Saturday, May 06, 2006


This was
a 50th
to replicate
the couple's

A moment in time
time matters not
not for me or you
you will soon see
see the faded memory
memory isn't what it used to be
be the change you want
want to change the earth
earth is but a spot
spot in the universe
universe will swallow
swallow all the trash
trash is everywhere at once
once upon a time
time in moment A

14 Responses to “Milestone's”

Lesley said...

Well, I am no fan of the Pweshis Moments figurines (in fact they scare me!), but the cake looks exquisite!

Fabulous food porn, as always, my dear. :)

Lesley said...


Real said...

Yea they scare me too, so do clowns.

jin said... know...I totally blanked that...I block them out really...Precious Moments statues...99 times out of 100 I take the pic BEFORE they go on! LMAO!!! You have no idea how many people buy these!!!

Lesley said...

I don't understand why anyone would buy one. One of my hobbies is making fun of red states (it's true) and part of making fun of red states is making fun of Pweshis Moments.

I wonder if anyone has a website of evil Pweshis Moments figurines. If not, someone needs to make one!

Cherry! said...

Once again jin, I have read but have nothing to say. My apologies. Next week. Okay?

Jewels said...

"Pweshis", LOL! I just got it! Sorry, I'm french, not slow, just french! LMAO!!!!!

jin said...

lesley: You said it. Now maybe if you run out of questions for auntie lesley on Sunday's you'll have to start a "Totally Twisted Pweshis Moments" segment.
BTW: if you do, I'm so there!

cherry: That hungover?!!? If I were you, I'd cut down on the alcohol consumption & spend more time on top of mt. wonderful.
;-) If you get my meaning. Heeheehee!!!

jewels: If you can keep a secret, after lesley's first comment, I really thought she was just a very poor speller. LOL Then I got later on. :-)

Lesley said...

LOL! I guess I should have explained that since the figurines are just so special and, well, precious, that one must always speak of them using baby talk. Thus they are Pweshis Moments!

I think I'm going to hone my PhotoShop skills, just so I can make some twisted Pweshis Moments figurines!

Jewels said...

Was at my GF's today (no, not one of those 'lesbyfriends' there, lesley... ), and while I was waiting for her to get ready, she heard me laughing in the living room. For the first time, I noticed that she had an extensive (that's just wrong) collection of Pweshis Moments... And thanks to Lesley here, that is what I called them ALL DAY LONG... I think I may have convinced her to donate them to the needy troll family that lives under the bridge... LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like my poem, only yours actually makes sense. I need to find out who came up with those big-eyed cutsy children figures and hurt him/her.

Lose the figures and this cake is good to go.

jin said...

lesley: I look forward to seeing those twisted evil figurines...

jewels: LMAO!!! How funny that you should discover those today!
Hey, you used your new pic for your profile! NICE!!! :-)

phos: Maybe we should start a club for that! You have no idea how I have to hide my grimace when a bride brings one of those in to show me...Eww!
Don't sell yourself short, your poetry is very creative!!! :-)

Cherry! said...

Unfortunately Mt. W. was outta action for a couple of days (doctor's orders) due to too much mounting....

jin said...

cherry: OUCH!! Oh my, whatever did you do to the poor man? Then again, being a Virgo myself, I suppose I've worn out 1 or 2 in my time. heeheehee!!!