Wednesday, April 19, 2006


As promised, the answer to yesterdays topic.

1) The cake was for a girls high school graduation.

2) Their school colours were royal blue & silver.

3) She was a member of the cheerleading squad.

AHA! Got it?

***.....Drum Roll.....***

"The Pom-Pom Cake"

Good try everybody!

10 Responses to “Elucidation”

Real said...

You cheated, you all ready knew the answer.

That is really creative, was it your idea or the customers?

Anyway, I doubt that anyone else could make one that looked that good.

jin said...

The customer mentioned pom-poms, the rest was up to me.

Why thank you real. :-)

kiki said...

i agree with the dude, it is good

it's SO good that i say it still looks like the magic-dusters!

jin said...

Thank you kiki! :-D

Hope you're working on a brilliant post...I really can't get through the week without one you know!

flatlander said...

Ahhh...that explains it! All I could think of was "Cookie Monster toupé".

Nice work!

jin said...

Heeheehee! I like that one Flatlander!!
That reminds me, back in my barhopping days, they used to call me 'cookie monster'. I would bring cupcakes & cookies in the bars with me, then all the oldies would buy me drinks in return! lolol

Cherry! said...

Pom-poms! Cool.

What was on the inside? Sorry for being so curious about this!! But I just like to sit here and dream about how delicious it would be.

It looks great too btw!

Gnat said...

Man, I understand now. I was not up on the whole figuring out what it was thingamabob.

Although I do remember thinking it looked like a bunch of sea anemones but the Cookie Monster toupé takes the cake.

As for cakes, my wedding is soon and there is going to be some kind of crazy Norwegian Wedding cake thing going on. To me it looked like a giant stack of pancakes with icing dribbled on them. I am told is has cardamon all up in it so I am sure I will love it. The soon to be wife is Norwegian and I like her 99.995% of the time so I am sure the cakes will just be great.

Wow...what a tangent. Yea going to be haunting around a bit. I have plenty of downtime between builds at work so your stuck with me.


jin said...

cherry: I have to be honest...I can't remember what flavour the cakes were. I remember the customer, I get credit for that?!!? lol
I love questions!! So, don't ever think twice about asking something. I will do my best to answer anything! :-)
Know my second fave Italian dessert? Frutti di Bosco...Mmmmmm...I don't know if they call it that's a fruit tart w/pastry cream & berries...YUM!

gnat: Sea anemones...I like that one too!
I am familiar with the wedding cake you starts with a "Kr..." but I'm not even going to attempt spelling it! LOL! I have the pans to make them but have never had a request. I always intend to experiment but time never allows......
Cardamom is my FAVOURITE spice!!! MMmmmm.....
So...gnat...are you named after one of those pesky flies that one just can't get rid of? *giggles*
(Just kidding, do come back! Rant all you want!)

Cherry! said...

Okay, cool. I'll continue to ask questions! hahaha! And yes you get credit for remembering the customer!

I would say that they call it that here. I saw one the other day. We went to two great pastry shops on the weekend. First one we bought biscuits, but the second one had GREAT pastries. I ate something that was fluffy kind of pastry with chocolate and walnuts through it. We'll prob be going there next weekend so I'm going to take photos for you!!