Sunday, May 28, 2006

Assiduous Weekend

Oh, for lack of posting! I sincerely hope, dear blogfans, that you understand--if I am not posting, I am also not sleeping more than 4 hours per night. This is how busy a pastry shoppe can get, with little, sometimes NO, notice! This past weekend was exactly that; & I have now consumed multi-mass quantities of caffeine just so I can keep my baby blues open long enough to post some absolutely fabulous photos for all your patience!

First up:
Two items from our Open House sale:

Are they really Irish? I don't know; but they sure do taste GREAT!!!

Frosted Cut-Out Cookies w/ real Vanilla Butter Frosting!

A pre-ordered baptism cake:

I'm not really one for all the crosses, but the cake was not for me & she happened to love it so much she got all teary eyed! It was a 12" round, 4 layer, white chocolate cake w/ raspberry French buttercream filling & vanilla French buttercream frosting. I also did this woman's wedding cake 7 years ago. I'd show you a picture of that but for the life of me I can't remember which cake was hers. (Ok, so I'm not 100% perfect, shut the hell up!)

A wedding cake delivery, which included a 'Groom's Cake':

The grooms cake was German's Sweet Chocolate Cake. He is in the military, hence the insignia & lapel pins on the sides.

The wedding cake was 3 different flavours. White cake w/ raspberry French buttercream filling, poppyseed cake w/ luscious lemon French buttercream filling & toasted almond cake w/ mocha French buttercream filling. It was 'dressed' with pesticide free rose petals.

The anniversary cake that accompanied the wedding cake:

They asked for this one to be wrapped, ready for a rendezvous with the freezer, not to see the light of day for 1 full year. (If they can really wait that long, could you? I didn't. Mine only lasted 6 months!)

Well now, will that do you all for a little while? Does miss jin, the food porn goddess satisfy your cravings for the weekend? I do certainly hope so. More tomorrow, if you're nice, same blog time, same blog channel. ;-)

14 Responses to “Assiduous Weekend”

Jewels said...

All these wedding cake photos make me wonder why my common-law "husband" hasn't walked me down the aisle yet.... I want a cake too damn it!

Jewels said...

Oh hey! First comment!

Irish Lace Cookies ... wow! ... can't remember the last time I had those! They are awesome, but your photos make my mouth water!

Katy said...

I am in love with the idea of raspbery french buttercream. I love buttercreams and raspberry but never get any of either while I am in the US ( I always have to double up on it when I go home)

jin said...

jewels: Oh, really? Well, maybe you should make him a deal. Tell him you'll make the ring & jin will make the cake, you two can pay for the hotel room & then I'll marry you guys for free! Heehee!
(I have a wiccan friend who did the reverend thing over the internet, just in case she'd ever need it. So I did that last year, too. I can legally wed a couple anywhere in the U.S.! But, do I remember reading you did something for your Moms handfasting ceremony?)

curious: I had a few left from the weekend sale. I'll eat one in your honor! MMmmmmmm...heeheehee!

katy: Yeah, the other bakeries won't use the fresh raspberry puree because it's soooo expensive! But, my customers LOVE it! I'd say 1/3 of my cakes are raspberry filled.
Glad to see you got to read the blog today...took me longer than I thought last night & blogger wouldn't let me upload the photos after I had finished writing!!! ARGGhhh.

Cherry! said...

The wedding cake with the rose petals looks fantastic!

Loving the food porn yet again!

I had not heard of the "anniversary cake" idea where you buy it at the same time as the wedding cake. I guess that is a tradition for people with large deep freezes in their basement! I don't think we'll be seeing that in NYC too soon!

jin said...

cherry: Why thank you! I thought it looked pretty nice too! Classy & elegant, like us!! Hahaha!!!

CP: Yes, they do that a lot here, some save the top tier of the cake, too. If they ask my advice, I say don't do that, just order a fresh cake on your anniversary. Believe it or not, very few heed my advice. But, it's tradition, they say...hmmm...if they were really so into tradition they'd be a virgin on their wedding night instead of already having 4 kids from the previous guy!!! AAARRRGGGhhhhh....

Katy said...

We just ate our top tier of the cake. It was alright but since I never got a piece of it the first time around I have had nothing to compare it to.

Jin - I spoke to my friend in Switzerland and she loved the idea of coming out to your store. So right now it looks like we will come visit the 13 of July. I'll let you know the details when I know. - As far as goodies anyting with buttercream and raspberries would be great - so if you could make sure you have one in stock :) She can always bring some swiss chocolate to go along with it.

jin said...

katy that sounds awesome!! :-) That's on a Thursday, too, so I will have free time! YAY!

MMmmm...Swiss of my faves!

I do a really great white butter cake filled with white chocolate mousse & fresh raspberries, then frosted in Vanilla French does that sound? (I could do marble cake, said you like that. Let me know!)

Jewels said...

Yeah, I performed mom's handfasting, but I haven't been 'ordained'. I suppose it wouldn't be too difficult to get the certificate though, right?
Heck, then maybe I could marry us myself! LOL!!!!

K. enough with the pastries, or else I'll have to come down there on the 13th too... No Swiss chocolates though, but you'll take French, right?...

>LMAO at the 4-kids-from-the-previous-marriage comment... What? isn't THAT the new tradition? LMAO!!!!

jin said...

jewels: The certificate to be ordained was only $40 & a promise to 'do that which is right, never infringing on the rights of others'...its (Universal Life Church).

Did you say French chocolates?!!? YAY!!! *jin jumps up & down* COME ON DOWN! LOL :-)

Yeah, 4 kids MUST be the new tradition...I'm really not kidding, so many brides! See, I just figure, then why even get married, right? (Oh, wait, I know I can pay MY bills with their cake money! LOLOL!!!)

Good call on the god bless Otis - with a name like that he's gonna need all the help he can get!!

Now if it was a cake for poor ol' Otis's funeral I am really going to feel bad about goofing on his name...

jin said...

phos, you're ok, for now! It was a baptism. I thought the same thing when I saw the name. "Family name" the lady said. All I could think of was the guy who went around with Henry Lucas on that killing spree...Otis...something? LOL The 'Otis' is all I remember!!!