Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Summertime Sweetness

When butterfly's are out
& roses bloom
It's time to find
Yourself a Groom!

Everyone's doing it
Love matters not
Make him buy you a ring
or have him shot!

The bigger the diamond
The better the man
make sure you pick one
with a fake tan.

Reception in the garden
with 500 people
Wedding vows said inside
that building with a steeple.

For those of you that know me
You can see I'm being sarcastic.
Because I'm real, flesh & blood.
Too many people are PLASTIC!

So, which cake do you like best?

28 Responses to “Summertime Sweetness”

Cherry! said...

What's wrong with being plastic???? hehehe

Cherry! said...

Oh yeah. And my fave cake is the last one. Again, simple yet elegant and sophisticated, not unlike myself. hahaha.

What's on the inside? That's what counts, right?

Tiffanie said...

The last one with the real flowers, are they real? They look like they are.

Lesley said...

Mmmmm... cake # 4 is looking mighty fine to me!

Now I think I want to get married just so I can have some fabulous cake!!! :)

You never disappoint with the food porn, dear.

All of your cakes are so beautiful. But if I had to pick - I'd pick the last one with fresh flowers around it.
My wedding cake was similar in design but a mix of different color flowers spiraling up the cake.

It's hard to choose. You do such beautiful work.

Katy said...

I love the butterfly one. I just took my top piece of the wedding cake out of the freezer. Friday is my 1st anniversary (but I am flying to Germany alone that day) so we are eating the cake tonight. I hope it is still good as I never got to eat it at the reception.

Those were gorgeous - too bad the only cake I like is spice cake. Odd, with my physique I am not much of a bakery eater - sorry...

What, no Sponge Bob cake!!!

Jewels said...

Hmmmm... #2 looks especially appealing to me... But could you make me a dome shaped dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling and ganache icing? ;) I'll even let you pipe as many lovely lilac flowers you want to decorate the survace. *grin*

They all look delectable!

jin said...

cherry: Sunglasses don't count; so I think you're ok! lol
As for the flavours:
#1 Chocolate cake w/ raspberry French buttercream filling
#2 Cheesecake w/ Belgian chocolate ganache filling
#3 I don't remember, but, the coloured decos matched the design on the brides wedding dress
#4 White cake w/ white chocolate French buttercream
#5 Sorry, don't remember this one either...but to make you feel better, it was probably a toasted almond filling

tiffanie: Yes. Real flowers & the ceremony/reception was outdoor under a very tasteful looking tent.

lesley: #4, huh? Yes, nice = disgusting!
David & I had an Immigration appointment that day, so arrangements were made to deliver the cake in the morning. (Beacause you DO NOT miss an INS appointment!) We carried it in the kitchen of the reception site/restaurant so they could direct us to the walk-in cooler. The cook who pointed the way was COVERED head to toe in blood. (I am SO serious!) The floor had blood all over...the prep area had blood all over...& the smell quite nearly made me puke! I did not see any actual animal/meat/whatever we just high-tailed it outta there! I HATE delivering to that place ever since!

evi: Thank you so much! :-)
I do a LOT of cakes with fresh flowers on...fads come & go but those are ALWAYS in!

katy: Congratulations! I hope you both have a nice time tonight!
Don't feel bad...I didn't get any of my cake OR food at our reception, either. Wouldn't you believe it, I had a KILLER migraine! Throwing up every hour or so :-P I still look at the pics of of all the food & think "Oh, I wish I would have tried that!"

phosgene: You know, I offer a spice cake, but rarely get an order for one. I do a great old-fashioned carrot cake, though!
Ok...confession time...I have never seen a spongebob show! But, *blush* my keyboard is spongebob, um, er, I bought it because the keys are pink, yellow & purple, & I think keyboards can be SO BORING! :-)

jewels: You just described an AWESOME French cake, that is one of my faves! Of course that can be done! I'd even have to eat a piece or 2 or 3...!

Real said...

I think I will have to try a piece of each cake before deciding.

They are all very pretty, but none of them are my style. I didn't not realize I had a style of wedding cake.

I really like the last one in your Copious Cornelli post.

flatlander said...

I like the second last cake, because with the little nodules, it reminds me of a dalek (from Dr. Who).

My wife makes the best spice cake- you knew that was coming. She'll only make it for my birthday though.

