Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Porcelain Panache

Enough of those
bug-eyed babies!
How about some
people, people?

These cakes
got what it takes
each a unique style
every little while
they bring this topper in
say, "put this on my cake, jin?"
I say,
As cool a figurine
as I have ever seen
in this neck 'o the wood
your cake will look really good
with that on top
baked in my shoppe."

My Fave is Number 2
How about YOU?

11 Responses to “Porcelain Panache”

Cherry! said...

The third pic is my fave, but it kind of looks like two guys. Was it a gay wedding?

A Girl You Know said...

the first one is my favorite. i love the lines and angles combined with the smoothness of the topper.

Lesley said...

I like the second cake. Very elegant and very pretty. And I think the porcelain people look great!

So much better than Pweshis Moments or Incestuous Charlie Brown!


Jewels said...

well, it looks to me like #1 and #2 are the same figurine, so I'll call it 1.a, and 1.b LOL!
In which case, I like the 2nd one.... which you would probably consider # 3... LMAO!!!
Oh I DO love to confuse people!!!!

The lines of the figurine work well with the first cake, that is goregous. I am not that crazy about the squarep ink cake, but I think the color may be putting me off. Aside from cotton candy I have a tough time with pink deserts, so to speak.

Looks like someone else brought up the devient wedding business this time, I am off the hook.

I love them both! It's so nice to come home after a hard days work and see whats up on your blog. It's like reading a cool fairytale that never ends.

jin said...

cherry: No, I have yet to do a gay wedding...but I would LOVE to!!! If it were up to moi it would definitely be legal!!! I just know they'd have GREAT taste in cakes!!!

a girl: Yeah, that was a great photo, too. David took that one, not me LOL!

lesley: That's why I put them up, just for you! I decided not to torture you anymore this week! Although....when the time is right...heeheehee....I found a pic of the pweshis car topper! LMAO!

jewels: *head is spinning rapidly* Um, ok...I know exactly what you mean!!! ;-)

phos: Would you believe that was the light reflection in the room? The cake was white, with 'celadon' trim. I tried to gimp it back to white but no such luck! I don't know if that will make you like it any more, though! LOL!!!

evi: Awww...that's a great compliment! Thanks!!! :-D

Real said...

I love the second cake (the third picture). If I ever need one I think I know where to go for a wedding cake.

jin said...

You bet real! I might even drive that far to deliver!!!

Not pink? Looks pink. Blue, pink and some shades of green just don't work for me in food. You should have asked "hey what the hell is with these lights, they make my cake look like its frosted with toe-jam!"

jin said...

Yes, phos it does look pink...I know! LOL I'm not a fan of pastels, most of the time. Be daring, I say...bright fantastic colours that turn your teeth different hues!!!