Saturday, May 13, 2006


Wow, what a Saturday! While I recount today's tales I want you all to know I am eating this:
A slice of flourless chocolate oblivion cake (3 ingredients: Belgian bittersweet chocolate, European style butter & farm fresh eggs) with a pool of vanilla bean creme anglaise at the side & edible organic tulip petals. The tulips came from a very cool couple that frequents our shoppe. They have a gigantic totally organic garden & the flavour of anything they grow is stellar! The petals taste like a sweet delicate melting ribbon of pure joy! ***jin loses herself in that moment of bliss for way more than a moment***

We opened at 7:00AM to a very slow start. That's ok, I thought, I've so much to do! Then the pastry clock struck 7:30 & what a crowd! They kept bombarding us all morning, until I realized that it was 10:45AM & I needed to deliver a $350.00 gift basket full of sweets for 11-11:30AM. The assortment was purchased by an individual who was donating it to an auction to raise money for the local museum. The auction was paired with a fashion show. I also had to cater small sandwiches & cookies for the models.

It's hard to tell the scale from this photo, but the 'hat box' was actually about 2-1/2 feet wide by 2-1/2 feet tall.

It contained:
50 Petit Fours
48 Mini Scones
2-9" pans of Pull-Apart Caramel Pecan Rolls
24 Cream Cheese Frosted Molasses Cookies
24 Nutty Chocolate Chunk Cookies
24 Death by Chocolate Cookies
12 Frosted Orange Cookies (made w/ blood oranges, YUM!)
4 Jumbo Hand-Decorated Cut-Out Cookies (2 Skirts & 2 hats)
A $50.00 Gift Certificate

Here's a close-up of the hat jumbo cookie:
they measured approximately 8" x 5" each.

When I got back from this delivery I had to finish decorating a 5 tier wedding cake that needed to be delivered before 4:00PM. I had hoped to leave at 2:30. Talk about efficient, I left at 2:15PM! WOOHOO!!!

In the photos that follow, you can actually go on the delivery with me & watch me set up the cake. NO FINGERS IN THE BUTTERCREAM!!! I MEAN IT!!!

Here I am carrying the tiers into the reception hall. I'm not even winded & it's up two flights of stairs! Did I mention I had to make 5 trips?

Assembling the tiers in the "Garden Stand".

Setting up the royal icing topper, which I piped out the evening before.

Adding royal icing hearts here & there.

Voila! Me & my creation!

As of now I still haven't heard what they got for the auction item. People can be pathetically cheap here. Maybe I should have told you all about it sooner? I'll bet it didn't go for more than a hundred bucks. That's like saving $250.00 at Uniquely Yours on pastry. One of you could buy a plane ticket for that!!!

26 Responses to “Overloaded”

Lesley said...

Wow, I think I need some Alone Time after reading about that chocolate oblivion cake!

And you're using one of my favorite plates too. :)


Real said...

Wow that is one beutiful cake. You deserve to look so proud. btw great fp pics as always.

Sometimes you just have to settle with being number two.

jin said...

lesley: Yay! I'm glad. Did you notice the WildOily? Huh? Did you? That was pretty good, wasn't it!

real: Heeheehee....I wasn't looking proud...LMAO...David made me laugh really hard! I was trying to look solomn.

When that happens to me, the #2 thing...I just say age before beauty!!! :-D

I missed you guys!!!

Where's phosgene? No incest on this cake!!!

Nice cake! As before, i couldn't bring myself to cut into anything that took that much effort and came out so well.

Realy breathing easy since Shaggy and Scooby didn't make an appearance...

Lesley said...

Sorry I forgot to mention the WildOily! Thank you for that! You rock!!!

Age before beauty, hmmm?

I told real that he can be number one in my book if he wants...

jin said...

phos!: You made it tonight! Been waiting up just for a post? Wanted to hold me to my promise? heehee. I hope I didn't disappoint.
I see that I have, officially, 13 posts of yours to catch up with. Wow!

lesley*jin takes a bow*
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean for you to hear that age/beauty comment! LOL!

