Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tree Salvation

Budding growth
newly formed saplings
one day
clean the air
that we breathe.

Mother Nature
nurtures her offspring
us and
them all down
to make asswipe?

Animals & birds
build their condos inside
a tree
and rely on
uninterrupted continuity.

THINK about it!
(No trees were harmed in the making of this poem.)
Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
(All pastries pictured here were, in a way, totally recycled. If you get my meaning. ;-)

18 Responses to “Tree Salvation”

Cherry! said...

The third one is my fave. Looks delightfully delicious!

I'm starving now.

Oda Mae said...

I love the last one. It's like the cake has donned a cape and veil for a dress-up party. It's regal in a Scottish way. Good job! By the way, I love your site.

Jewels said...

Okay, # 3, with the blackberries. Hands Down! I could just dive into that one!
Is that a sport? Cake diving? and no, I'm not talking about the 'other' kind of diving here.....

Katy said...

They are looking amazing. I can't decide which one I like best. I think I need a sample to see whats in them to decide.

Tiffanie said...

I loved the last one. That's beautiful. Did you make all of that yesterday?

Sarah Letnes said...

The dark chocolate leaves on the square cake almost look like butterflies. Very beautiful. Almost makes me want to have another pain-in-the-ass, tear-my-hair-out wedding.

But I guess no one said I needed to have a wedding to eat cake.

The only reason I buy crap from Pier One is on the off chance an endangered tropical hardwood contributed to the sawdust the bolivians used ot make that wobbly shelf

Lesley said...

LOL @ Jewels! You are a naughty girl!

Although I must agree -- the cake with the blackberries is also my favorite. But the last one is a very close runner-up.

Now I really really want some cake... :(

Jewels said...

Okay Lesley, lets get together for a trip to Jin's, 'cause I want some cake too. You think she'll wait nervously for us at the airport? Maybe she'll lean against a wall, waiting for us to give her a big wet smooch!!!
Oh I kill myself!!!

Polyman2 said...

Works of art
with a sweet message-
love ya.

jin said...

cherry: Caramel cork'screws'. Made just for you, my dear! ;-)

oda mae: Thank you very much! I wasn't sure how I felt about the leaves when the bride brought them in. But once they were on the cake with the top bouquet! AHHH!!! I LOVED it! :-)

jewels:Um...yeah, personally I'd MUCH rather 'cake dive' than the other!
BTW, the only girl that gives me wet smooches daily is my puppy! So, if I picked up you two at the airport you'd be on your own!!! Heeheehee!!!

katy: You know, the only one I remember for flavours is the square one with the chocolate leaves. I know some of that was Devil's Food Cake with Chocolate Ganache filling!

tiffanie: These photos were taken over the last year or so. Now that I've started going through them, I really can't believe how many pictures of different cakes I have!!! I do have 3 weddings coming up for Father's Day weekend. That's usually the maximum that I take orders for. (Because I deliver them all myself & some receptions take 1-2 hours with delivery & set-up.)

sarah: No wedding necessary!! That's right!! For the low, low price of (roughly) $400 you, too, can have your very own three tier 'non-wedding' cake!! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! You also get enough calories to last you many weeks!! Should you consume the entire 3-tier cake by yourself you will also gain enough 'butter-fat' to keep you warm all winter long!! No more heating bills!! No more eating bills!! In the long run, with a non-wedding cake from Uniquely Yours, you'll save thousands of $$$!! ACT NOW!! (Hurry this offer is limited to the first 10,000 respondents.)

phos: lol...somehow I can't picture you in a Pier1...

lesley: Oh! The really cool thing about a long distance romance is that the guy sends you cakes in the mail! Well, he should, anyway.
***Nudge nudge, Wink Wink...just in case anyone in particular is reading this comment!***

poly: YAY!! You are still around!! YAY!! *jin jumps for joy* Thanks for stopping by, am glad to know you are still kicking about!!
:-D (((HUGS)))

Real said...

I really like that first cake. Of course saying that is like saying I prefere one arm to another.

btw I am sure particular people are reading these comments. :)

Katy said...

devil food with chocolate oh god that sounds to die for

Lesley said...

Cakes in the mail? No! I'd rather have cake together!

As long as we can have our cake, and uh eat it too...


I like to bury my old tin cans - I feel I am returning them to their natural environment.

jin said...

real: Oh, good...I'd like to know who those people are??? Let me in on the secret too!!! LMAO!

katy: Oh, YES!! Pretty good stuff, I've had some of that in my time...Heeheehee!!!

lesley: Well, then. Problem solved. Road trip, for sure, you two, meet moi, HERE!!! YAY!!! Cake for everyone!!! WOO-HOO!!! YIPPEE!!! :-D

phos: Has anyone ever told you that you're a smartass??? :-)

Cherry! said...

Ah! Now why did you have to go and bring up screws?????? You know I lost my 'tool' and I'm all in a bother!!!

jin said...

cherry, you're in Italy!! There's chocolate & espresso & wine & pasta & tira misu & .....