Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hustling part II

Gratuitous Cake Shots

Too Tired To Post

Goodnight All


i miss you

16 Responses to “Hustling part II”

kiki said...

no you don't

you're just saying that to get me to comment

Real said...

That is one fine looking cake you got there lady. Do yo want to come back to my place and do a little baking.

A Girl You Know said...

jin if you're going to be pimping out your cooking services for people like REAL - i would like to volunteer to be said can make some mean cash on the streets... "you should think about it. take a second."

Tiffanie said...


Just kidding.

Lesley said...

Again, a beautiful, beautiful cake!

These figurines are a small, but important, step up from the Pweshis Moments. I'm just saying.

From Precious moments to Peanuts.

Nothing like gratutitous cake shots, if you know what I mean.

Wait a minute -that's Linus and Lucy on top of the cake - Auuuuuugh - It's Incest Charlie Brown!!!

Lesley said...

No! It's Lucy and Schroeder, the piano guy!

No Incest Charlie Brown! Bad touch -- BAD TOUCH!!!

jin said...

kiki: OOOooo...yes I do!!! I'd much rather be talking to you than working my bum off!
But, thank you for the comment, anyway! :-D

real: Wow! First time I've ever heard that line.
My answer? NO! (I don't want lesley to beat me up! I'm very fragile, you know...ha!ha!)

a girl: *one second elapses*
1. How much money?
2. Do I have to wash the dishes?
3. Are you one of those perverts that just wants to watch me bake naked?

tiffanie: I've been working for 7 hours & I am no more awake now than I was when I got up.....*yawns* long until 3:30pm Saturday??? (That's when I'm DONE for a whole day & a half!!!)

lesley: I'm glad you think so! I try so hard to please you!!! LMAO!!!

phos: Actually, the bride & groom painted the statues to resemble themselves, so technically speaking, I think incest wasn't intended. I hope! lol

eeeeeeeeeeoooooooo doin' sis!! Are they from Chicago?

I would expect Peppermint Patty and Marcey on top of the same cake...

jin said...

phos: Can't stop giggling at your comment!!!! Heheeheeee.... :-)

Everyone: Will try & post something small tomorrow. It's really really busy today through Saturday! Send me your energy!!! :-D

Yeah, Yeah, a new post but enough of the toon character incest stuff, ok???

Real said...

I agree with the kid.

I might have to check into rehab if I don't get a new food porn post soon :)

jin said...

Sorry people.....going off 2 hours of sleep from last night.....going home to try and catch 2 more hours now.....will try to take pics of all that's going out including a 5 tier wedding cake, a $400.00 gift basket, & a few thousand bite sized pastries. David may take pics of me delivering the wedding cake, you can see the process. I promise a post to die for on Saturday evening & Sunday evening. Hugs to all (& kisses to some)!!! Heeheehee.....

Real said...

Rest up we will be here when you get back. Either that or we won't be here, in that case you don't want to know what we will be doing :)

A gift basket, for me?? You shouldn't have!!!!!