Sunday, May 21, 2006

Photogenic Comestible aka PHOTOLICK2

Mini Carrot Cupcakes
I make them with fresh carrots that I grind myself & a mixture of walnuts, raisins, organic coconut & pineapple which is pulverized briefly to enhance the texture of the cake. Piped with our very own cream cheese frosting. I made exactly one dozen extra to snack on over the weekend. Between the three of us - David, Brioche (the puppy) & myself - they lasted approximately 3 minutes & 27 seconds. Clearly a record!

Strawberry Tartlettes
A mini shortbread shell is filled with a scratch made vanilla bean pastry cream, a small fresh strawberry & a rosette swirl of freshly whipped vanilla cream. I did not make any extra of these. However, I made a whole 9" deep dish pie for us to eat over the weekend. was SO YUMMY! We're not complete gluttons, though.....I think there is a small piece left.

Sheet Cake
This was an almond butter cake filled & frosted with Belgian dark chocolate French buttercream. The resplendent bright flowers were requested by the client, for his youngest daughters wedding shower (I believe). His response when viewing the cake, "Oh, it's beautiful! You're going to make me cry!"

This actually reminds me of another bridal shower cake I made a few weeks back. I have to show you this one. I was rather pleased with myself upon its completion. What do you think?

14 Responses to “Photogenic Comestible aka PHOTOLICK2”

gnightgirl said...

Hey, I'm still tuning in. I'm dumbstruck every time, your creations are SO gorgeous! I can hardly wait til you're making something for...the QUEEN or something. Any queen will do. You're worthy.

I like when the lady at the bakery airbrushes the frosting with flourescent colors, particularly green. How come you never do any flourescent cakes with crappy plastic race cars on them?

Hard to believe the filigree on the wedding cake. You must have the patience of a clam.

jin said...

gnightgirl: I'm glad & I appreciate it! Thank you much! lol...a queen...I'll work on that!
p.s. Love the new profile pic!

phos: HahaHaha!!! Airbrushes are for model airplanes! You know, someone actually gave me one a few years ago, just for cakes...I don't even have a clue where it could be! LOLOL!!!
I have patience for somethings.....

Jewels said...

Perfect! tomorrow just happens to BE the queen's B-Day. Us Canadians being under the queen's rule, we, er, celebrate her B-Day with an obligatory day off (usually the Monday of, or just before - Hence, the May 24 - said 2,4 - weekend) I'll let her know you're making her a little something special. LMAO!!!!!!

I LOVE that last one. Looks to me like there could have been some nougat in there, or anything nutty... I wonder how many comments from the peanut gallery this last comment will generate.... ;)


P.S.: I think that GG's comment cleared up for me the reason I appreciate your blog so much. Well, aside from the fact that you are a really nice girl, and the food porn... It's that looking at your beautiful confections, and knowing how much time you must devote to them makes us kind of "artistic kin", LOL!

Katy said...

I love the wedding cake just out of curiousity how long did it take you to decorate it?????

Hey I will be in Chicago in July, if I have time I will have to drive up and sample 1, 2,3 or 99 of your creations

Lesley said...

Everything looks SO good as always, my dear.

That last cake is simply exquisite! It's truly a work of art, albeit an edible work of art. :)

And I agree with the others. It's not just the food porn factor that brings me back -- I also love seeing your creativity at work.

Real said...

Wow, that last one is.....
wow, just amazing.

jin said...

jewels: I think the Queen would get a cake made with exlax (or like lesley says, visine!) from what David says...well, he says she's a 'twat'! LOL
Thanks for the compliments & you know I send them right back at you with your beading. You make some MAGNIFICENT creations sister! (artistic kin...get it? LOL)

katy: That was only the one tier so, less than an hour. I know, that doesn't sound like a long time, I pipe fast! LOL

That would be so great if you'd have time! Do let me know ahead, I would make sure to have some free time to visit & make you some goodies! You can always email me at :-)

lesley: You are too kind!
I wonder if your extra super-duper sun-shiny additude has something to do with your new friend?!!? ;-)

jin said...

real: YAY!!! You changed your name!!! That's what I called you from the start!!! Remember???

Thank you, I was very pleased with that one myself! :-D

Lesley said...

Oh no, is my super duper sunshiney attitude that obvious???

Just because I can't stop smiling doesn't mean I've lost my snark. Does it?


jin said...

Snark + Sun-Shiney = GOOD

cynical = BAD, evil

Stick with me kid & we'll go places!

Hahahaha!!!! ;-)

Lesley said...

I guess I don't mind being sunshiney. As long as it means I'm the kind of sunshine that can kick some cynic's ass and make her thank me for it! :)

I'm just saying.

Katy said...

I will let you know as the time gets closer. I know one of my friends from Switzerland is up there visiting at the same time, maybe her and I will met and go up together.

jin said...

lesley: I do believe you are the type of ccg that can do just that!!! ;-)

katy: That would be so neat!!! :-)