Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dive Into Your Virtual Easter Basket NOW!

I won't even make you search for it.

It's all just for YOU!

"Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Eggs"
(BTW - I ate 5 of these already.....Dare I say it?
Could they be? Better than *ahem* .....I'll let you decide.)

*sing-along* one a penny, two a penny,
hot cross buns, hot cross buns

(2006 Mega-Inflation = .01 x 110)
(They are SO worth it, though.....cardamom, currants, pastry cream inside & vanilla icing.)
(BTW - I think I ate 4 of these.)

Somebunny's in for a TREAT!

Are you still hungry? more thing, but that's really it.

One really cannot fully appreciate these without first realizing that I happen to be consuming one as I type this. You don't believe me? I can prove it.


With a cappuccino, of course.
Sorry, I couldn't put that in your Easter basket.
Trust me, it's really, really, really good.

22 Responses to “Dive Into Your Virtual Easter Basket NOW!”

kiki said...

this is making me feel sick

i ate way too much chocolate today and i'm letting my disgusting feeling overflow onto your blog

maybe i could wear my suit and hand them out?

LCC Katy said...

Your basket is making the one I got from my hubby look sad. He did good considering yours are a bit out of the way for us but still. No go enjoy the sugar rush

Real said...

Wow. All of that must of kept you really busy. And those are some beutiful babies. I didn't get an easter basket this year, so yours was a really nice suprise.

jin said...

kiki: Gee, thanks. You sure know how to make a girl feel special :-P

katy: Certainly do not feel sad...I sold all of this stuff to other people...there really wasn't much of anything left for myself.
I am so bummed, got an Easter basket from your hubby?
:-( I didn't. :-(

itsreallysmall: I have officially decided to start calling you real. 'its' sounds goofy, 'small' seems derogatory, but I think that "real" describes you best.
That aside, thank you, again. As I said above, don't feel bad, I didn't get a basket either.
Seriously, if I could afford to, I would still make all this stuff & give it away. You'd be one of the first to get a basket. :-)

flatlander said...

That looks like a top-of-the-line basket! I think I'll have to go swimming to work off the calories generated just by looking at your wares.

Hip-hoppy Easter!

Real said...

I like real, thanks.

You will have to win the lottery and send treats to all the bloggers.

jin said...

flatlander: Why thank you. :-)
I hear surfing burns lots of calories.....they mean surfing the web, right? Please tell me that's what they mean!?

real: < < < look! I had to try it out! :-)
Yeah! Sounds great! (So, do I have to actually play the lotto to win it?)

Real said...

I think the odds of winning are the same whether you buy a ticket or not (rounded to two decimal places that is)

Top picture, are those petit fours designed to look like dresser drawers? Cool! The hot cross buns look soooo good. I forgot to get some this year. (It's usually the only part of Easter I really celebrate.)

Oh and for the record, I am in major amounts of trouble because I bought a bag of the things that your pb eggs are better than - and ate them all. Every last one. I need to develop an eating disorder.

Thanks for the great pics!

Ok, George looked at the picture and said "duh, that's an AERIAL view, it's not a dresser!"

Oops! :)

jin said...

real: LMAO!! Good one!! That makes my odds of winning the same as anyone else!!

CP: *Giggling like crazy!* I actually went back to look at the pic to figure out what you meant...I was wondering if I should ask you what you meant when your second comment popped up. Thank George for setting the record straight! (Although, I do have one of those little dresser/boxes &, after glancing at it, I do know where you're coming from. I think. lolol)

I am dying to know how much you pay for a cupcake in New York (I saw your post from today), is that totally rude of me to ask?

Real said...

The carrots in the top pic look like a peacock.

jin said...

real: That gives me an idea!!! I could cut out feather shaped cookies & display them like a! Thanx!! :-)

kiki said...

you'd be surprised how special i can make a girl feel...

A cupcake in Manhattan would be in the $2-$3 range. There is a place you may have heard of called Magnolia Bakery which is famous for their cupcakes. George thinks the place is grossly overrated - he says the cupcakes taste like "bake sale" (i.e. made from a box mix.) I like to go there just for the ambiance - it literally looks like someone's grandmother's kitchen.

We live in Brooklyn where things are cheaper. George got the cupcakes in the pics from Leshke's, a Scandinavian bake shop in the neighborhood owned by these VERY crabby ladies who make no nice talk with anyone. But the stuff there is great. There's no website or I'd send a link. I don't know what he paid for those - I imagine in the $1.50 range, but I'll let you know if he tells me they were more.

As for the dresser drawer thing - when I first looked at the pic, the carrot/egg combo looked like it was standing up, maybe like an Easter basket or something. So, at first glance I thought the pic was a front shot of a display. Since I thought everything was standing up, the petit fours looked like a mini-dresser, with the little cakes being the drawers and the flowers being the knobs. I thought it looked cool. Maybe you should try it. Make some extra long petit-fours so that you can stack them up to look like a dresser.

flatlander said...

Web surfing is very good for developping the tone of your "mouse finger", as well as strengthening those eye muscles.

"Web surfing" is also a reckless game played by foolish, adolescent houseflies.

Personally, I really like sidewalk surfing, but since I gave up eating brains for lent, I haven't really had the energy to do so.

Dabbler said...

*whimper* I didn't get any candy this year. Bless you for this, at least, Jin. This is a sign I'm living too far away from Mom...

jin said...

kiki: A bit of advice...start with compliments, even if you don't mean them.
Something along the lines of, say, "Your pastries look sooo awesome. It would be an honor if you would let me kiss the ground that you walk on." ;-)

CP: Yes, I've heard of the Magnolia Bakery...I think I might even have a cookbook of theirs (notice I say, think...that means I've looked at it once & didn't find anything in it that I thought would be really great to make). Is that the place they featured on Sex in the City?
Next time you go to any of these places take pics for me & post them on your blog!!!
My cupcakes start at 1.50, that's a lot for this area, but I've never really had a complaint.
I'm laughing at the crabby ladies comment. That's how most bakers are! Except me, of course!
Last year my husband & I went up to Minocqua for a few days & lucky us (!) our hotel was next door to a tiny little bakery run by a Frenchman! He was so cheery evey morning (yes, we went in every morning...& every afternoon, too...LOL *blush*) He walked around singing "Vanillllla, vanilla vanilla vannniiillllaaaa....." constantly!
I do understand what you mean about the drawers & handles. I will have to try that out...hmmm....I could even sell them in a set, all together, for a buffet type setting. Cool! *thumbs up!*

flatlander: Hey, you're not kidding about improving the eyesight! I used to wear glasses/contacts, but over the last few years my eyes keep getting better, I swear it's from using the computer so much. No more glasses or contacts for me! :-)
I seriously think my mouse finger could lift a small car. Heeheehee
*jin just realizes that lent is now over & nervously pulls her hat on tighter...*

Dabbler: Maybe she's got one there waiting for you when you visit...or maybe you should call her & hint that you hope she has one there waiting for you when you visit her. lol ;-)

kiki said...

why tell you something you already know?

jin said...

kiki you're such a smartass sometimes! lolol
I mean that in a good way. :-)

Real said...

I didn't get a basket either, but my catholic boss gave me $50 cash. I think I prefer the money since I can't have any of your easter treats.

Cherry! said...

Yum! The peanut butter ones........YUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!