Monday, May 01, 2006


Hi, everyone! Thanks so much for coming!
Happy May Day!
Here, let me take your coats.




Can I get you a coffee, tea, me? (Heeheehee!)

Everything here today is calorie free for your virtual eating enjoyment &
for ONE BLOG ENTRY ONLY it's all yours at no cost.

That's right, shoppers!
You can view each delicious morsel as many times as your little heart desires entirely for FREE!

get ready,
get set,

"The Black Pearl Truffle"
A Belgian bittersweet chocolate ganache is infused with ginger, black pepper & wasabi powder. (FOR BITE!)
Dipped in Belgian bittersweet chocolate & rolled in toasted black sesame seeds. (FOR CRUNCH!)

Tiny Russian tea ball cookies, made with toasted pecans, European butter & pure vanilla, drizzled with melted Belgian white chocolate & gently nestled one atop another for a stunning display. Do taste the flowers, as well. They are pesticide free & as sweet as can be!

"Meringue Elfin Stocking Caps"
My own fluffy, crispy, delicate meringue flavoured with a hint of mint, then dipped in that wondrous Belgian bittersweet chocolate & rolled in ground toasted Georgia pecans.

"Catch a falling star & put it in your pocket -never let it fade away..." ...some old song, wasn't it? These vanilla cupcakes with sweet butter frosting won't make it into your pocket, though. Neither will the hand-piped edible meringue star decoration. Melts on the tongue...

"Lemon Squares"
So much more than the name implies. The filling is a Belgian bittersweet ganache infused with fresh organic lemon zest for a minimum of 24 hours. The filling is formed into small square bites, then dipped in more Belgian bittersweet chocolate with an edible gold leaf pattern pressed into the top. Pure. Bliss.

Do you feel better now? Stress of the day long forgotten?


I'm glad I could be of service.

Now, have a few more pieces before you go.


But you have to let me watch.....

i like to watch

.....& don't tell me you didn't lick the screen at least once!

16 Responses to “Soiree”

Real said...

Are you sure these are calorie free. The look like I could gain put on a few pounds just looking at them.

Lesley said...

I agree with IRS. I can feel my blood sugar spiking... must have insulin...

jin said...

For the two of you, they are VIRTUALLY calorie free!


Real said...

Oh, I forgot to mention.


Black Pearl Truffle? Trying to captialize on the next installment of Pirates of the Caribbean?

The look good and they have to be delicous. We alwasy ahd to hit the Belgian Chocolate shop in Kaiserslautern. You can talk about your Swiss chocolate and your German chocolate, but for my money they don't hold a candle to Belgian Chocolate (They make excellent beer too, by the way)

jin said...

real: Yes. First comment.
*Thumbs up!*
Actually, 2 comments, if we're counting.
If you want to get technical, 3 comments, including the one you

phosgene: Hey! I've been making these for MANY years! They are trying to rip ME off! I should get a commission! heehee

I have tasted many a chocolate & I tend to heartily agree with you! (Although, I have still not been to Europe...some day...)

I can't say that I have had the beer, though. I don't recall...unless there was a time when I had so much of it that I forgot. LOL

Cherry! said...

The Russian ones. YUM!

Tiffanie said...

Jin, how do you find time to make ALL these wonderful creations AND spend time blogging and everything else in life? You must be extremely efficient!

Katy said...

LEMON SQUARES oh my good they look to die for. However I agree with Real I am sure I put on a few pounds scrolling down. I do feel the sugar rash too. I will be talking a nice nap once I come of it - maybe even dreaming about Mushrooms and Squirrls

A Girl You Know said...

i don't know when you find time to sleep. all of your creations look sooooo good. i'm so glad i'm hours away. cause your shop would wreak havoc on my short body

Art by Falco said...

What a delicious site! I enjoyed it immensely

jin said...

cherry: Good to see you around again! Were you out partying all weekend?!!?

tiffanie: LOL Actually, I'm just a great procrastinator! I put off what I have to do until I have to do it really fast...this, I suppose, has made me incredibly efficient!
But, I don't watch tv, like a LOT of other people I know; I'd rather be on the internet. That way I can choose my own entertainment.

katy: Mmm...I can't tell you how good those were! I haven't made them in a long time...I need to make them again, SOON!

a girl: lol...I've been mixing the pictures up a lot...some are from very recent & some are from long ago. I have THOUSANDS of photos...I've been doing this for over 13 years. I always wondered what I'd do with so many pictures! Hopefully I have enough to keep me blogging for at least a year or two!

falco: Thank you & WELCOME! I hope we will see more of you here! GREAT self portrait, also! I took a peek at your blog...I will certainly go back!

Real said...

Oh, in case you think no one noticed.

Of course you can watch ;)

jin said... people eat the pastries I make...that's what I I didn't want it to look too obvious!

Cherry! said...

Apparently I was. But there are a few 'hazy moments'.

Sue Disney, I think you have a case! You could turn the parks into "Cakeland"