs to know if there is or isn't a bride? ;-)

I like the second idea best. No messy divorce, though. You could eat the whole cake & file for 'abandonment'. *giggles*

Actually, I have had one customer for whom I've made two wedding cakes. Not just to renew the vows, either. Two different guys within 4-5 years time.

This week I am good. Busy, but good. Next week will be insane. Easter is the second biggest (Xmas, #1) holiday for pastry, candy, lamb cakes, etc. Talking about it now I dread what's coming...but next week when I'm in the groove I'll be in my element.
Keep in touch!

itsreallysmall: I was kind of bummed when I had to put that goofy top on a pretty cake, but, I guess it made for an interesting photo. Says a lot about the wedding couple, doesn't it?!

lol...a tasty food fight with my cake! :-)

Real said...

I am up for that, um, food fights.

jin said...

itsreallysmall: I had a 'melted white chcolate fight' in here, many years ago. This was probably due to the fact that I was still a drinker at the time & had been indulging in cabernet. Minimum of a whole bottle myself. Had I been sober I would have known that the two friends who gratuitously helped me make the mess would not be there in the morning to help me clean it up.
Picture this-I have really thick hair, it was very long at the time (like down to my bum), every strand saturated with what was once melted white chocolate, now set up, hard brittle white chocolate...hung-over...scrubbing white chocolate squiggles off of EVERYTHING!!! (I mean, we're even talking the cactus here. My beautiful 4 foot tall cactus was covered in the stuff!)

So, now that I'm older, wiser & don't drink we have water fights instead. That way, I'm sober, so I can make people help me clean it up & A bonus!! - If it's water, as we clean it up, we clean the shoppe!!!

Side note: If I were in someone else's place I would participate in an actual food-fight...then I'd run away before the cleaning starts. Hey, can I come over on Saturday?!!? ;-)

Dabbler said...

Ever figure you might be contributing to the national divorce rate? I was just thinking about that cutomer of yours who got 2 cakes in 5 years -- what makes you think she might not be back in another year or so with another groom, all so she can get another one of your baked delights? The lady's in love, all right, but maybe it ain't with the man...