I was joking about the Sponge Bob cake - Wiltons has that tin mold in the shape of sponge Bob. Your cakes are so intricate...

jin said...

real: Yes, I remember which one you like...the one on the dark blue tablecloth!

flatlander: Interesting shots, I'm glad you included the link...Actually, I could do a cake exacly like those...but if I did...& I just put a pic up on the would be sort of a tease wouldn't it? I mean, since you couldn't actually taste it...then again, I could eat some of it & try to describe how fantastic it tasted!
I'll have to wait until I'm feeling feisty! ;-)

phos: Aw, that's a nice compliment! I hope you tell her you said that!
I figured, but you know some adults go crazy for that show/movie/ wasn't kidding about the keyboard. :-)

kiki said...

i like the last one

i'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to things like weddings

jin said...

That surprises me, kiki! I thought for sure you'd pick the mushroom cookies in a previous post!
I see you have finally started responding back in your comments section...that makes for a better blog, you know.

CC said...

Still thinking about your lemon zested shortbread...

Jasmine tea glaze, argh! I'll just have to settle with the virtual one that you sent me :-)

Lesley said...

Saw your comment on Tiffanie's blog:

My male blogfans tell me they love me at least once a day...but between you & me I think they're just after my cookies!

I am mad jealous! What do I have to do to get some male blogstalker love? Post cookie pics?

If that's the case, then I'm SOL. I never learned how to make cookies... :(

flatlander said...

When I was a kid, my friend and I watched alot of Dr. Who. Their famous battle cry is "Exterminate! Exterminate!" in an horrific metallic robot voice.

Because we were insane, one day on the city bus my buddy an I were trying to raz a stranger, a teenage girl who was sitting across from us with some kind of birthday cake she had bought from the store.

So we started saying "Eat the girl's cake! Eat the girl's cake!" in our very best, scary Dalek voice.

I think the girl thought we were wierd, but we didn't really eat her cake. If I ever get married, I'll hire you to make a Dalek shaped cake, maybe with a little tape recorder inside.

A Girl You Know said...

i like the one (can't remember the order necessarily) but the one before the ribbon one. so pretty...but based on filling i'd have to choose the second one with the chocolate ganache in it...

that's my food porn fix of the day...

jin said...

cc: That shortbread would go really well with those tea cups you photographed the other day...

lesley: Heehee...why do you think I learned to cook/bake in the first place?
The way to a mans heart is through his stomach!
Of course, my brother became a chef for a slightly different reason...he was in pre-med but found out the easiest way to get a chick back to his apartment was to cook her dinner there to begin with! Bye-bye doctor hello chef!!! BTW-my brother is a TOTAL male slut. LOLOL *I secretly hope he reads this, too!*

flatlander: OMG!! That was you!? I can't believe that was you!? All these years I've been petrified of boys on buses ever since that happened...
I would LOVE to put a tape recorder inside a wedding would have to say something like "He touched the cake!!! Back the fuck away from the cake!!!"
*jin displays an evil grin...* Oh, the fun I could have with that one!

a girl: Chocolate ganache, huh? I have to go mix a huge batch of it tonight...I'll lick the bowl just for you! ;-)

kiki said...

i'm a busy guy

and remotely lazy

these two combined make for a good mix of mushrooms, hash cookies and not responding to blog comments

but yeah, when it comes to things like weddings, i'm a traditionalist all the way

Polyman2 said...

Yea, I owe a lot to plastic,
it made me what I am today.

...and I love weddings,
been through 2 already.

...and #3 looks great-
like to mash my face
in that.

Real said...

Damn, I so should of learned to cook also.

flatlander, I love the Doctor. I am also really enjoying the new doctor. Just don't make a Davross cake, nobody would want that.

jin said...

kiki: Busy & lazy...? Must make it hard to accomplish everything you want to!?
BTW, I also think the stripper stole your phone.

poly: Great minds think alike...your post today was about the almighty $, as well.
I could not have said it better myself.
*pats poly on the back*
"You're tops!"

real: I could give you lessons! :-D

Real said...

Okay, you teach me to cook, and your bro can give man whore lessons.

jin said...

HA!HA!HA! Maybe you are on to something real! LMAO!!!

We should both wave & say hello in case he's reading..."Hi, Jeffrey!"

Do not worry, he would not be offended...he'd be very very very proud!

Real said...

Hi Jeffrey.

Please send a list of dishes that the ladies will love to your sis to teach me to cook.

Sarah Letnes said...

I like the fourth one, with the Tiffany blue ribbons, and the pink and white flowers. Exquisitely dainty.