Real said...

So I am beuty hum?

Real said...

Apparantly I am pretty and dumb. Seeing as I can't spell.

That is a beutiful picture of the slice of cake in the first picture.

jin said...

Thanks, real!
Yes you are beauty, & no, that doesn't mean you're dumb.
I'm living proof that beauty isn't dumb!!!
*Voracious laughter follows into the light of the full blown moon.....*

Lesley said...


So I'm still age and not beauty?


(Lesley stomps off to go find some chocolate.)

kiki said...

in the full body shot, are you wearing short-longs or long-shorts to cover your legs?

I have no life, therefore live vicariously through others.

jin said...

lesley: Actually, if you want the truth, you are more beautiful than real, but technically older, so that gives him some ammo against you. He should choose to use it wisely! LMAO!!!
'I'm just saying.' ;-)

kiki: WHAT?!!?
*perplexed look on jin's face*
Well, then, if you must know: I was wearing tight jeans that fell just below the knee & I was slightly depressed to see the photo didnt pick them up because my ass looked really really GR8 in them!!!
Heeheeheeeeee!!!!!! ;-)

phos: Um, ok...well it's safer that way!!! *chuckles*

Gnat said...

That is way to pretty to eat. Who am I kidding...I would eat it. Freeze the left overs, and eat it again.

Sometimes cake is so much better frozen what is up with that?!


Real said...

I tell people at work sometimes that "I am just here to look pretty".

If I don't have that what do I have?

jin said...

gnat: LMAO! I agree, nothing is too pretty to eat when it tastes that fucking awesome!!! I'll do you a favour & have another slice just like that tonight...that way we both win! Oh, well...I guess, really, I just win then, don't I?!
You are not alone enjoying cake out of the freezer...I have many customers that say the same thing!

real: ROFLMFAO!!! May I please, please use that one someday?! WooHoo!!! Excellent, real!!! :-D

Real said...

Of course you can use that.

But me thinks that everybody will know that you do way more than just look pretty.

flatlander said...

Is it cake?
Is it art?
Come dessert
Who dares start?

Jin is busy
Making treats
Like poetry
People eat

When Jin bakes
You should let her
Looks so good
Tastes even better!

jin said...

real: YAY! I'm going to use it tomorrow! LOL!
Hmmm...I'm not sure about that...I think I am grossly underappreciated!
(That does NOT include all my wonderful blogfans, though!!!)

flatlander: *jin's all squealy & giggly in a good way* I LOVE your poem!!! *Huge Grin*
>>>>>"Poetry people eat" COOL! :-D
Thank you! Thank you!
*jin sends warm thoughts flatlanders way hoping they ease the twinge in his back* :-)

Jewels said...

Jin, you are, undoubtedly, a master baker! Your cakes are works of art.

I like the action shots! I think about what you said about never dropping a cake - it's a state of mind... good advice that transfers to many areas of life.


jin said...

jewels: Why thank you!
You are a GR8 speller because that could have been a very funny typo!!! Heeheehee!!! :-)

CP: I'm glad you like the photos! I have to try & do that more often...sometimes I'm just so rushed I don't think of it!
I do need to learn to use the 'state of mind' theory more in other areas of my

Jewels said...

Well, I suppose I 'could' insert a typo here, and call you a Master Baiter... But I save that for my fisherman hubby!!! LMAO!!!!
'Cause he IS, I SWEAR!!!

jin said...

jewels: Hey that's exactly what I meant!!! LOLOL!!! Fishing. Really! Heehee!!!

Katy said...

the chocolate cake sounds to die for. The wedding cake is very beautyful

jin said...

Thanks katy! I think I ate 5 pieces of that chocolate oblivion cake in the last week!!! YUM!