Wednesday, May 10, 2006


My apologies for not posting this evening.
I had to plan an Open House,

make lots of Death by Chocolate Cookies

& roll, cut-out, bake, frost & decorate many of these.

Ha-ha-ha! I suppose I just posted, did I not?
Was it good for you?

20 Responses to “Hustling”

Flower power cookies, all right. My wife makes chocolat echip cookie sosmetimes. She alwasy carps about burning the bottoms a bit, but I like them dark on the edges and really hard. I can't stand soft cookies. Blech.

Jewels said...

You make me wanna bake! Gosh darn it! Now I have to get my kitchen dirty!!!!! (I have flower cooky cutters too, the 'nesting' kind, Na-na-na-na-na-na!!!!) Tee! Hee!

How did you decide to have your bakery in that particular town? They are so lucky to have your cool bakery.

Tiffanie said...

pretty handwriting

Lesley said...

I agree that Manitowac is a very fortunate town to have such a cool shoppe!

Your blog also makes me want to bake cookies. Which I really don't know how to do. I can bake a cake, I can bake scones, but cookies? Not so much.

That's why I have to keep coming bake for the food porn!

Polyman2 said...

I love death by chocolate-
yum, yum.

Real said...

I agree, your town is not worthy of your mad food porn skills.

We should move your whole shop closer to me. To be fair though, perhaps we can have a lottery. The winner gets to have you move to their town.

Lesley said...

Just caught a typo in my comment...

I should have said "That's why I have to keep coming back for the food porn!"

I think my lack of sleep is causing typos!

Real said...

Why lesley is there something keeping you up at night?

jin said...

phos: Bet you like biscotti then? Hard & crunchy cookie. Yum!

jewels:I know exactly which cutters you speak of! Take photos & blog about how I inspired you to bake!!! :-)

evi: That's an easy one...born & bred here. The house was left to my parents by relatives that they took care of. The shoppe/house is located in a residential area that used to be a street full of small businesses. All the businesses closed up & rezoned for apartments. So we sort of look like one business stuck in the middle of all these houses...believe it or not, it puts some people off. I like to think it's the type of person I don't want to do business with anyway! ;-)

tiffanie: Thanks! Although, you might not say that if you had to try and decipher it! LOL

lesley: I indeed noticed your typo...LMAO...I thought it was intended as a pun!!! (A good one, too!)

Poly: What a way to go, isn't it?!!?
I'd tell you not to work too hard & take it easy but I'm sure you'd give me hell. So, instead I'll say..."Have a Nice Day" :-)

real:*Squeals with delight!*
I LOVE the bakery lotto idea!!!
Who will win Me?
Who will win ME?
Heeheehee!!! :-)

Jewels said...

Perhaps if a certain baker I blog with would email me a certain cookie recipe, I might be inclined to bake a batch, and cut them into different sized flowers, and photograph them and post them...
Now, how about you make a nice necklace, and post IT and write about how I inspired YOU!
Oh, and how do we determine this lottery, do we buy tickets? And where would I provide myself with such a ticket, 'cause I want 10! ;)

Real said...

Sorry jewels I have already bought all the tickets. Sadly there will be no more for sale.

Jewels said...

Small is a ticket hog! Raspberry to you!!!

Dabbler said...

LOL at itsreallysmall's comment on "mad food porn skills." No, seriously: LOL. I don't usually do that. Jen, I honestly don't know how you manage to keep up your blog so regularly.

jin said...

jewels:Yeah...well I'm not really one for exact'm more of a hmmm, too sticky add flour...hmmm....too dry add milk...kinda gal. But maybe I can set you up with a recipe after this weekend is over.
Ok, I see your point. Likely-hood of me sitting down & making a necklace is not good! LOL

real: Cool! You won? Who did the tally? Most importantly, when will I be receiving my million dollar check so I can pay for the move?! ;-)

dabbler: Quite simply, "I enjoy it!"
Although, tonight I am totally exhausted, with at least 3 more hours to work. Yet, I am still here, replying to all of you, because I think of you as my friends. (I haven't decided yet if that is COOL or just PATHETIC!? LOL)One doesn't tend to accumulate many friends when they spend 12-18 hours in a kitchen!!!

Everyone: I snapped a few pics today of various items but I don't know if I'll have it in me to post tonight. I guess we'll have to wait & see how much bee pollen & caffine my body can handle.....*chuckles*

My son-in-law makes killer biscotti. They wer emy wife's regular breakfast thing until they ran out.

kiki said...

it was ok for me

how was it for you?

it's usually better for the other person than me
i'm a giver and a lover, not a fighter

jin said...

phos: Hmm...shouldn't son-in-law be kissing up & make sure you never run out of them??? lol

kiki: Such a gentleman you are dear kiki!
It's nice to have you back in my comments section.

A Girl You Know said...

instead of a lottery - why don't you just move to chicago? that way we all win...and by we i mean me and you. you love the City - i live near it. it's a good thing

jin said...

a girl Awfully only brother & his two sons are there, too. I'd need to have too much money to live in Chicago, though. Way too many great restaurants! LOL