Thursday, May 25, 2006

Appease Again

"More Gratuitous Pastry Shots"

Which will it be?
One, Two or Three?

19 Responses to “Appease Again”

Cherry! said...

Oooooh! Number 3 for me!!

What type of cake is it?

Jewels said...

Me Three!... I mean too!

Katy said...

I'd have to say 2 or 3 depending on the fillings

The embellishments on the top cake remind me of some old Valentine’s cards my great aunt had in a box – really ornate, back when people cared what the things they made looked like, attention to detail was a way of life, and they took pride in their work. Seems like you don’t see a lot of that anymore so sites like Jin’s and Gnat’s are refreshing

If I was the bride who received the middle cake I would be asking my about to be husband, “What the hell, you promise me the moon and you can’t even give me the top of the cake!” Maybe it was just the time spent in earthquake country but seeing the prospective bride and groom voodoo dolls under that massive structure makes me nervous.

Regardless all the cakes looked great. Now I ma stoked ‘cause in a few days I will get my annual spice cake. Too bad I have to wait all year for that, but I guess I don’t have to worry about overdoing on cake!

All of the above! Just stopping in to say hello - haven't posted on CPW for a while but have been more updating the Idols site. Will resume entertaining you fairly soon.

Lesley said...

I also like three. Very elegant.

But one is nice too. Sometimes ornate is good.

I could really use some cake right now, but that may be my nerves talking...


Sarah Letnes said...

Cake number one is stunning. But I also like the sweet blue roses on number three. As for number two, I had evil thoughts about the top layers collapsing on the happy couple.

Please forgive me!

Katy said...

FYI as requested by Cherry I moved (well my blog did)!

jin said...

cherry & jewels: Excellent choice!!

katy: 3 was carrot cake, cream cheese filling. 2 was all marble cake, vanilla buttercream filling.

phos: Thanx for the praise on the first one...I was quite pleased with how that turned out!
Hmm...annual spice cake. That means it's your birthday! Are you gonna tell us how young you'll be or is it top secret???

sarah & phos: I don't normally do cakes like #2. The huge pillars, stairs (have you noticed no staircases or wedding party people in my repertoire?). This one was about 10 years went to a ... um ... er ... *jin whispers* a roller rink! You two are worried about it collapsing? You should have seen me trying to squeeze past all these little shits on roller skates zooming everywhere!!! WORST delivery ever!!! (Well, in the top 10 anyway!)

CP: YAY!!! I look forward to it! Have been too busy to be depressed about you not posting, but I sure did notice! :-)

lesley: Tsk. Tsk!! No nervous...only excited!!! LOL :-)

Katy said...

Okay since I do not like Carrot cake I have to say 2. I love marble cake.

Yep, ain't gettin' any younger - back in the day (had to throw that in for SL) we ate plain cake and we liked it!

As far as age I strongly suspect you could be my daughter (hypothetically speaking). The cranky tone of most of my posts must give you some clue...

Sarah Letnes said...

Not worried so much as hopeful. : )

jin said...

Sorry Everyone...SOOOO busy! Will catch up with you all tomorrow (Saturday).

Almost forgot - trying to foist another pink cake on us - oh wait, it's the lights, I forgot...

jin said...

katy: Carrot cake in general or certain ones? 'Cuz mine is sooo great! lol

phos: Yes, I had a figure in mind, was just curious if you'd confirm! LOL. Mid fifties I say. Mr. pink cake hater! :-)

tiff: Excellent choice! ;-)

sarah: Hahahaha!!!! LMAO!!! Evil, you are terribly evil! (I mean that as a compliment! ;-)

jin said...

Ok. I'm working on a post right now! LOL
Just in case anyone is waiting.
I have to gimp the pics I took the last few some REALLY nice ones!!! :-)

Katy said...

Al righty I guess I could stay up a bit longer so I can see the pics

Katy said...

Carrot cake in general. I love carrots just not in my cake, I like cakes sweet (not to sweet) not spices or anything hearthy. I never likes spice cakes and can only eat out lebkuchen once a year and then not many.